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9gag is stealing your content Answered

Your content, hosted at
Has been misappropriated by the website 9gag.com at
They placed it on their website, which is monetized with ads. When downloaded or linked, their watermark appears on the image. They have clearly not asked for permission to do this, they have not given any sort of credit or attribution. This is a clear violation of your rights and of the law. Kindly sue these buttholes, I really dislike them.

In case they take this page down(which they like to do after they get caught stealing), here are screenshots:


Afraid this is largely a none issue with the modern internet. There are no end of sites aimed at sharing content. Not specifically content created by the user uploading.

There are several sites like 9gag, where there is so much content added and re added it is impossible to police the copyright.

Facebook has a massive amount of images that are spread shared often with no attribution.

Other sites like Pinterest actively promote attribution, and often link back to the original sites they come from.

For the most part, its not worth worrying too much.

What you do need to worry about is suggestions to make the law so that 'orphaned' images no longer have copyright. Which these sites promote.

It's hard to complain publicly, because they need a FaceBook account to comment.

They do have an email page you can use to make comments behind the scenes, though.

(Not, though, that I condone any sort of vendetta against sites like this - a polite request should be enough.)

You might be better off passing along this info to the author. It does unfortunately happen on occasion, and did for me a while ago. The website that stole my ible and photos went so far as to put their copyright on it, even though they stole the copyright material from me. So, when this sort of things happen, a simple email informing them of this faux pas is usually sufficient in the material being removed (as was the case for me).