Friendship Lamp

You may have seen these online selling for ridiculous prices it occured to me how easy this would probably be on arduino. Do any of you know what would be the bare minimum you would need to get this to work? I would assume you'd need them to connect to wifi, and just send a simple signal but I'm not quite sure how to implement this. Any ideas from those more knowledgeable in the particulars?Thanks,

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Text window won't allow typing

Trying to add new instructable but the edit window will not accept any text input?Win7, Firefox which always used in past without trouble.Ideas?

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My name is Simon Njoroge. I have successfully made a 9(rows) x 24(columns) LED display panel that displays a scrolling message that uses the attached code. The panel consists of course of LEDs, 3 shift registers, a 4017 decade counter together with transistors and resistors. However, I would like the panel to display a static message of a maximum of 7 characters for my project need. Kindly can someone edit the code for me? I followed the instructions from the following site:

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Motion sensor and dimmer for LED strip 24V DC

Hi I am designing a table lamp using LED strip with 24V DC. I want to use a motion sensor with distance range maximum 20cm and 24V DC. Here is a link that explains what I am looking for. Any one who can custom made this type of sensor?RegardsMehran

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Need help making this bunk bed a reality!

So, I want to do this project with my kids. They’re 5 and 7, and I want to start early in educating them that all this stuff that surrounds them is made by someone, and that someone can be them...Also, they want a bunk bed. :)Take a look at the photo...Can anyone help me turn this picture into a design? I’m pretty handy, but I’d love it if someone with the carpentry-and-CAD skill intersection could take a crack at turning this pic into something I can use...Best,Dutch

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How do I put do mp3 playback in a vintage phone please?

This might be a double post by me. sorryWondering if this is possible. I would like to make an old landline vintage style phone work so when I pick up the the earpiece, it automaticaly plays an mp3 through the earpiece, until its set down again. The style of phone I have is the one where the listening piece hangs on the side and the talking piece is part of the phone, the two handed style. Can anyone give some advice on how to do this please or point me in the right direction. Cheers

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Opening and closing a small door

I want to build a small cabinet based on the TARDIS. I want the doors to open and close automatically and, of course, make the sound. It will only by 12 or so inches tall so I don't need anything big to do this. Ideally, I'd like to activate it by touch. My first idea was to start with the wiring for The Most Useless Machine and move on from there. Think that's a good start? Any better ideas on how to do it? The full build will be in an instructable.

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Tutorial on Nodejs Error Handling

