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8-Shot Deconstruction Round Concept Answered

A long time ago, I looked at Mepain's 8-Shot Deconstruction Round Revolver, and I really liked the idea, but as all concepts, it didn't shoot far. Within 20 minutes the other day I had made a small, real-triggered pistol (cock+revolve+shoot) with 8 shots, where the firing pin hits a white rod off of a snowflake connector. This was meant to be a simple revolver for people with few pieces, or who just want a fun gun. At a 45 degree angle, I won't lie, it probably gets around 10-20 feet, depending on the wear and tear of your pieces. It won't win any wars, it is a simple sidearm so you can build more piece consuming firearms. I will have pictures up shortly.

Edit: I've improved range by some number, and it is now more complex and piece consuming but more reliable, and the clip design has been perfected.

Advantages over guns with magazines:

- Never Jams. Ever.
- Slanted handle with no magazine inside. No broken pieces or clumsy mag pushers in your way.
- Bullets are spread out in a circle. It is very compact, especially if you use green rods instead of whites.
Detachable wheels. This means quick reload if you have extra wheels pre-built.
- Easy trigger pull. You don't need a super-powerful rubber band to make it shoot far, so the trigger pull is smooth and easy.
- Super easy to build. You don't need to be an expert in k'nex to know how this works.

Because it takes up less space and pieces than a magazine, and the clip design requires no rubber bands (unless you really want auto-revolver) this design could easily be perfected and expanded upon to a rifle, or high-powered weapon.

It uses one black Y-connector, for the trigger, and I'm sure there's another way to do it, but this is probably the best.

I can't find my camera; when I do, I will have pictures up. Probably not instructions because the thing is easy to build from pictures and a pain to take apart, but I'll be answering questions frequently when it's up and posting helpful pictures to anybody who requests it.

EDIT: Pictures here> https://www.instructables.com/community/TO67PH4GQ225YK9/. Click the "i" at the top-left to get rid of those pesky annotations.



7 years ago

TheDunkis made a deconstruction gun, called the SYCAMORE. |Here it is. He didn't post pictures though.


Reply 7 years ago

Yeah, I saw that, I built something similar but it didn't shoot accurately or far. This is likely the first deconstruction gun that isn't a concept gun.


Reply 7 years ago

Correction, a long time ago, I made a website to escape ibles without being forced to KI. On that website I posted a handful of weapons that I never showed to ibles while I was still in my "assault pistol" phase. This was one of the resulting weapons I came up with. The concept was actually worked with more by Oompaloompa before I made this.


Reply 7 years ago

Nice. Auto-revolve? Mine isn't, I bet if I wanted to I could make it auto-revolve but I don't have any of those small rubber bands so I'm not sure how I would do it but yeah.

Since I posted this I made it what looks to me like a merge of Vicce.B1993 and you, TD, in terms of style. Now it has a nice little stock and clips, it is very nice, it shoots slower than mag-fed pistols but the mag reload time is much faster, and it doesn't have the friction of the bullet pressing underneath. It is very compact and I can't wait to post it.

That reminds me, this is actually the first k'nex gun I've ever tried to build. I've browsed k'nex guns on this site and KI in the past looking for mechanisms for other things, but this is my first gun fully mine and not a collaboration between me and my friends, so I'm pretty excited to post.