Rotating 2D into 3D

Playing around with making a 3D shape from layers of cardboard. This is a 2D image rotated 180 degrees and then built with 60 layers of laser-cut cardboard. Forgot to document this one so it's in the forum.

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Hello to all, I recently purchased a Permanent magnet alternator that will produce 12 volts at 150 rpm. I have already made my own 31 anches blades (3 blades), got a hub out of an old air aconditioning unit, but the problem is that this hub has the blade mounting angles in the opposite another words it will spin counter clock wise :( Will this afect the energy output??? I would really appreciate any help on this project... Thanks in advance. Feliperey

Posted by feliperey 12 years ago

remote control outside light

I am not only a newbe but also electrically challenged! I will explain what I would like to do and see if anybody can help me. I am a hunting guide in Illinois and I have to take hunters to thier stands in the morning before it gets light out. I walk them to the tree and then return to get them later in the day. I would like to attach a small light to the stand that I could control from about 50 yards away and maybe as far as 100 yards away with a remote control. I would like it to be small and attach with a magnet possibly and hopefully be waterproof. I want to keep the cost down because I have about 40 stands on this property and the one I saw at Cabellas is about $40.00 Here is the link to that product:;jsessionid=XACUKMQYMAZHOCWQNWRSCNYK0BW0IIWE?id=0026451416653a&type;=product&cmCat;=search&returnPage;=search-results1.jsp&QueryText;=remote+control+light+for+stands&N;=4887&Ntk;=Products&Ntx;=mode+matchall&Nty;=1&Ntt;=remote+control+light+for+stands&noImage;=0&_requestid=7662 I like the LED thing they have going. Any thoughts?

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Shooting snickers out of a computer

How do u shoot snickers from a computer

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Credit Card Reader Alarm

Does anyone know of a way to wire a MAGTEK 21080148 credit card reader in anyway to generate an on or off signal when using a credit card with a certain code on it? It uses a ps/2 plug. Does anyone see a way which it is possible to set up? Please post any ideas you have for it.

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Fabbers, Free Source, for 2400$!Need I say more?click on the

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USB headphones

I've got a challenge. Will anyone try to figure out how to make usb headphones? i was looking at the razrs and thought about it, you'd need a driver on the phone and i wont be able to figure that part out. I was searching this site and saw posts on making headphones and thought someone could do it here. I want it so i can listen to music on my phone and razrs dont have an in/out audio.

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ok i need some people to help my bad imagination

I have some projects bouncing around in my head and i want somthing kool and useful. Materials i have: metal tape, cd's, old joysticks, ipod nano i have to get a new batery for. spray paint. I wanted to paint my nano but i hate spending money and i have no money to spend lol. and some old pc parts and stuff Thanks

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PEWTER FRAME-HUGS & KISSES Valentine’s Special

3X3 PEWTER FRAME-HUGS & KISSES Surround your favorite person with "hugs and kisses" with this charming pewter photo frame. A nice way to show you care. For a 3 x 3 photo.More Info;=31324

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Upgrades to Kilerks Knex gun

Here are some upgrade to killerk's knex gun i have made. Including different trigger, accessory mounting rail, and a small sight

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Potential Instructable - Automatic Security Cam for your Macbook

I saw this on the Make blog and thought it would make a good Instructable. Anyone up for the challenge? It seems like most of the information is there in the comments:"This came out a few months ago, but I just found this on Flickr while researching the upcoming weekend project. It's a way of automating your isight to take a picture 60 seconds after you, or anyone, open it up. Flickr member omegastation set this up before sending off his macbook for fixing. In a worst case scenario, if someone stole your macbook, you could have your macbook send you pictures of them.I set this up and I made this little automator program that takes and sends the pictures, but I don't have a lot of experience programming from a terminal and I got hung up on step 5. If someone could make a little screencast of how to set this up, that would be awesome. This seems like it would be a simple first programming project!Update: Check the comments for super explicit instructions... with these instructions, anyone can program this now! Thanks Omegastation! "