In day to day life, humans have many issues to solve in their life, Right? Yes in the same way in every programming language they have some predefined errors which need to be resolved. Take any programing language you would like to code and ask yourself does your programing language doesn't have Errors - Hmm no right - some of them have the different name, and some have the same name. When we go for Node.js, it’s an environment which has errors in it too. They have predefined errors such as ReferenceError, TypeError, RangeError, and others...etc this all are inherited from the Error class.Note: The ReferenceError and the ReferenceErrors are different but, They perform similar roles, but they belong to different domains, i.e., ReferenceErrors related to Javascript and ReferenceError is related to Node.js.Now, let’s understand the essential categories of errors in Node.js. We can talk about the programmer errors and operational errors. The bugs or issues are dealing with in the program come under programmer errors, Whereas the problems which are happened because of our system may run out of memory which is not a bug this type of errors is known as operational errors. In this tutorial we will learn node.js error handling in detail, So let ’s get started.Short note on Node.js ErrorsWhen we talk about errors, They commonly occur when any syntax has not written in a proper format it throws an exception in the stack with the meaningful words/sentences about an error which is easy to read and understand by a developer. In case the existing error types are not fitting to your project then there another way where you can manually predefined errors and add some relevant information about the error.When you’re creating your own errors you just need to know some prerequisites. The most important one we need to follow is you do not throw string! In javascript, we can throw string but it’s not possible to throw in Node.JS . The reason behind this is when the node.js throw a string we may lose all the stack information and some of the properties that are present in the error object. The second important one you need to know that some of the frameworks are not able to support manually predefined errors in some cases. If still need your own errors you can organize them in a separate module and use it in your application even you can update them in an npm.Node.js Custom Errors in ES5By using the below example, we can create custom errors in ES5 using node.js:Code:function CustomError(note){this.constructor.prototype.__proto__ = Error.prototype;Error.captureStackTrace(this, this.constructor); =;this.note = note; } throw new CustomError('test');I hope the above code is a straightforward so to understand naturally. I will give you detail information about the custom errors in the below code.Code:Function errorCreation(word, init) { function CustomError(note) { Error.captureStackTrace(this, this.constructor); this.note = note; init && init.apply(this, arguments); } CustomError.prototype = new Error(); CustomError.prototype.word = word; CustomError.prototype.constructor = CustomError; return CustomError; } var OwnError = errorCreation('OwnError', function (word, invalid) { this.word = 'The word ' + word + ' is invalid because of ' + invalid; }); throw new OwnError('run', 'issues');Note: Extending an Error is quite normal in ES6 but, We can’t extend native objects such as Error and Array Class because you may get problems while transpiring from ES6 to ES5. While working with Custom Errors ES5, we should be careful.Node.JS ES6 Custom ErrorsBy using the below example, we can create a custom error in ES6 using node.js:Code:class OwnError extends Error {constructor(note) { super(note); Error.captureStackTrace(this, this.constructor); this.word = this.constructor.word; this.note = note; } } throw new OwnError('run');Is it simple to create, Right? If you look into the program, it is similar to java and c coding. For prototypal inheritance ES6 classes are syntax, Most of the javascript community had a good opinion. However, we can use the instance of an operator and your custom error class on your own.Error Handling for Event Emitters Event Emitters are used to “emit” errors in nodes. Whenever you deal with Streams, It is the default that we need an error handler to handle. In this, you don’t have any information about the error but we get an indication about the error has occurred. While EventEmitters fire an error event by the error code written by yourself.Here is how the Event Emitters works: Whenever an error occurred through the instance of EventEmitter the first action is to emit an error event. While Error events are treated as a special node in this, when there is no listener it takes a default action i.e. to print the following error stack trace and ends the exciting program.Code:const EventEmitter = require('program'); class OwnEmitter extends EventEmitter {} const myemitter = new OwnEmitter(); const logger = console; myemitter.on('myError', (issue) => { logger.myError('Unexpected error on emitter', issue); }); myemitter.emit('myError', new Error('Oh No, You Have A Problem!'));At the time of event fire, If we don’t find an error it shown like the given one it will inform to the Node.JS process, the stack trace is printed and crash it. We can avoid this by observing an uncaughtException event shown to the process object.process.on('uncaughtException', (issue) => { logger.log('Oh No, You Have A Problem!! There was an unknown error', issue); process.exit(1); });Error Handling While using PromisesWhen you're working on Node.js you can see promises everywhere on the node.js, Even you can see a lot of list functions that return promises. Whenever you don’t use proper .catch() you will get an error called unhandledRejection event which will be emitted by the rejection handler. By using below code you can set your listener.process.on('unhandledRejection', function (problem, solution) { logger.error('Unhandled rejection', {problem: problem, solution: solution}) });Node.JS - Errors & Generators When we talk about generators the function executions which are suspended and resumed at the later stages, which are a lightweight coroutine. This is a special generator function by using a keyword yield. By using next() function we can invoke or return an object which has a sum and a variable, where the iteration is not possible to do overridden. At the end of this process, it allows us to write our asynchronous code to be looked like the synchronous code.In this try-catch and throw statement work as grace. Consider the below code.Code:function *generatError() { while (true) { try { var num = yield null; console.log('number', val); } catch (a) {console.log('Here an error been occured', a); } } } var exm= generatError();; exm.throw(new Error('test error'));Here the classic principle error handling is applicable if you have throw exception through the generator and we can catch that error through the try-catch block. Consider the below code.Code:function * generateThrow() { yield 'apples'; throw new Error('No Apples Found'); } try { const pineapple = genThrow();;; } catch (a) { console.log(a); }Errors to Deal with Node.JS ModuleDevelopers like to work with node.js modules they have various utility modules to handle with errors, With the help of packages such as Node.js ecosystem, and node package manager..etc. When the developers deal with custom errors which helps them to concentrate more on analysing.When you have to deal with ES6 errors we have a separate package called as ES6-error and whenever you need to deal with HTTP errors there is a module called HTTP-errors. In Node.JS the most widely used module is VError which gives rebirth for our errors. Node.js has two classes called VError, and WError. When we talk about VError it’s almost the same as classic errors though it allows layer multiple errors and has a meaningful output for the end user.Code:const VError = require('error'); const reqFail = new Error('Error Request failed'); const reqStatus = new VError(reqFail, 'Unexpected status code "?"', '300'); const reqBase = new VError(reqStatus, 'Internal error'); console.error(reqBase);;In simple words, WErrors are worked as an wrapper for layered errors i.e.VErrors which gives a fast message all about the error information. Once go through the below code for in detail.Code:const VError = require('error').VError; const WError = require('error').WError; const reqFail = new Error('Given Req has been failed'); const reqStatus = new VError(reqFail, 'Unexpected status code "?"', '300'); Const reqErr = new WError(reqStatus, 'Unexpected Internal error has occured'); console.error(reqErr.message); //Internal error:;Final WordsErrors are fun to solve but, sometimes it takes you to the peak-leave on frustration and some point of time you knew what was an error and fingered out about an error-handling then you solving time will be less. So, to Learn Node.js error handling I have given an detail information about them in this article once go through it. If you have any queries regarding the topic let me know in the comments section below, I will reply you back as soon as possible.

