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5 pin digital LED light strip (intertek): Can you cut this? Answered

Bought intertek model 17084 from costco. Has 3 12' sections that can plug into each other to 36', 24V PS with remote, has programmed features such as racetrack, color changing, etc.   I want to put on my deck railing at the following lengths 13', 10', 8'  with gaps between where stairs are.

I bought ledenet 10mm 5 pin connectors you can see in the picture and I bought 5 wire HVAC copper wire to solder in the longer gaps. Plan was:

= Make longer connectors by cutting the ledenet connector in two and soldering in the 5 wire HVAC to length.

PS => 12' led strip 1 + 1' of led strip 2  => connector => 10' of LED strip 2 => connector => 8 ' of LED strip 3 with terminator cap.

If you can see in the picture, I did not cut right at the cut line, rather down the middle of the solder joint. Just testing on the 13' section using no connectors (but using the factory male/femail connector) only the 12' section works. The one foot section glows a slight bit on the color LEDS, but the white only LEDS work fine. 

So I thought maybe it needed the rest of LED Strip  two to work, so I connected the 1' section back to the 11' section using the LEDENET connectors. Now, the whole second section does not work either (except white). The only thing that is different from factory is it is connected by the ledenet connector. 

Pins are:

Anyone have any clue why this wouldn't work for the color and programmed LEDS? I would think each 1' section is independent on each other and would just receive the signal and send it to the next section.  Could it be programmed to only work in 12' sections? Did I kill a LED somewhere in that 1' section?  Very baffling.



Hi Tom.

It certainly looks cuttable, but these strips are horribly sensitive to static electricity and its not impossible you've zapped it.

Take a very close look at your soldering and check for stray bits.

If there is one thing I learned while working with "intelligent pixels" then that I won't touch or work on them without proper grounding.
There is certainly one or more defective LED's now in your strip unless you damaged something while cutting.

I have not found a use for the “check” line. Works with or without. The chip spec does not have a usue for it either. I am sure if it was not necessary they would not add to the cost.

I always try to give back to the community when I get helped. So, my issue was not a fried diode or anything like that. My issue was that I did not know that I was NOT on copper when I scraped the white top layer off with a razor and saw what was an amber transparent varnish/epoxy. I scraped the white layer off, clipped on the solder less connectors, and nothing worked.

So, I used some nail polish remover and scraped some more down to copper, and now they are working fine. So, confirming to anyone else who has these: Yes, they can be cut and they will work in one foot increments.

Wow, thanks for the fast comments and general forum consensus. With my newfound strength, knowledge, and courage, I am going to cut up my last 12' section and just toss that 1 footer away (which seems to be the failed piece). Thanks again.