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4chan views Instructables as a high standard Answered

Just a random tidbit:

4chan is considered the bad side of the surface internet, full of trolls, disgusting imagery, and all kinds of things your average person doesn't need to know about. You may have heard of them in relationship to ANONYMOUS, #cutforbeiber, or any one of a number of cyber bullying incidents.

Anywho, 4chan actually has some pretty well instituted rules, and it even has a DIY forum, although you have been warned about what you may find out how to make there. Well, it so happens that the famous site looks to Instructables as a standard of content and how to share projects.

Picture is a direct copypasta from the rules.



5 years ago

I have always found this site unique in the way it moderate itself. It is encouraging to know that other sites look up to Instructables as a model. The staff is doing a great job. Kudos!