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9 layer double barrel shotgun model?! Answered

hi guys!
i'm going to make a double barrel shotgun , and yes, NINE LAYERS THICK!!!
it will cost me some time, but i'm almost 100% sure it will be a shorty,
it may shoot and it may not
it will also use my secret break action system that does not acquire hingers or ball joints!
it might be disturbing to flip it(flip and close)
but i'll try and it might take a loooong time, and maybe i'll try my best!


I like the idea =)

i counted my y's lately, dun have so much anymore, but it should come fine if i make it less layers, but it's gonna fail, if you would like it, you can use the idea, i'm not doing it tho

sounds cool if you can do it

it failed even by thinking of it, cuz

- not enough parta
- the barrel didn't wanna look good
and im bad at making guns
sorry bro