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3G "adaptor" for ADSL Router Answered

I was looking for a 3G Router and I was thinking about the ADSL router I have at home and if I can use the same one with the 3G Huawei card that I have.
I don't have a landlines because the telecoms company has no infrastructure where I live.  
So would it be possible to have some kind of adaptor that connects to the port where the phone line goes in but on the other end have a USB port that you can plug in the 3G card?
There would need to be some kind of electronics/software in between I suppose.

Any Ideas on how this can be done or if it can be done?


Thanks guys.

I thought this would be a long shot.

I just thought there might be a way and that way I dont have to get yet another router.

they actually make cellular capable routers these days. they even make quite a few that you can simply plug in a USB cellular dongle to.

here's a list from tigerdirect

as far as going from USB to the rj11 phone line connetion...not likely at all,  you wouldn't just have to do some electrical wizardry to get that to work, you'd have to completely reprogram the ADSL router to be able to read the info from the cellular card.

Couple of things here; Your internet service is 3G wireless broadband? And you are trying to use the 3G card that plugs into your laptop or desktop as a standalone? And you want to be able to share that one connection to the internet by using the router or wireless capabilities of your ADSL router?

The card probably does not work standalone and trying to feed that in as a telephone line signal may take some doing. It is certainly beyond my understanding of electronics. You may be better using the pc with the 3G as the access point or internet sharing. Good luck.