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5th Generation Ipod repairs Answered

Ok guys I wasn't quite sure whether to post this in the general forums or right here. I figured I would get more help here so here goes. My good friend washed her Ipod video 5th generation so she didn't want it and gave it to me.The only problem that is visible on this Ipod is a broken screen. But the problem that I'm concerned with is not the screen but the hard drive because I don't know if it's still functioning or not. Whenever I plug in the usb transfer cable, and hold the ipod up to my ear I can hear a tiny squeaking sound as if the hard drive is still spinning. I don't really know where to go from here guys so if anyone could offer advice on what to do next to figure out if the hard drive still works or not it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


I really appreciate the help and everything dude but keep in mind that the screen won't light up when you turn it on. Technically it won't turn on at all.

Technically, you can't tell. The diagnostic mode can be done with practice blind...use a working ipod to learn. Then with headphones in, I'll use a working one (some model) to step thru the test modes of a non-working one and listed for the test tones etc... If you got NADA...then to bad. Crack it open , but it is a waste to buy a creeen if the whole thing is shot, test parts on working ipods until you can find the one source or decide to trash the whole thing...

Well fixability depends on many things, how long did she run it in the washing machine. Was there a rinse mode? And hard drives don't usually "squeak", it's probably full of soap and the heads are getting sudsy lol.

TIP #1 iPod universal TEST MODE! Press Menu and the center Sleect button at the same time and hold (like a soft reset) however once the Apple Logo appears release and press BOTH the BACK (|<<) and the Select (center) and hold till the drive spins up. If you did it correct the apple logo will reverse (flip) and go into the 3 in 1 or 5 in 1 test USe >>| or Menu to scroll thru all the test and options...you can rune the 3-1 or 5-1 test and check many major components, USB, HDD, Audio/Video. Then just order and replace the missing damaged parts. E

Ah, didn't think to suggest diagnostic mode to him (it's fun to play around with lol). However he mentioned the screen was broken/cracked, therefore making it impossible to even know if it's running. For all he knows all he needs is a new screen and that's it.