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555 timer to make led's flash in this circuit ? Answered

ok so my handicapped uncle has a 3 wheeler bike that he goes everywhere in day or night and I'm always worried about him being hit by a car in the dark so i wanted to make a light bar  with 7 orange led's so he could be seen by cars and then i though of incorporating a solar panel so he wouldn't have to charge battery's (the battery's charge while hes out during the day and light up at night) but now i think it would help if the led's were to flash i have a few 555 ic's but I'm not to sure how to use them id like to use one in this light bar to make them flash

heres a sketchup model of the lightbar http://sketchup.google.com/3dwarehouse/details?mid=60db9f5dd7284717d25303acb02b2c20&prevstart=0
thanks in advance

Ps i also have some pcb boards if needed
PPS if there are any improvements you would like to suggest these are apreciated
PPPs if you would like to add the 555 circuit to the sketchup models email it to me at brl1995@hotmail.com Thanks!

thanks for your help in advance!


You would be best making an astable 555 timer circuit and connect an N channel MOSFET. If you need questions on wiring it, ask me.

 The url thoughtfully given by Rorymi6 shows one approach, but you might be better off adapting the instructable 41 LED flasher circuit at https://www.instructables.com/id/41-LED-Flasher-Circuit-using-555-IC/
It is more nearly what you want.  The circuit shows two transistors and 41 LEDs, so your circuit will be simpler.  

The 555 timer is fine, but you don't need the second 2N2905 transistor, or any of it's LEDs.  Use only 8 LEDs with the 2N3053 transistor.  I know you want just 7--if you can't use an extra one, get back to us.

Well circuit wise you want to make a Astable 555 timer circuit. You can do this with just one 555 timer. I found a circuit diagram for you here.

I hope that is a starting point for you.