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50uV to 5V amplification Answered

How to amplify 50uV to 5V using LM324n op-amp



You're amplifying this signal to measure it aren't you ? Not to power something with ?

The 324 will struggle. You can try an instrumentation amp configuration, with offset trimming.

You won't be able to step up 50uV to 5V with that. Even with a good enough boost converter that 50 microvolts would need a lot of amperage behind it to get a usable 5V from it. Even at say 10A then your working with only .00005W. Once boosted to 5V and assuming a 100% efficient conversion that 5V will only be able to offer 0.00001A.

I think the answer depends on the nature of the signal you're trying to amplify.

If it is a DC signal, like from a thermocouple or something like that, the LM324 will give you problems because its inputs have DC offset error larger than the DC signal you're trying to measure.

However, if it is an AC signal, like audio or something like that, you can build stages with unity (=1) DC gain, but much larger AC gain. For example two stages, each with gain 320, will give 320*320 = 102400.