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Make water balloons explode in mid-air

Hello to all, This is my first post, so if I make a mistake I apologize in advance. I am looking for a way to make water balloons explode in mid-air. It must be safe (i.e. I am not going to shoot them out of the sky with some sort of projectile) and I would prefer not to utilize some form of explosive device. I would prefer something I could time and continuously reproduce. Whether it be an apparatus or a chemical reaction. It has to be safe to be done around children, environmentally friendly, in other words I don't want to cause anyone or anything harm other than the balloon itself. I would like to be able to make the balloons burst at either a specific time after launching or throwing or have them burst after reaching a certain height in the air. If I can figure out a way to this I will gladly share my whole idea. Thanks in advance.

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Cell Phone Repair?

Recently my girlfriends cell phone broke. The On/Off button still works, but none of the other buttons work. It still can receives phone calls, and text messages, but only one button works. The other day a couple of the other buttons worked briefly, but they went back to not working after a couple of minutes. I think its a problem in the phones wiring. Before I go opening up the cell phone, I was wondering if anyone has any advise or any experience working with cell phones, that might be helpful.

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If i hav a published instructable how to i get it to show up on a group?

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LEd light show

Is there any way to synchronize your computer LED lights with an equalizer to make it do a light show? based on bass and treble. thanks for all ther help you can provide.

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Does anyone know how to run a cd on a apple mac? my friend asked me i do not have a mac so i dont know what the problem is thanks

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question/advice on led

I'm wanting to externally light my lcd screen on my metal detector for late evening use. There is no room to do it internally. I think I would need two leds for enough light probably. I am gonna add a small plastic box on the top of the lip/sunshade that sticks out above the lcd screen and have the led/s going out the bottom of the box and through hole/s drilled through the lip/sunshade. I'd like to have a small push button toggle switch on top of the box to turn the leds off/on. I saw some leds at radio shack that was already in a housing with a built in resistor, not sure what size though. I'm new to leds, I've read a tutorial on them and understand the basics, the main question for now is what color leds would probably be best to do this? I was thinking that white may glare too much, the lcd screen has a thin clear protective screen over it as seen in the pic with the item identification symbols, depth,sensitivity etc. Hope somebody can help with the led color that would probably work best, first of all. Then I'll go from there. I'm going to radio shack today to see if they know what they're talking about when it comes to my project,doubtful, lol. Oh, and the detector uses 4 AA batts(6V)...obviously. I'll check back later to see if anybody has any recommendations that may help me out. Thanks!!!!!

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What are these made of?

Im thinking of a nice project to make, but i need to know how one thing is made... i guess you all know the cheap ligths that work with LEDs and have long fibers so that it looks like many small light points... i know, its not the best description, i guess ill look for a pic. by the way, do the pics have to be hosted anywhere or can they be hosted on this server?heres a link, lets see if you know what i mean..;=37130472_9919.jpg&v;=Owhat i want to know is if that is glass fiber or anything like that, and if it is, where can i get it for cheap?? and if anybody knows where to get them in spain, that would totally rock :)thx guys!

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Need Help Uploading

Can someone help me, I try to upload some pics for my first instructable and my computer says error on page and takes and ternity to load then, dosent put my pics in my library. Thanx Much For Any Help

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Competition! (maybe, if we get prizes)

Ok, with haloween, Bonfire night(british and christmas coming up i would like to organise a competition.But, not sure what to do for a prize.As im not legaly an adult, it limits some things for me.And as i am British, and the majority of people on instructables are America it limits more things as i cannot be botherd shipping things, and wopuldnt have a clue how.Any Ideas on prizes?Only thing i can think of is front page of my site?If the competition does go ahead, it will work like this (suggestions, please post below) :All entry's must be submitted to this group by 25th November 2006 and added to this group, they must be marked with a * in the title to show it is and entry. It must be a gun of some sort, a firearm. Firing 6mm airsoft pellets

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anyone here still use knex?

