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555/551 timers 55* Same or Different? Answered

Hello! I'm interested in knowing what timers are the same as the basic 555? Is a 551 the same thing? I am also looking for equavalent Timers that operate in the same way, and have almost identical pinout thanks!



9 years ago

The TLC551 is a "very low power" version of the 555 (same pinout, etc) (operates from 1 to 15V !) For the most part, pin compatible timer chips still have the "555" number in them, but assorted prefixes and suffixes may vary. TI has an NE555, NA555, SA555, SE555, SE555M, TLC555 (cmos, low power), TLC555M... Where did you find thay picture? If that's an origami chip (folded from a single piece of paper), then I want to know how to make one!

the 551 is a low voltage version of the 555, the pinout is the same. I've successfully replaced the 551 for the 555 in a Drawdio project using more voltage and no transistors.

I am working on a Drawdio right now, how did you do it?

hey but if you accomplish it, you will have a pretty big 555 timer, then you could probably wire a real 555 inside it!

I wonder if there are origami patterns for other electronic components? Searching seems somewhat hopeless; lots on organic LED displays ("can be folded") and carbon nanotube things...

You can drag images on the search bar in google images. This gave me this: http://www.ordigami.net/timer555-en
An experienced origami artist should be able to reproduce it.

Some of those 555s require a 5v power supply, do you think 3v would work?

i did not find anything about 551 a 556 is 2 X 555 in one chip and has different pinout (not like 555 X 2) but same electrical properties