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4.28.08. Answered




Hmmm, 2 days after my birthday! :P

how much are you on a day? not to be rude, just want to know...

I have to admit that after playing GTA3 and getting sick of it, I haven't played a GTA game since then. I just get bored easily with them for some reason.

BLASPHEMY!!! Sorry I had to do it... Actually I never had that much interest in the GTA series. My mother would never let me play them...

Lol. For a second I was thinking JJ Adams was making another movie. 1.18.08

Looks pretty sweet. Although my parents wouldn't approveof me playing this game.

Isn't it 4.29.08?

haha, same here, my parents wouldnt let me play that fershur. i wonder if it has anything to do with the purpose of the game: stealing cars and killing people? nah, that cant be the reason :]