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3D printer contest Answered

I was checking out the 3d printer contest information, eager to win, but uncertain what to post as a first-time visitor to This website.  Fortunately, you almost immediately reminded me that my real creative gift is language.  I am pretty sure you meant the "age is upon us," but you typed "the age is upon is" in the opening description of the contest.  Now I have posted something.  It may not be demonstrative of my creativity, but it shows my attention to detail, which is very helpful when it comes to machine care and feeding.



3 years ago

A question on the 3D Printing Contest . There seems to be some entries that have very little 3D printing to them . Is this taken into account during judging ?


5 years ago

Ha, you are right! Thanks for pointing that out - it gets tricky to do proofreading sometimes in a sea of HTML. I've edited it. :D