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62 Projects to Make with a Dead Computer Answered

For the past two years I have been engaged in the wild world of print publication. I've seen fire and I've seen rain. I've seen... something something... that I thought would never end. And finally today I received the first copy of the book in the mail.

After much hard work and anticipation, I present to you all 62 Projects to Make with a Dead Computer.

This is the greatest book about computer repurposing that I ever wrote! I recommend that everyone should go out and buy a dozen copies for everyone they ever met.


We celebrated Randy's amazing achievement this afternoon with pizza, apple juice, home made cookies and ice cream.  Randy's mother was nice enough to coordinate a surprise visit from "Dame Edna" who sang us a song and brought Randy a sweet dancing robot and some nice balloons. A good lunch was had by all.  Congratulations Randy!

Photos appear below.

Video coming soon!



I'd buy your book if I had a job.

Aw, you mean I bought one and will soon be able to win one?   Rats.....oh well, I rarely am able to submit anything in time for contests anyways, much less win something :-) 

Dern it, I stayed up til 2AM EST to get my entry in, and I was like 30 seconds late in publishing it.....the date posted as the next day...not that it is worthy of any votes, it was just I had wanted to at lest get something entered.  Oh well,  I need to organize my time better.

8 years ago

 Congratulations! By day, a staff member at squid labs, by night, a best selling author, he is, the Randofo!

Randy, not to be a stickler for details, but I must ask, was the intro written in the "simplest manner possible, not expecting anyone reading it to actually go into Electronics as a career" ?   If so, I understand why it says "some" of the things it does.....but if it was meant to be "accurate", then I have a bit of a problem with statements like: dc electricity flows from positive to negative, etc.

I mean, sure, current does, but voltage flows from - to + (and the fact that this may be uneccesary to know in order to do your projects, may be another reason for letting this confusing bit of info out of the instruction). 

I don't mean to be critical, and I do understand if I have guessed the reasons you wrote it as you did.   The rest of the book is quite clear (as far as I have gotten so far) however.

Lookie what I got TODAY.....shipped a full week or two ahead of schedule (from Amazon): 

01-Dead Computer_01232010_123840.JPG

8 years ago

My 62 Projects book is arriving today - Barnes & Nobles is shipping it as of last week.  I'm so excited!

Amazon's new date:     New estimated arrival date: February 03 2010 - February 09 2010

This is moved up from the former March date......

Yay! Also, Barnes and Noble is supposed to start shipping on the 27th. I received a bunch of copies from the distributor today, so all the booksellers should be getting them also. Now it is just a matter of putting them on shelves. I understand this is difficult.

BTW:   that date I posted is the new date one will arrive on my doorstep....not necessarily their stocking date or anything...I assume they will have some in stock before sending them out  LOL

Oy sometimes I can't believe how silly I am when I am tired  :-) 

Deek D

8 years ago

Great looking book- and a great idea! I might have to pick up a copy once my broke arse gets paid again. Congrats on finishing the book.

I just released my own "make-it-from-junk" book this week as well...

check out http://www.relaxshacks.com

-Derek D.

Very cool. Congratulations!

Your book looks pretty awesome. Perhaps we can make a trade.

I see Amazon have it - are any real-world bookstores planning to stock it without having to order it?

(I have Christmas book tokens that need to be spent...)

Oh!  Brainwave!

I have emailed a number of local bookstores to ask if they have it, hopefully stimulating them to stock it.


I got answers from the bookshops - they'll gladly order it in, if I pay up-front!

Amazon generally starts selling things before bookstores do. Apparently there is some problem involved with putting books on shelves.

 It's all her fault.  She can't stock the shelves fast enough.

Something I've been looking for, for a long time! When can we expect to see your book in stores? 

Whoo! Go Randy! I was waiting for that to be done, looks great!

Ha ha ha! Just saw the video of the party, looks like you and every one else there had a ball! Congratulations again and good luck with it!

I have ordered it, along with about 4 other books, from Amazon (I normally like to take advantage of their Shipping saver, with $25 + orders)

I have 3 computers (not counting the CoCo II, and the Commodore) not being used, and 3 dead digital cameras, not to mention 2 scanners; one with a very scratched glass bed (my wife scanned anything BUT paper and put some hefty grooves in it).   I am looking forward to seeing what I can do with these :-)

You didn't mention how dirt-cheap it was...you could reclaim the preorder price by selling off the raw platinum from the cover.

In the right market, you can even start making money!


8 years ago

if you take all the CPU's that you can get and put them into a bath of nitric and hydrochloric acid, you'll get a fine yellow powder that you can smelt for some GOLD!!! out of 50 cpu's i think you only get a small amount. say enough for a wedding ring.

That is good to know. I was amazed how much gold-plating I encountered inside all of the computers. Unfortunately, I think the publishers would have had a heart attack if I broke out nitric or hydrochloric acid.

ive seen rail guns here that can (if made right) put a 4 inch nail into orbit.
i dont think they will mind to much. lol.

I don't know why, but I love the cover!

Will buy it soon..

I looked at the website, and have got to say the music monster looks cool.


8 years ago

Congrats!  Have you got a short list of some of the projects we can expect to see?

I'll work on getting the table of contents online later, but in the meantime, here are some pictures of six of the things I made (in no particular fashion other than how they look in my living room):


Neat stuff!  Is the classic "macuarium" in there?  :D

:D that's so awesome!