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3DS Answered

I got a 3DS the other day and it's really cool. I was wondering if anyone else has one and we can exchange friend codes?


I don't think its a problem but is it safe to give out friend codes? can anyone really do anything (bad) with it?

mine is

hey TECH DOG my friend code is1719-3685-0507

my code is 0946-2699-7974

hey can you register me as your friend my friend code is 1719-3685-0507

My friend code is 1719-3685-0507 and my name is lvl to infinity to=an arrow facing to the right yes there is one of those and infinity = the infinty sign which is also there.

I have bought a 3DS yesterday, I am very happy!

mine is 5069-3973-5027

add me!

just type in SNiPERSeyes

and send me youf friend code as we need to both add each other

how do I get a Friend Code and where do I find it at?
I just got my 3DS yesterday


7 years ago

You too have a 3DS!!

My friend code is: 1934-0648-1691
Maybe we can meet at MII-PLAZA or MII-PARK whatever they're calling it

I hope the time zones are not an issue because i'm from Belgium (Europe)