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96 tacoma starter motor not working starter has fire from battery? switch and clutch engaged,no clicking of silinoid Answered

96 tacoma pickup std trans,starter makes no sound but has fire from battery ,clutch engaged,switch is in start position, no lites to dome /dash lites


If you have no power to the dome or dash lights, you don't have power. Or at least nowhere near enough power. Try jumpstarting to see if the battery will charge back up. If it doesn't, then either the battery or the alternator are probably dead.

i agree, a good have the starter problems i've seen are low battery. Also, is it clicking once? or multiple times while u hold the key? multiple times might mean the hold in coil on the solenoid isn't receiving enough power. One click per start attempt most likely shows that the starter motor isn't turning for some reason. could be a bad plate inside the solenoid that turns on power to the motor, or an open in the motor. hope this helps

? has fire from battery ? Does this mean the battery is good? If so, check your fuses and wiring. No clicking of the solenoid and no dome light indicates no power is getting to at least the dome light, and presumably to the starter solenoid.

Is it possible that your ignition switch is faulty?

Have you actually confirmed values using a Multimeter? If so, have you also confirmed that voltage is present elsewhere than the battery itself?