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3d model with smartphone camera? Answered

I have made 3d model of ball with canon SX20IS nd also with the smartphone camera, it is very clear. I tried to make 3d model of hand with the same camera bt it is not clear. I want to make 3d model of hand with using smartphone camera. Can u please tell me what should I need to improve to make 3d model of hand with using mobile camera?


The hand really should work with just a smartphone if you take enough pictures and the hand stays still (which I know is hard :/). The reference points on your ball helped, so maybe try drawing on the hand with a marker before you shoot, and shoot over newspaper or something with reference points. Maybe have something that the person can lean their wrist up against to stabilize the hand. Human parts can be hard, but if you keep trying, I bet you'll get it eventually :)

Thank you so much for the guidance. I will try this methods. :)

Here are some of my pix - if they upload

Wow...This is realy nice. When I tried with the glove it didn't came out properly because I just use the photogrammetry technique. I didn't use scanner. For your Model, one suggestion is you can use brown color glove, that would scan more better with photogrammetry method. and also u could use colorful sticky tap for marking.

I would like to do this, too, for a handheld project, and hence, need a hand in a certain position. How would you recommend scanning a hand in a position? Obviously can't rotate the hand, and better to have photographer go around it at various angles. But, will that work?

Hey jeanniel1 , thank you for the reply.

No, this method is not working. I have placed hand in one position nd I took photos at around 360 degree angles and also tried at various level and various plane. But still model is not clear.

Here are some of my images, and the scanner I used.

Hand Making and Scan  (44).JPGHand Making and Scan  (7).JPGHand Making and Scan  (23).JPGHand Making and Scan  (33).JPGHand Making and Scan  (63).JPGHand Making and Scan  (64).JPG3D Scanning.JPG

Oh man, I typed out all my steps for how I did it, and it got deleted. Anyway, I really needed a hand model so I made a hand with a small black latex glove. I made a wireframe for the fingers, bound them at the wrist, and duct taped it flat to control any roll. I put them into the glove, filled the glove w fine sawdust, tamping it down as I went. Once filled, I added a little bit of water to make the sawdust malleable and shape-able. For fun I added some thin duct tape "lines" for the palm, which came in handy (so to speak) for the matching markers after the scans. I hung the hand fingers down from the scanner stand, and it scanned great - except for the between the fingers parts. Tilting the hand downward at a 45 degree angle, and single or bracket scanning helped fill those parts in more.

The next time I make a hand, I'm going to add something w the sawdust to have it harden (some glue maybe) so that when I position the hand for scanning, it won't deform even slightly. Fill fingers first, then add wireframe, too, would have helped.

Ha ha - yeah, it's really hard to stay still. So, I really needed a hand for a model I was making in Rhino, so I made a wire frame for the fingers, bound them together and stabilized them, stuffed them into a small latex glove, filled it with fine sawdust, and then added just enough water to keep the shape of the sawdust for my hand. It came out pretty well! Since I had a black latex glove, it scanned really well. Where it didn't was wherever there was the silver duct tape I used to mark the palm lines, and the closing at the wrist. No matter as I needed something to mark the location of the smooth parts of the glove. I tried to impress some "knuckles" and thumb base for helping the scan, too.