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5000 watts power inverter Answered

5000 watts power inverter with the circuit diagram using SG3524



3 years ago

Ii would like to build a 5000 Watt inverter with 10000 watt peak.I built a wind generator from a old F&p washing machine and going to use a battery pack. The generator puts out 24-48 volts DC. Can you send me any kind of plans that could get me started. You can send info to primoswilkesbarre@gmail.


Unless you just want to prove you can do it, it is easier and cheaper to buy than it is to build.
If you build a 5000 watt inverter with new transistors or mosfetts, the transistors can cost over $500, and that is without the cost of heat sinks, resistors, capacitors and more. A 5000 watt modified sine wave inverter can cost as little as $400.

I bought 13, 2000-watt inverter boards without the signal generator or control circuits for $10.
I disassembled one board to reverse engineered it, to see how it worked. Now I can build a 26,000-watt power supply for less than $100.
I can give you diagrams to build an inverter if you like from a modified sine wave signal generator to mosfett or transistor inverter circuits.

If you like just privet message me.

Respected Josehf Murchison I would be so obliged if you could share your inverter knowledge with me. here is my email i.d


I also want to know the switching procedure for the transistors in inverter.

This is great. Can you send me instructions and diagrams on how to build 5000watt and 26000watt power supply inverter. Deshok@me.com or dee45ok@gmail.com

Hi, I was just wondering where you bought the 2000-watt inverter boards? Please send me the link via email: carvedcuttingboards@gmail.com

There is no link.
I bought them from a junk dealer that didn't know what they were.
he was going to strip them for the aluminum heat sinks.


I just bought $60 worth of components for a Modified Sine Wave inverter Circuit IC 3525 220V to 12V. How can I turn this into a 6000 watt Modified Sine Wave inverter, without paying a whole lot more?

If the 3525 IC is the one I was looking at it is a world from 6000 watts.
You are looking at a real challenge on the cheep.
My best advice is look for salvageable electronics.
Power amps in the garbage and obsolete defibrillators.

Thanks! I was also wondering if you could please send me the diagrams for a 5000 watt inverter with their fittings such as the fuse, sockets and how to build it's chargers and the values of the components. Email: carvedcuttingboards@gmail.com . Thanks for all the help! :)

Sounds good. Do you happen to know how to make it a pure sine-wave inverter? I'm still interest in what you have for the modified sine wave. Thanks!!!

My project is at.

Yes first make a pure sign wave generator like a bubba and run it through an AB power amp to a step up transformer.

This is a signal design I made for someone that has to much trouble making a perfect square wave.



hi sir
really i loved this work and i shall applicate it and put it in my office(we have problems in electricity in my country
so if i want 50 hz it just calbrate adjustable cap?

and pleace sir i want the values of resistores and LEDs
and thank u very mutch----

There is a lot you need to know to completely design a modifide sine wave or a sine wave inverter.

Unless you can get a custom made transformer your circuit design is ruled by the transformer available to you, if the primary winding is not center taped you are limited to an AB driver. The only transformer you can play with is a center tap primary, if the primary winding is center taped then you can use an A, B, C, and AB inverter driver and it can be supplied with 12 or 24 volts and 6 or 12 volts you can’t play with the watts.

If the primary winding is 1000 watts run max then your inverter is limited to 1000 watts run max and about 1500 watts startup surges.

The transistors and mosfets should be watts doubled, take an IRF640 it is 200 volts 16 amps and 136 watts. That is 200 volts at 0.68 amps to 8.5 volts at 16 amps not 200 volts at 16 amps. An IRF640 will get hot at 12 volts 11 amps constant running doubling the transistors and mosfets will keep them from overheating.

Optoisolators protect the signal circuit from feedback and power surges.

These three 50 Hz inverter circuit designs are easy to build and the signal circuit is accurate to 1%.

This circuit can be broken down to five components.

1. Power Supply
2. Voltage Regulator
3. Timer
4. Signal Converter
5. Inverter

I don’t know what you have for Power supply for the Inverter circuit, these circuits are 24 volts center grounded and AB type inverter, 12 volts center taped primary winding B type inverter, and 12 volt AB type inverter.

Voltage regulator components
3-1N4002 diodes
1-220uF 16v
1-1uF 16v
1-1uF 6v
1-1 kΩ

Timer Components
1-12 kΩ
Use 1-24 kΩ for 60 cy or 1-30 kΩ for 50 cy or 1-39 kΩ for 40 cy
1-0.1 uF
1-10 nF
Any multivibrator with a 240 Hz output for 60 cycle, 200 Hz for 50 cycle, and 160 Hz for 40 cycle will due for the timer circuit.

Signal Converter Components
2 to 4-1.5 kΩ

From the And gate output resistors to the rest of the Inverter circuit the value of the active components depends on the power supply and the inverter transformer.



please sir , can u send me 2000watts and 5000watts inverter diagrams with charger and also values of the come components and most especially how to coil the transformer and also how to install fittings on the inverter such as fuse , socket please sir am a novice at electronics. Thanks sir love to hear from you. You can email me at; ekiyeemmanuel@rocketmail.com . love to hear from you stay blessed.

please can you send me diagrams of 1000watts,2000watts and 5000watts inverter diagrams with their fittings such as fuse,sockets and how to build its chargers and values of the components at my email: ekiyeemmanuel@rocketmail.com . thanks

yes,please i want to built a modified sine wave inverter about 2.5kwatt pls can u help with reverse circuit, this a my email;; markotech2020@gmail.com

My project is at.

This is a signal design I made for someone that has to much trouble making a perfect square wave.



Good day master Jose, i am so happy to hear about your 5000 watt and 2,6000 watt power inverter self build and i will appreciate to have your diagram to build mine if possible you can help me out

Email: mashalmohammed@ymail.com


5 years ago

please Pak, bisa u mengirim saya 2000watts dan diagram 5000watts inverter dengan charger dan juga nilai-nilai dari komponen datang dan terutama bagaimana kumparan transformator dan juga cara memasang fitting pada inverter seperti sekering, soket silakan Pak seorang pemula di elektronik . Terima kasih pak senang mendengar dari Anda. Anda dapat email saya di;noikinoi@gmail.com

pls can you send me the circuit diagram. i want to have a closer look at the circuit it is too small to view. (sunny_over@hotmail.co.uk)

Its emphatically not an amateur project. The power transistor bank is particularly evil.

I don't worry about the intimidation of the transistor banks, cos I can try to handle it friendly. I need this circuit dearly. Please help me!
Thanks for your comment Steve

What about it? (5 kilowatts is a LOT of power.)