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3D printing stand alone heated bed controller with Arduino? Answered

So I saw a video today with the 3D printing nerd and he showcased his gmax 3D printer with and a new heated bed, and it had a seprate heated bed controller. The video here in case you want to view it, http://youtu.be/ohPhMVtxsK4 and gcreates website for the heated bed itself, https://shop.gcreate.com/products/heated-bed-and-digital-controller. So as you may have seen this is a pretty expensive bed and to large for what I need my question is could I duplicate this and have a heated bed being controlled with an Arduino with temp sensors and solid stat relays to heat the bed up faster? Is it really possible I'm fairly new with Arduino don't know how to use it but I do know a lot about it, and I know the 3D printer controller board does this but I think having something as a separate system to heat and monitor the bed just feels like less stress on the printer to work and I feel like I would have more controll overall of the bed. So if anyone could help me with this and even help with writing the code or show me where I could learn this myself I'd be willing to make my own instructable for others wanting to do the same and with due credit where anyone could help. 
Probably asking to much but been on my mind to have a better heated bed overall and after seeing this today I have the idea just need help on Arduino side!



2 years ago

Put your energy into a computer that will turn on your hot bed by predicting 3hrs before you need to use that 3D printer...

No need for any seperate controller, Marlin has pretty good control.