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55pounds thermojet Answered

 Now my aim is to fix the engine(55pounds) to the tricycle(designed by me) and drive it to accomplish my dream..

here is the way how i designed the engine,after a deep research on the acoustic resonance taking place inside the engine i was able to tune the engine in such a way that it produces 40 pounds thrust then after adding an augmenter to it i was able to achieve 55pounds of thrust..This took me some 2days to design the engine..

special features:- the engine is hollow with no moving parts and produces an thrust of 55pounds which is capable of pushing a man of 70kg+kart+20kg gas cylinder..The main advantage of my design is the TSFC(total specific fuel consumption) is reduced when compared to other designs..this has got an excellent air fuel mixing capability..

here are some pictures drawn by me about the engine..



today i hired a fabricator and i bought things which are needed

304 grade stainless steel sheet
1.5mm thickness
TIG welding
so he informed me that he will start the work from tuesday..i will post some photos on that day...see you all soon..


6 years ago

Wow 55 pounds of thrust! I look forward to seeing a video of that on a tricycle if you post one.

ya i will surely post one,just waiting for a sponsor from a company whom i have requested.They are now validating my project.