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4.000 dollar gun lamp - The DIY solution Answered

Hi there.

Have any of you seen these lamps:


They are awesome!

Do you think it would be possible to make a DIY version?




Of course it would.

Standard lamp + tooy gun + gold paint = DIY version.

.  One could even use a real gun - legal in most areas if the gun is made permanently non-functioning. Tapping the inside of the barrel might be difficult for a DIYer (hard metal + rifling), but certainly not impossible.

Dear God, NO, real guns are for shooting, not "art".

BTW,IMHO that looks like something Saddam Hussein would have on his beg stand, TACKY!!!!!

Darn site cheaper to use a toy - especially for those of us who need licenses to even own black powder...

.  I didn't say it was a great option. ;)
.  In most parts of the US, one can find old, worn (or non-working) guns for next to nothing (we fought a war over the right to have guns heehee). Since it would be painted, even some pitting of the metal would be acceptable - just put some Bondo or solder in the holes.

Most of what you're going to find cheap in the line of real guns is old shotguns or .22 rifles, even then you're going to pay around $100.

If you want to do this, the way to go would be with a resin training gun.  They're a solid cast resin replica of the real gun, identical in size, shape, and usually weight.  That would be easy to machine and less expensive than the real thing.  Also, I couldn't bring myself to deactivate a working gun to make a lamp!

Google training gun, red training gun, asp training gun, and you'll see.  They run about $40 new.


You should be able to pick up a deactivated weapon for way less than $1000, get someone to weld it to a base, paint etc.
The massive mark-up is probably in the design and "could be bothered to actually do it".