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3d Scanning Howto? best recommended? DYI vs purchased Answered

Hey gang!

So, I am in need of some help.  

The end goal is to make some  1x1x1 or 2x2x2 inch figurines of my kids. (  Think DnD wizard with my sons face") as the end goal.

Right now, I am wondering if anyone has any success with the Scanning side of things. 

Can you recommend a DIY 3d scanning solution?

On Friday, I took my Nikon DSRL and put a 2"x2"x2" clay figuring on a rotating table and took some pictures, and uploaded it to 123d Catch.  I took about 30 pictures and uploaded them.  some where ignored because of lighting maybe.

I have search for 3d scanning on instructables, and found quite a few, but it would be too costly to try them all, so I though I would ask in public chat if anyone has good success.   (I know I can spend 1500 on the maker scanner, but thats crazy expensive for a toy)

So putting this out there for anyone to help me out



5 years ago


123D Catch is a good, cheap option. Try using stickers to create points that are easy for the software (and you) to identify across photos. Or "catch" your kids first and hunt Thingiverse for a good base.

Otherwise, you could do some Kinect scanning. https://www.instructables.com/id/EASY-Kinect-3D-Scanner/


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I definitely saw the Kinect stuff, but it looks more like a large object Scan, I am really trying to get to the small object stuff.
I saw someone say he wanted to scan LEGO blocks, That is about what I am thinking of achieving as well.

I found this one on Youtube, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rUmJZx8LZY0
and it really looks like something I am going to try. but I am hoping I catch someones eye like yourself who will say, I did this, that , this too ... and only found this one worked :D

the 123D Catch option ditnt work out the way I really wanted it too.I am planning on re-investigating it. and ya, the Sticker thing seems to be the most obvious which hadn't occurred to me.

so I appreciate the info, I am going to try a few things and report back for anyone who might care.


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Whatever you try, please document it as an Instructable. It'll help A LOT of other people who want to do something similar.

And good luck.


5 years ago

Hi, I met Richard (https://www.instructables.com/member/the_anykey/) at the Groningen Maker Faire. He had build an awesome 3D scanner. You can find out more about it here: http://www.pi3dscan.com/

I hope, that he will post a full set of instructions for the raspberry pi ccontest. I am currently working on a cheaper version, but I am not sure how good it is going to work.