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6 volt source to charge my iPhone. The iPhone likes to get 5 volts at 350ma to 1 amp. Answered

Looking to power my iphone off a 6volt input. Want the best way to provide 5volts at no more that 1amp no less that 350ma? Any clean simple methods for a novice? Want decent current control and cleanest path possible.


I second led235. Get a 5 volt regulator. The only one I've ever used is the 7805, and it's great. Be careful handling them, though. I've heard they're really sensitive to static.


8 years ago

 A 5 Volt Regulator is a great option, getting familiar with it is a god idea because it comes in handy when making a few other things requiring a good, solid recharging. 
 a place to get them would be radioshack, but with a price of over $2.00, its pretty expensive. its worth it though. 

NEVER charge an iPhone over 5 volts, its not a good idea, because that can fry the dock circuit board and could cost you a new iPhone... 

hope this helps.