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4KV Taser! -Help Me Design! Answered

I'm Alex and i like high voltage!

Now to the matter at hand...
You know those disposable camera circuits?
I noticed that they have 2 coils, one for charging the capacitor and one for triggering the flash.
i was wondering if someone could help me build/design a circuit that uses the trigger coil.
Electronic Goldmine has a Mini 4KV trigger coil that claims to be of high voltage.
Does anyone know how i can wire it to produce HV in pulses?



can you draw me a diagram? please?

not right now. i have exams this week. but its fairly simple; set up a 555 in astable with a high frequency oscillation (guy has an oscilloscope; he could check the hz on a disposable camera for you) output the power to the base of the 2n3055 and send the collector of that transistor to power, the emitter to the coil. any more questions? feel free to ask. or should i give my safety speech now?

Would it not be easyer to use a simple 555 astable and a audio matching transformer, followed by a simple multi stage diode / cap voltage doubler ?? And then you would not have to worry about huge kickback spikes...

555s can't drive gi-huge-ic transformers, but thats a good idea!

the transformer I was thinking about is those small audio input one's they are 75mW max, And yea I would probably have to use a 2n2222 as the driver ... And then feed the output from the transformer to a voltage multiplier, but I guess one could just feed the out from a camera strobe into a voltage multiplier ...

I could find the frequency, but no now, I'm pretty busy studying for finals and what not.

ehhh, my oscilloscope can only measure up to 150 volts, don't know how to work around that.

ok, lol You might have to walk me through that later, I don't want to fry my oscilloscope

Your selling tazers at school? Isnt that illegal?

Very illegal, i sold like 1. if you sell them in "kits" then its legal, maybe i take electronics, so i can say it was for a project or something

I passed out of electronics 1 and electronics 2 so I get to do electronics independent engineering study (looks really wierd on your course card, it'sa like ind elec eng stdy

i took two semesters of electronics (1&2) i had a buddy that the teacher let him do independent projects, while i hacked around the web proxy. anyway, the last week of school, me and my buddy went "shopping" in the supply room, i got a bunch of SCRs, PNPs, NPNs, 555s, an analog mah meter, an analog multi meter, and a gigantic capacitor, a bunch of slide pots, and some diodes. A GREAT way to end the year.

sweet... I have to buy all my parts my gigantic do you mean in size or capacity? my biggest capacity is 1 farad biggest size is 33,000 uF at 100 volts

well, I did sample once, but they had to phone call me, it wasn't too bad, but it's not as easy as ICs. The person on the phone was pretty nice, she said to me "you sound like you are in High School" (I was in 8th grade) so I was like yeah, it's for a school project. And she's like OK

I wouldn't bother them for those capacitors, the capacitors in the minty boost are really common, you could find them in almost any old electronic device, such as a radio, computer speakers (they'll have like 8), etc.

btw the capacitors I needed couldn't be bought anywhere else at a reasonable cost. I needed ultra low esr capacitors that were tantalum and smd and 150uF, normally they'd be like 8 bucks each. I got FIFTY for free

i know, i need the inductor(s) i've got a bunch of different capacitors that i de-soldered when i didn't know about instructables. capacitors are VERY easy to pull out. 50??? do you think they'll give inductors out like that?

I see, but will it work with a 2n3904?

nope. 200 ma is probably not enough for a high amperage return kickback spike. the 2n3055 has something like 15 ams rating, and should do better.

a cmos 555 in ashtable can produce pretty fast pulses. attach it through a 2n3055 to power and the coil on the transistors emitter, and it could work.

Why the 2n3055? why not 2n3904? i was thinking maybe make a couple kits powered by 9v, sell them at school

a 2n3055 has a high amperage rating, which will help it handle the kickback from the coil.

also, i suggest shielding the 555 from emf, and heat sinking the transistor.

if you dont know where to get the CMOS 555 that tech king suggested, then pm me.