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50 pin JAE connector pinouts? Answered

i just recently got a cd drive from a broken laptop, hoping to use it in a project of mine, but i noticed that it has a very different connector in it for data transfer and power, i read online that it is a 50 Pin JAE connector, and it has 40 pins (just like normal IDE) for data trsnfer and 10 pins for power, sound, and the master/slave/cable select option.
what are the pinouts of the JAE connector?
the cd drive model is a
model: GCC-4244N
FW: 1.01
Mecha: A
Type: MGCO

does anybody know the pinouts of this drive?



Best Answer 7 years ago

I believe this is the pinout you want.  One connector is a 50 pin but the other should be only a 40 pin.

If it's different then that, it is not a the standard implementation of that drive.

what computer did it come out of?

here is a picture of the drive connector, do you know which pin is pin 1 and so forth? (eg, which is pin 1 and how they count up to 50)


It came out of a compaq presario v4000 laptop, i got it after the battery and cpu died out.

The link you posted will help, but i still dont know what the pin numbers are for the 50 pin connector on the cd drive.
if i can find out those pins, and what the last 10 are, i can hook it up, but it will require some pretty tedious soldering.

The JAE 50 Pinou is equal a IDE ATA.Like your image,the pin count is shown below.
If you have doubt about the pin description, see this image:


thank you very much, this is just what i needed!