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55 gallon barrels Answered

Where can I purchase barrels for a floating dock that are priced reasonable?  I live in the country and don't have or know anyone to try to pick up barrels for free.  The prices are all over the place for plastic ones, so I thought someone who purchased them might give me a heads up where to purchase them.




8 years ago

Look on Craig's List in the farm section. They are used to feed and water animals. I pay $5 for halfs and $10 for complete..... BUT, thoes are clean. As Re-design said below, they can be found for free with a little leg work and creativity.


8 years ago

I'm a custodian and that's how my facility gets our chemicals (floor stripper, floor sealer, floor wax). We're happy as can be to give them away. Try the maintenance department of schools, hospitals or other large facilities. Car washes get their soap in them, feed stores get animal food in them, reuseablebarrels.com has them, freecycle, craigslist.... Heck, if you live in New Jersey I'll hook you up.


8 years ago

You can buy them very cheaply or even get them for free at places like,

Pickle factories,
food manufacturers
janitory services
anywhere they use large amounts of liquid chemicals.

Since you're going to put them in water it would be better if you had plastic barrels.  OR at least give the metal ones a very good paint job with water proofing paint.  The steel ones don't really last in water for ever.

Use your imagination on where to find them.

Call whoever has them and ask them nicely if you can get them.  You never know how far an honest and respectful request will get you.