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9v shocker Answered

Hey everybody.

First, take a look at this question's best answer -
It tells you how to make a 9v shocker out of a CRT monitor's flyback transformer. I really like the idea and I just have an extra monitor at my friend's house, so I thought about trying it.
I saw some videos of people messing around with flyback transformers, and it really looks dangerous. If I follow the guide on the link, and get the shocker to work, will it be dangerous? I'm gonna use it for pranks and self defense(I'm a HUGE fan of knives and I know how to use them, but they're illegal to carry here and can cause serious injury), will it be ok?

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Flyback transformers will require a driver circuit to operate it at a high frequency approximately 10-40kHz. These transformers are barely dangerous the most you can get is a small shock.

Carting around a flyback transformer from the telly is really a non-starter as far as shockers are concerned. Have a look at the designs over there ----->
They are much more compact and efficient versions of the same thing.
(And less likely to do you harm in the making, methinks.)

I really want my shocker to spark when I hit the button, would the compact models allow me to do it?

PS. lol I already took apart a CRT and have the transformer de-soldered.

Not really. Those ones rely on charging up a capacitor over several seconds.
Try the flyback design by all means but don't expect wonders and you may have to poke around a bit to find the right pins as they do vary.

The flyback transformer is really larger than I expected, but I'll try it anyway. Is there a way I can make something similar but in a smaller package?

If you make one of the disposable camera types and take out the large capacitor from the circuit, then you will have an 'instant on' device, but with less grunt behind it.  You're not going to immobilise someone with it, but it would be enough to make them jump back if you discharge it to bare flesh.