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3G to Wi-Fi portable converter on the cheap? Answered

What is the cheapest way to get (preferably make) a device that receives 3G mobile and outputs it as standard Wi-Fi?
I know that you must be able to buy devices that do this but i would believe that they would be quite expensive.




6 years ago

here's a quick google search link http://www.reghardware.com/2010/02/04/review_3g_modem_huawei_e5/


6 years ago

what you want is a Huawei E5 pop a sim card in turn it on and upto five people can share the same 3g connection

now what i would like to know is how do extend the range of the wifi in this unit

Some 3g smartphone contain personal hotspot feature which can convert 3g to wifi signal. If you don't have this phone, you can use a mobile hotspot like "ZTE MF60", it's the 3g to wifi portable converter in my opinion, Google it.

I know this is an old question but things have changed a bit and I'll looking for a similar solution. I also don't have enough information for your answer but I have a few different ways to this. I'd assume everyone knows but -all of these use data and that goes fast when your watching video or your laptop decides to download updates or iTunes downloads you podcasts. Shut that stuff down to be a little proactive. Any hey, think ahead so you don't need to download that stuff. Just because you can stream Netflix doesn't mean you should. 2 movies and your done for the month. Be careful and plan ahead. Also in lots of cases this may be breaking the terms of service unless it's meant to do that and not a hack. But isn't that why we're here anyway?

If you have and iPhone or other smart phone, alot are able to install some sort of hotspot software to turn your phone direcly into a hotspot. Check out MyWi or PDAnet or google hotspot "your phone" application.

Virgin Mobile sells a MiFi (Walmart) for $129 and I think $40 a month on a month to month basis (no contract). You get a measly 2.5gb per month but, at 2.5gb, you then get throttled to 300kbs which is nothing to shake a stick at and better than being cutoff.

If you could add an older 3g phone (ebay) to your family plan($5 a month?) you might want to hunt around for an unlimited data deal for $25 a month. There are lots of older 3g phones that didn't do much (full safari browser / apps++ ) but make it a hotspot, and it's gold.

These data charges are the new "gravy" for these phone companies. Bandwidth caps go down, the price goes up, and internet bandwidth requirements go up with crappy flash pages.

You can tether your cell phone to your computer.

thanks... but
i meant something portable. like that could turn 3G internet into wi-fi for me and my mates.

You mean like a cell phone ? An Android phone can do what you want, if its jail-broken.  Ain't any cheaper way to do it.