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3D printer for cheap beginners? Answered

         I am a person that is cheap. I want a 3d printer assembled or kit that is cheap, reliable, and that doesn't print high quality (it coul print high quality, but for $'s sake it doesn't have to). Any info helps, but remember, i'm a nube, so don't criticize please. 

I forgot too mention, >$350 if possible


You'll have to pay for the full guide but read the quick reviews on each of the printers.
The printerbot jr may be the cheapest. With that goes the more building, setup, troubleshooting, tweaking that you need to do and speed/output size limitations. The printing material adds to cost and having a dedicated PC to control the printer.  It's true, if you have to ask about the price, you probably can't afford it.

thank you, i wasn't looking at it like that
im a serious nube

Two good pieces of advice I got recently were Don't buy a 3d printer until you need a 3d printer and Don't buy a 3d printer until you can use a 3d printer.

Don't buy one just because you think they are cool. They are cool, but if you do not use them properly, they're just an expensive, ugly, desk-top dust-trap.

Learn how to use 3d modelling software - if you can't work that, you can't work the printer. Think about what you will use it for, and how often - if you're only going to print something once or twice a month, then using an online service makes much more sense.