Hi im new to this i just regesterd today but iv been looking at this site for like a month and a find all the knex guns are soo cool a made one and i customises it and its now beter than ma friends bb gun. anyway can someone tell me how a pumpaction shot gun works and add pictures as a wana make a good one out of knex? i looked at ones oj this site but i dont know how the pumpaction bit works any help?? sorry for spelling

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Kitty Washing Machine

Riddle Me this.... what person designs such a machine and says "Ya... what a good idea"?Even their website says its OK for cats o.0

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Duct Tape with other items

Over the holidays I had a strange visitor that brought duct tape, 97 cent mirror, 97 cent soap container, and 97 cent disposable gloves. He never left with the items and I was wondering if anyone had any idea what such items could be created into.

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Project idea for all of you! - Hard disk heliograph

Have anyone created a heliograph using the platter from a hard drive yet?

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Soda Dispenser

Hi does any1 know how to make a soda dispencer

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Plasma Arc Waste Disposal

I was watching the local news earlier... and they started talking about a new waste plant being built in Ft. Pierce, Florida.Basically, they vaporize the trash and sewage sludge under a vacuum, and use the by product gases as fuel for the plant and power turbines. Steam is going to power a local juice plant. Solid by product (rocks and such) can be used for construction etc.On top of that, the by product gas - when burned - is cleaner than burning natural gas or garbage. Even if you think climate change is a myth, I think you can appreciate cleaner air to breath :P This plant is going to eat up the local landfills too :)I just thought it was pretty cool. This is the first plant in the United States and the third in the world (other two are in Japan and are much smaller).Comments?

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LOVE MESSAGE BEAR For Valentine’s Special

Your loved one will know just how you feel when they're resented with this fluffy little fellow! Adorably decked in red-and-white; between his paws he holds a heart "bear"-ing an unmistakable message. So cute! Polyester fiber.More Info;=37103

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extremely long lasting batteries

Hello I’ve been looking for extremely long lasting batteries as my current a simple 9v battery will not last long enough. Does anyone know of a really long lasting battery pack? Or what about stacking 9v batteries ? Has anyone tried stacking 9v’s ? Any help will be greatly appreciated Thanks

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What is Bridging?

I'm new to Intructables and new to electronics and i'm curious of what bridging is? lol

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Looking To Pick Your Skilled Brains

Advice on best how to make a piezometer out of readily available hardware store parts without use of any power tools and access to only a very few hand tools. Basically a piezometer is a clear, straight plastic tube that you attach to the outside of (in my case) a plastic 250 Liter rain barrel (about 1.5 feet diameter, 4 feet high) from top to bottom. The top is exposed to the open air, while the bottom feeds into the bottom of the barrel (by going through the side very close to the bottom). It needs to have a diameter of about 1/2 inch, be very solid, straight and secure, and a 'water level mark' must be etchable in it somehow to indicate the normal level of water inside the barrel when the barrel is full (full means a few inches before the absolute rim of the barrel). The barrel is filled with gravel at the bottom, sand on top, and enough room for a 12" waterhead above the sand. I'm using it as a slow sand filter (SSF). The idea is that the pressure of water at the bottom of the barrel fills the tube up to the watermark against the action of the atmospheric pressure forcing the level in the tube down below the watermark. When the level of the water in the tube is about 15 inches below the water mark, it means the water pressure at the bottom of the barrel has decreased to the point where the sand in it needs to be cleaned (no water getting through). Any ideas will be greatly rewarded in the afterlife. Thanks!

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Looking for a small LCD to use with and LED matrix

I'd like to make my own small HDR display. I'm having a little trouble googling a transparent monochrome LCD screen to overlay on an LED matrix. Anyone know a good cheap source? Here's the basic concept: the powerpoint and skip to the display section.I figure I can use this cheap LED matrix to at least get some color: know a better color LED matrix?(I'd prefer an Isometric array myself)I'm principally trying to find a transparent monochrome LCD screen to modulate the LED matrix.

