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3d printer collection magazine - opinions? Answered

I just saw a TV  advert for a 3d printer you build yourself from parts that come with a magazine.

£6.99 an issue for 90 parts.




Trouble is the technology is advancing so fast and prices are falling so that in 90 weeks time you will have an out of date and expensive printer. There have also been comments about the publishers poor customer service and missing issues.

One vital part missing and you have a costly paperweight!

Having said that, this is one of the better looking 3D printer kits around.

Good idea but 90 parts? @ (In Ireland) €11.99 and i'm assuming it's out every 2 weeks? Even if it was every week, year & half later which is over a grand when can buy the kit for 1/3 of the price.

That's the sort of thing I was after - is it possible to buy the same level of product for much less elsewhere?

You can buy the DIY kits for cheap but a lot of messing around tweaking getting them precise. If i was getting one ,i'd get one like the link below however i do like the sound of the magazine! You would learn alot if can wait 90 weeks!


Great site BTW use them alot.