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911 conspiricy stories Answered

Who believes im them?



11 years ago

Holy sh-t I swear to Buddha, this is the -Truth-. The -Truth- may be an hour and a half but still nevertheless a must see. 9 11 was a demolition.

Probably my brother. He also believes that aliens talk to specific people and that they will give the chosen few a sign before some worldwide catastrophe happens as a result of another planet coming so close to the earth that it will disrupt our gravity. I so wish I was making that up. I really do.

Tell him the Hale-Bopp comet already picked up the Heavens Gate group. lol

I saw that movie... The problem is that all the power ports are backward and the shuttle blows up when you try to dock. I know how it is... My crazy brother's into Urantia.

Urantia!?! What the...

*couple minutes of Googling later*

Oh, yes, looks similar. the problem is that that website is too clean. The "truth" only comes from genuine websites made by real folks. You know, the ones with animated GIFs and mid-90s HTML style.

I love the "real person" quotes.. like this one- What People Are Saying About The Urantia Book: "Your book has made me realize that God gave me a brain for a reason."

Oh yeah, the photo page? All the amazing evidence that there is a second sun and Planet X that looks like lens flare? Amazing stuff.

Now imagine looking at all of this and then having your brother tell you that it's real and you should move away from the coast because the shit is about to go down, little brother, and if you don't hone your survival skill then you're as good as gone when the event happens.

He's mellowed a bit since the deadline for apocalypse has been pushed back several times, but I think he's still into it.

Rosie O'Donnel an other nut-cases.