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4d Cinema using arduino, Pi, DMX? Answered

Hi I am a beginner.

I would like to make something that will do the following.
press a button - sound clips play. then after a set time interval the power to a socket powering a light switches off. then after a set time interval another socket powering a smoke machine switches on for a short period of time. Then finally the power to the original socket turns on bringing the lights back on.
What would be the best way to do this? would it be an arduino with relays? or pic controller?

If i then wanted to make the above into a 4d cinema so it powers up a projector and plays a video file would i be better using something like a raspberry pi that can play video files itself? I would want everything to operate with a press of a button though and do not want to load programs up manually etc.

Thanks for your help



4 years ago

Thanks for your reply


Surely there must be some way to autoboot the written program on OS boot with the pi? If i do this project it needs to work as soon as power is supplied to the pi or arduino. Would you suggest the Pi over the arduino?


4 years ago

Any micro controller can handle this. It's just a matter of figuring out a way to sync the system with the video playback. You may not be able to get a on touch solution even with the pi. There will be setup involved once you turn the system on. After that it can be a one touch solution. But you can certainly connect the Pi with some relay circuits and it can controll your devices.