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9 pin, 1/4" input/output. Which pins are the anode and cathode? [PIC] Answered

I have an 9(?) pin 1/4 input/output. I got it off an old radio. Which of these 9 pins would be the anode and cathode?
Looking at the pins, starting from the top there are 3 rows. the first row has 1 pin labeled (1). The second row, 4 pins labeled from left to right (8, 7, 4, 5), last row, 4 pins (9, 3, 2, 6)
Any help would be amazing, as I am trying to ghetto rig a distortion pedal.



6 years ago

That looks more like a push button switch then a semiconductor !!


It most definitely isn't a switch. I got it from the "headphone" port in my radio. I even plugged a 1/4 cable into it, fits fine. I just don't know which of the leads I have to use as an anode and cathode.

Then  it is a 9 pin connector that mounts through a chassis.
Your pic doesn't show the connector end.
I still do not understand your search for some kind internal semiconductor inside the connector.
an SCR ANODECATHODE,  and a Triac for your refernce.


It was soldered to a circuit board, and in the pic, it shows the 9 (pins) that I detached from the board. So I'm not too sure about the connector end, unless that's the actual 1/4" input/output?
I'm not entirely too sure how else to explain this, (sorry) but all I want to figure out is, witch of those (pins) would I attach a "positive" wire, and witch do I attach a "negative" wire to, to have it setup as an "output" jack. (Like an output from a guitar FX pedal to an amp)
Sorry for my ignorance, and thanks so far.

I understand what you ask, but without the circuit diagram where the connector
was attached to, I can not tell you which pins should be positive and ground or
negative. Sorry.

Oh, ok. I can have pictures up tomorrow and I'll draw up the board that it was connected to as best as I can, if that will work for you. It's pretty late here. Thanks again for everything so far.

need more pictures but it looks like an audio jack socket.