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6'x10' Light Box Answered

We are building a 6' x 10' light box and need to evenly spread RGB Led's throughout. They need to be very bright and produce an even glow of RGB colors. We have a 6' x 10' ...1/4" diffuserAnd focus ( space between diffuser and Led's can be adjusted).
Additional we need a separate bright white led circuit. Output ( view angle ) should be as wide as possible.
What RGB LED's would you recommened ?What xtra bright WHITE LED's would you recommened ?
What should the spacing be, in order to produce an even light output ?Where could I find wiring plans ?
All LED's should be controllable by DMX ?
Any help and advise is very much appreciated.



7 years ago

Maybe something like this would do the trick: http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.14965

jeff-o thanks . I did look into it. The LED's are to small and the spacing is not what I need. My circuit boards are 2'x3' and consist of 186 RGB LED's ( strawhead 8mm RGB ) and 56 extra white strawhead 8mm. How would a wire diagram look like, if I wanted to control it through DMX. The white LED's should be on a seperate circuit. My spacing RGB LED's 2" x 2". Spacing of White LED's 4" x 4". Any help and or links to Wiring Diagrams would be very much appreciated thanks

I'm not sure about DMX control, I have no experience with it. I imagine you'd connect the LEDs in some sort of series/parallel combination though, controlled using beefy MOSFETs or something.