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72 volt motorcycle distance Answered

i saw this and i need more distance than 10 miles but still need the speed to do the speed limit, (60). 30 miles at least. and i saw some of the chargers that charge like your ipod and stuff as you go. i was thinking if i could boost the power one of those puts out that would charge the battery. you'd probably need too big of solar panels to charge those batteries. can you give me a circuit? and what do you think, give me ideas or anything. hit me up. Im listening to: Van Morrison - Domino



10 years ago

I don't think adding solar panels to an EV motorbike will add very much to its range. Four Optima AGM batteries like on the 72 volt motorbike have a capacity of about 2000 watt hours. The solar panels on the solar trike produce a combined wattage of about 61W, which over an hour's riding would only add 61Wh. If 2000Wh is a range of about 10 miles, 61Wh is (61/2000) * 10 miles = about 160 feet! FIrstly, you could walk that in about a minute, and secondly the drag of the solar panels would probably make you lose more than that range.

Your options are probably:

a) find a bigger frame, like a BMW tourer or a Goldwing, and stuff it with batteries (may be impractically heavy)
b) add a very aerodynamic fairing (wouldn't help if there are big hills to climb) and add a couple more batteries
c) buy space-age lithium batteries, which will give you much better range but cost an arm and a leg

A combination of these might be more practical, and I believe 30 miles isn't unheard of from an EV bike. A slightly larger frame with a few more batteries stuffed in and as much fairing as practical, NiMH batteries (compromise between SLA and Lithium, and may be available from scrapped Priuses) etc. might deliver.

Alternatively, electric-assist pedal bikes have great efficiency because they are much lighter and lower rolling resistance than motorbikes, so if your commute isn't on busy roads one of these might be an option.

Whatever you decide to do, there are plenty of EV enthusiasts around who will be interested in hearing how it goes.


10 years ago

Domino... Awesome! Let me know what you come up with on the bike. I'm in the same situation. I need to be able to go like 35 miles on a charge, but anything less than 55mph would be dangerous. I ride a Harley now, but I have more than enough parts to make an electric. It's the range that's keeping me away from this project.