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5v relay module with tv usb Answered

Hello there!
I'm sorry if someone already asked this question but I can't find it! I would like to connect 2m led strip to my tv usb so it turns on and off with tv. Can I use this kind of relay ( http://www.ebay.com/itm/5V-1-Channel-Relay-Module-H-L-Level-Triger-with-Optocoupler-for-Arduino-Raspberr-/390865576871?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item5b016763a7 ) to do it? 
Thank you in advance!



Looks like it will work, but its overkill. A SMALL relay and a diode on the power pins on the uSB would be fine.

Thank you for the answer but I don't understand what do you mean by "overkill"? English is not my native language. Could you tell me what relay should I use?

Just find a little 5V coil relay in your local market, no need for opto isolation. Look for a relay with a coil that takes <50mA to drive it, like this one.

Connect the coil, with a diode across it, Diode marked end to the USB +, diode unmarked end to the USB -.

Try finding a relay like this


The coil is 5V, the contacts will handle 2A.

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