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Do you have 3D printers & laser cutters at school? Answered

By way of a vague survey, does your school have a 3D printer, laser-cutter or other geek-a-licious tech?

If so, how many, what brands, and how often do you get to play use with them in lessons?



There might not be many 3D printers in schools for the time being, but considering the state of the technology right now (even if it's come leaps and bounds in the last few months !) it's not very surprising ; the issues of initial investment, maintenance and price of consumables come to mind and in a school environment these can put a halt to 3D printing at school, especially when coupled with the absence of definite teaching scenarios and/or training for all faculty staff : it is one thing to provide a tool to a school, a whole other to put it to good work (as pointed above with the machine).

Things are slowly coming together though. More and more teachers are familiar with high-tech concepts such as 3D printing and education ministries around the world are studying the positive impact these machines - and the work methods around them - could have on school environment. At the moment, I'm working for one of the big "opérateurs" in France specifically on such matters and I'm pretty sure the same is happening in many other countries.

While in high school, we had a cad machine, but the course for it was so short, the only thing anyone was able to do with it was follow the one lesson designed for it (creating a plastic injection mold).

No one ever did anything else with it.

Considering the small size of the school I attended, it was quite the waste of funds.

(Thanks all - I guess four comments in two days means that not many schools have them. Shame.)


6 years ago

the CAD class at our technical high school has a Dimension 3D printer and a broken CNC machine. I think the Precision Engineering class had more CNC and milling things in their shop.


6 years ago

Yep, our school has a 3D printer and a Laser-cutter among other machines in our autoshop. I have yet to see the 3D printer work, but the laser cutter has definitely been used a lot lately.

In high school, we had a small CNC milling machine, but it couldn't handle metal. In my senior year, I was the first president of our TSA chapter, and we started raising funds for a Makerbot. Not sure if the club ever got enough to buy one. Meanwhile, I have a RepRap Huxley kit in the mail and plan on doing a demo at the school after I build it.

My university has at least 3 CNC mills, a pick-and-place, and all of the regular full-size machine shop tools(drill press, metal lathe, etc.). However, the shop is set up so that students don't actually get to use the tools. Or touch anything.  
Or go inside. We're expected to give the shop tech a set of plans and let him make the part. (They told me that I couldn't be trusted with their expensive equipment.)

Anyway, a machine shop just opened up in my neighborhood, so I think I'll be spending a lot of time there next summer. 


6 years ago

We have a 3d printer in Engineering Tech. I'll have to check what brand it is in 6th pd. Today.