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6 speakers into one Answered

im looking for a speaker switch box thing sort of, i cant really find on on instrucatbles by searching but what i need to do it be able to plug like 6 or so speakers into one cable to plug into a computer i mean computer speakers that use one stereo wire, not separate speakers with their own wire to it. i dont think im making sense here, sorry My friend is having a party but all his music is on the pc and he only hass 2 speakers and a bass amp, so what i wanted to make was a box to plug his speakers, my old ones and a few other ones into, to plug that into the computer to make like 6 speakers going at once for the music. does anyone know an instructable that i can do this? I really apologize if i make no sense, it hapens often when i try and type things.



9 years ago

Six speakers (say, 8 ohms per) wired together in parallel make a 1.333 ohm load. Six 4 ohms speakers combine for a 0.666 ohm load. Be careful you don't blow the sound card with those loads.

Some combination of parallel and series wiring can usually get you close the speced load resistance..

(lower resistance = bigger load)

By the time the signal made it to 6 sets of computer speakers, it would probably be very quiet, even with the computer's volume cranked all the way, unless it's a powerful sound card (yes even sound cards have amplifiers). Why not just get a stereo, you can hook as many pairs of speakers into an actual amplifier as it can handle.

yeah, all the music is on his computer and my external hardrive, if his stereo has a usb port in it then its all golden but if not, i guess its a project for another day

You mean like this? It's only 5 though.

yeah, i should of just said a big double jack, damn it. I have two double jacks what when ever school needs them that i use so i thought could just plug one into the other to make 3 speakers but then i though id rather build a bigger one and make it less ugly random cables coming out of it.
im going out in like 320 minutes now anyway, so ill im gonna see how i can do it, im just gonna base some toughs on the https://www.instructables.com/id/Audio-Switch-in-a-mouse/ instructable and hope for the best

get some splitters and extension wires and connect em all together into one snakeball in any way they fit. this usually works if you can get 3.5 mm sockets take some and connect them in parallel with wires parallel means connect entry 1 of socket A to entry 1 of socket B. continue the wire to entry 1 on socket C etc. the same for entry 2 and the others if you use sockets with 5 entries you need only 3 of them. insert the plug in and see which 3 are in contact with the plug (you need em) and which 2 are just fallback for when there is no plug now stick in all the speakers and connect it to the computer with 3.5 to 3.5 extension wire you may use wire with plug (from broken headphones etc) to connect the computer if you insert capacitors or inductors in the circuit it can give effects like bass or treble boost. messing up the wires between the sockets in certain ways gives the same sound effect as pulling the plug half way out on mp3 player the audio output from the computer is very low voltage and whatever you do it cannot damage the computer (as long as you dont connect it to an additional source of power like batteies). feel free to play with it