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6v to 12v system? Answered

I have a 1929 model t that is curently a 6v system with no starter or generator. I would like to use a starter generator off of a modern galf car. Is there any way i can step the voltege down befor the battery or would it just be easyer to add a converter in to run the original lights and ignition system? Any help would be awsome!!!



Here's a great article describing how to do it.   If you don't mine having it a bit non-stock it's an improvement.  I did it a while back on my 1957 Ford tractor.

Converting the whole system to 12V is probably the easiest option, seeing as there shouldn't be anything more complex that the ignition system in there. Then the starter will go straight in, and any bulbs, the ignition coil and any instruments only need to be swapped out for the 12V equivalent.

One thing to watch out for is if the car has a voltage regulator in it (often found as part off the fuse box), as this may need modifying/replacing.

Hope the project goes well.


6 years ago

Unless you want to keep it original, the best advice is to use a 12V alternator. Changing the rest of the electricals won't be a problem (Can't be that much on a Model T anyway...)

As for the starter, i thought they only had the manual start The good old wrist-killing slinger of death...

Goodluck with the project and post some pics when you have a chance...