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Broken espresso pot, stove top replacement handle? Answered


On the second pot of coffee the handle broke, right at the handle pinning hole. ;(  I've attached some picts.

I don't have either 3D printing or CNC fabbing tools, but have saved this pot for 4 years hoping to resurrect it. I'd love to redesign a better /replacement one, which wouldn't break, and be cool to the touch.  If anyone knows where to go or is interested in trying out a new process etc. I'm up for that!

I could 3D scan w/ one of my tools, I think, although, I 'believe' this is more for 3D art vs. 3D CAD accuracy.

If accessing a maker community locally makes the most since, I'm in the Raliegh-Durham area of NC.
Thank you instructables community for any guidance, help or where I would I go to collaborate repairing this.

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Best Answer 5 years ago

Personally I would use the old one as a pattern and cut one from plywood of a suitable thickness and paint it black.


Answer 5 years ago

Thanks Rick. Its a start.

Would a hard wood better preform (swell less, endure better) than a ply, given all the heat and force (of a full pot) on such a small area? I'm think builders 1/8" ply, but I guess I could use the plys I've worked with on 'aircraft/boats hulls' which I recall are much stronger. My Dad has some of that scrap laying around.

I'm guessing, the size of the bit which inserts is about 2.5mm. now I'll go measure.

Thank you.


5 years ago

After you have it cut and fitted, you can make it much stronger by putting as much thin super glue on it and let it soak into the plywood.