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2 free Fly back transformers and a SCR Answered

I have one 300 AMP 1200 volt  SCR that I want gone! 

I want $25 for it  .

I am willing to trade it for crystal radio parts or small vacume tubes .

I have two modern flybacks also if anyones interested

sorry! dont have pictures



1 year ago

hey bud' would can you do with SCR? would You tell Me what SCR stands for....

just dipping my toes in on the electronic thing! (is this the free area)



dc is batrie right

so you power it with 12-120 volts dc and i send you mony and you send the fly backs

id like one if your close enof ill pick it up or pay shipping for the 1960 tv and 2 mordern

Iam over in utah, I dont have the 1960 tv any more but I do have a core from one like it and maybe 2 modern flybacks

i wold like the 2 modern fly back transformor this is one of the things i would trade for them i also have some other stuff


what is the input 120

i live in montana what is a SCR proby a stupid q but what is it

I can ship them to you for $6.00 but I would like sale both of them for $1.50

an SCR is a switch, alot of people use them in there coil guns because they dont make a huge Bang when they turn on.

o so you want the kit and 1.50 fore both

what is the input

no Iam saying I want $3.00 for both. I got my survial kit togther already thanks anyways. don't need one.

let me know

Will that SCR fit in a flat rate box, because I am interested?

It will fit in a small flate rate box,

I still would like to get $25 dollars for it, I have two smaller ones I would give you too.

let me know................

What are the smaller ones rated? Also, would it be a possibility for me to trade something for the large one? I have several 400v 6800mF capacitors, if that is of any interest.

hey I checked over the prices for flat rate boxes and they want about $6.00 for a small box.

I'll trade it for the cost for me to ship it and a small varible capacitor or crystal radio head phone.

if you still want it. .

I dont know what they are rated for but I might guess there rated for 100 maybe 150 amps. They dont have any usefull markings on them so I cant look up a data sheet for them.

I dont have the flybacks anymore. someone got them already.

I would be willing to trade the larger one for some transistors or a vacume tube.

Do you still have the Transformers? Sorry for the late reply but I just joined.

How much for one, plus shipping to Texas?

Is there a specific shape of flyback you want? or just one like in the picture.

Iam guessing some where around $7 I will try to jam the box with flybacks.

I'm attempting to build a plasma speaker so i the one in the picture should be fine I think. Just message me about payment.

I would take one or two... i don't know about eight... It all depends on what deal I can get for shipping. But I am interested.

Iam guessing some where around $7 I will try to jam the box with flybacks.

Alright, I'll private message you my email and we can work out the details.

You might takers if you mentioned (roughly) where you are?

Iam in Utah! ah! I see that your over in the UK, I think I can get it shipped there it will just take longer? I'll have to talk to the post master here.

let me know what you think!

thats why I said " I am willing to negotiate shipping"

Oh, I'm not after them (my project to do list is long enough, thank you!) - I just meant for other people, because they might just pop over and collect them for gas-money.