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9v controlling 2 servo motor? Answered

hi everyone! i am planning to use 2 servo motor and a LCD, all connected to my arduino. but of course, the 5v from the arduino aren't enough to power up everything. so my question is; can i use an external source (9v battery) to power up the motors? if yes,  how?

appreciate the help. thanks. 



3 years ago

If a 9V battery is a must, use one of the buck converters found inside a car charger. They convert anything between 7-12V to 5V, and the current is increased by the same factor. Otherwise, use a 4 alkaline AA's, or 5 NiMh batteries in series.

Hi, do you know if it's okay to use one power source for a small Sumo Bot and run the servos through 5V StepDown?

I do not know the output impedance or the maximum continuous and peak current draw, so I can't say.


3 years ago

4 AA cells = 6VDC will run the servos.

Ground the servo power supplie and the arduino / LCD power supplie to one single common ground point.

BTW when a servo motor starts to turn it momentarily draws over 5 times the rated current .


Most RC servo's operate on 5 to 6 volts at up to 1 amp.

You should be able to drive servoe's using a separate power supply able to provide up to 1 amp (the 9 volt battery can't) Use AA batteries (6 or a suitable Lipo)

Image taken from www.picaxe.com (manuals - Interface)