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I need help writing a program on Lego Mindstorms EV3

Whattup y'all, I have a Lego Mindstorms project underway, but I can't figure out how to write the program. If somebody out there who is familiar with programming EV3 could help or give me some tips, that would be great!The project is as follows: I built a start/stop timer for micro drones (i.e., a Tiny Whoop) so you can measure your time around your course. Start the program by pressing the center button on the Smart Brick. The setup measures whether or not the drone is on the starting block with the color sensor (either ambient or reflected light intensity). After the drone leaves the starting block, a timer will be set. The timer stops after the drone hits the stop gate, which presses the touch sensor. The time is then displayed on the screen, where you can view it, and then the program is restarted by pressing the center button again.My problem is that I have no earthly idea of how to make a timer with the EV3 software. If you know how, then screenshot it and send it to me, and you will be rewarded with a great Instructable in the near future!Auf Wedersehen, and thanks in advance!

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Need Strong Wire Coat Hangers for projects

Where can the strong dark clothes hangers be purchased? If you purchased good ones from Amazon, please indicate which ones were the good ones...Thank you so much

Posted by DoraS14 7 days ago

Wood varnish questions

I want to varnish this birch plywood platform to keep it as waterproof and UV resistant as possible but also keep it as close to it's original pale birch colour as possible. i've never varnished anything before so i've been googling for answers and i'm getting some conflicting information, i've been looking at different clear outdoor varnishes and most claim to protect against UV light and not leave a yellow tint but most reviews say otherwise and some general varnishing info articles claim that clear varnish can't protect against UV at all and i'd need a dark stain which i really don't want. so what can i do to protect the wood against the elements and maintain the colour as much as possible? can i combine varnish with other stuff? i found some clear 'marine varnish' is this heavier duty than normal wood varnish or something?is there an alternative to varnish that will have a similar effect?if i need to modify the platform later, cutting bits out or drilling new holes is it ok to just apply another layer of varnish to reseal it or will it need preparing in some way or some additional step?

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Would a small scale model of your own house fit in the theme the Tiny Home contest?

Question for mods. Sorry if this is the wrong spot.

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Laser Engraving Under Glass.

Just put a video on Youtube about Laser Engraving under glass.A lot of people have made their own Laser Engravers using one method or another.I did the same using old DVD drive mechanism's a couple of Easydrivers an Arduino UNO and a 2 Watt Laser Diode and a Constant Current Laser Driver with TTL / PWM.Arduino has GRBL 1.1f loaded on to it and I use LaserGRBL (free program) to do the image settings, generate the GCode and burn the image.It's a good little machine, although the workpiece size is only 39mm x 39mm max.Eventually I'll build a bigger machine, but for now it does what I want it to do.Recently I removed the fan that blows the smoke away because it was whining a bit and getting on my nerves.So instead I tried using a piece of glass cut from an old flatbed scanner, on top of the workpiece.Seems to be good quality clear glass, I suppose it had to be if it was in a scanner.This stops the Laser from producing smoke and also soot.It does however produce a sticky residue on the back of the glass, but that can be cleaned off in soapy water.I was quite surprised at the results.Laser Engraving Under Glass.

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Will pay someone to make this for me.

Https:// want to make this but I'm missing alot of the parts needed to do this myself. So I'm paying anyone who can make one look as close to the ones the others have made with working LED and everyone.

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What is Google "broad core" algorithm update?

Can anyone have technically knowledge about Google "broad core" algorithm?

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We should have a Back to School Challenge!

I think that this would be a great, fun, and relevant contest for the months of August and September.

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BUG: Not able to post an 'I made it'

The other day I wanted to post an 'I made it', well because I made it. But the function is not working. I tried it in Google Chrome, Google Chrome Incognito, Microsoft Edge, none worked. Cleared my browser, tried again, still no luck. Tried it on my phone (android 8.0) in Google Chrome, didn't work either.I've attached a photo of how it looks on the website. I'm able to press the 'I made it' button. Then the options 'add tip', 'ask question', 'post comment', etc. pop up. When I click 'post comment' (or another option) however, the area in where you should type doesn't appear. I also cannot add an image, because that button cannot be pressed.Hopefully you are able to help me with this.Ruud

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Lightbulb!!!!! Anybody up for a Rubik's MP3?

Once again, I have had an idea beyond my capability to perform (I need to get my first job soon...): an mp3 player inside a Rubik's 2x2 cube. I am not sure if it would work while still being functional, but even if it can't move, it would still be cool! Can someone PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE do this and post it? Danke schon!

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How to measure the distance using laser

Hi everyone, so I would like to measure distance up to 12m using Laser ..the question is how to do so ? I want to make a simple sensor that can do the job.I know that for that i would need a reflector and the basic D=V*tso the problem is how to get the "t" !?

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Survey on the Workflow and Collaboration of Makers and Their Community

Im currently conducting research for my final year thesis which the aim is to identify insights gathered from this survey to understand the workflow and collaboration of the online and local maker communityMy aim at the end of this is to identify what could be beneficial for the maker community, whether it be in the form of a physical or online tool or even a set of guidelines to act as stepping stones during conceptualisation and prototyping for a user. You can answer the survey here This will be great help to get some participants and I hope my research and resources gathered will be a benefit to the online and local maker community.

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