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Gone! (60 Free mousetraps. San Francisco Bay Area) Answered

Given away to the Instructables HQ - can't think of a better place for it.

I originally bought these to create mousetrap-powered cars, but I decided to scrap the project because preparing the mousetraps is too difficult for my students. I thought about selling them over craigslist, but in the end I decided that I do not want them to be used to kill mice. So if you would like these (and you live in the SF bay area) please message me and I'll be happy to give them away for creative purposes.

I hope someone out there can use it!




Reply 6 years ago

I said we could do quite micely..... :D

Aye, and I was being MOUSEY LOL (retracts claws LOL)

i live in euroe but if you can send it to me i would be gratefull(btw i dont hjave mice in my house)

one might even say the costs could be totally CATastrophic :-D

We can do quite micely without your bad puns around here thanks Goodhart. :p

Sorry :-( I didn't mean to upset anyone.

I've sent you a message :)

Sadly (or as my wife would say, thankfully) I live on the OTHER end of the country *sigh*