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50-800Mhz VHF TV Signal Transmitter for receiving TV Channels on Chinese Mobile Phone? Answered

I have got a cheap Chinese Mobile Phone which has got Analog TV reception through an antenna it catches signals on the vhf band. My area only has two wireless analog channels, all other channels come through an analog signal through coaxial wire from the cable operator, when i place the cell phone few inches from the coax cable it gets almost  all the channels otherwise it gets only the single channel.
I am looking into making a transmitter or signal amplifier + antenna to boost the coaxial signal so that i can tune into the channels within a short range i.e the room. The signal coming through the cable is PAL BG VHF 50-850Mhz.



8 years ago

What about just putting an antenna on the end of the coax, and retransmitting it that way ? 


Answer 8 years ago

haven't thought of it like that, but will definitely have to try it out.