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All instructables formatting codes

Does anybody know a place (or can list themselves) that lists all the codes used to format the text, post videos, links, et cetera? I just want to know as i'm making an offline editor for myself (mostly as a practice project) and don't know all the codes. It's a live editor so as you type you can see a preview of it to the right. At the moment i have to add "/" to end the command, but I will add an exporter to remove them automatically. Currently all i have implemented are the ones shown here;

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Misspellings: An annoyance or serrious problem

I am getting sick of seeing people ragging on about misspellings to the point where I feel it has gotten out of hand. I belive the new policy should be people who submit new instructables should try their best to spell everything right and if someone does come across a misspelling to simply let it go. Anyone agree?

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New Instructables Patches are in

Just got the new patches in. Check out that orange!If you've won a patch through a contest or Learn to Solder Month, we just dropped your patch in the mail today. Still a little over a week left of Learn to Solder Month!

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Drilling into walls and not electrecuting myself

So these walls have a sheet of wood on them, as in, original wall --> then sheet of wood, painted. Can a stud finder still work with this wall setup? I dont want to start drilling and end up electrecuting myself and or ripping the walls up with too much weight. I plan on doing the hungarian shelfs.

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Hookah Question!!

Hey, I just smoked out of a hookah (wasnt the first time) but I think i inhaled an aluminum foil particle, (the foil sort of crumpled up into the tobacco...) I mean i felt a small piece go through my mouth and I inhaled it, now im not sure if it is stuck in my lungs and if it is what will happen to me?? this is scaring me a lot, if somone could help that would be amazing thanks -AV

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fire wire

Hi if you do poi wid fire wire it looks so kool

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Red Satin Heart Shaped Boxes Valentine�s Special

Red Satin Heart Shaped Boxes (Set of 3)Three heart-shaped nesting boxes crafted in red satin. Wonderful to display, even better to hold a gift that comes straight from your heart.FOR MOREINFORMATION: [ Red Satin Heart Shaped Boxes Valentine’s Special]

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Bike Messengers Are on Crack

I came across this on youtube while looking for a certain HPV video.... Holy Crap....

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Need idea's for a shooting thing

Hi, I have some el cheapo airsoft guns that don't work that good so now, I'm looking for idea's for some other shoothing contraption that can be used for airsoft type battles. and something that doesn't hurt like hell(like the el cheapo airsoft that does work)and that can be made by a 14 year old(the youngest kid in this small village) any idea's?

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how to use CELLPHONE DISPLAY to show animation from PC

Hi I'm into this really lo-fi animation and am searhing a way to display my works in the way they are meant to be seen: from 1bit display. Any matrix display would do a la monochrome nokia. Is there a way to feed this display directly from computer? Or from a separate chip. If so, how the chip would be programmed. Any help would be apprechiated. Ott from Estonia

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Website help

Does anyone get logged out of intructables everyone once in a while? I don't mean while you're on it, but like when you go to open it, you have to log in again. Well it does that to me, not all the time tho.

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Anyone have any good guitar projects? I added a bias mod to my 5150 head. I even made it accessable from the outside. I won't post a whole instructable about it though because messing around inside a tube amp could kill you.

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R/C WebCam(W.I.P)

I(Edible_Death) am designing a little toy for those who seek time to waste and utterly no reason to design such a fun toy or whatever this item by be.R/C Webcam. Items:4AA Battery pack,Small r/c car,soldering gun,Webcam

Posted by Edible_Death 12 years ago

New to The Microprocessor World

Hello everyone im new to the microprocessor world but trust me im eager to learn! I have been reading every piece of information i can get my hands on about microprocessors. I just wanted to find out what you guys thought the best place to start was for a newbie AVR Possible ? Just wanted some opinions from the best i know if you have any tips or anything also please fell free to post about them thanks so much guys Alex- AKA Zus

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How can I make a bicycle generator?

Im doind a science fair project and I'm having quite a bit of trouble. For the fair I am trying to connect a generator to a stationary bicycle and then to a television. How should I start. I don't even know where to begin. Any thoughts, ideas, equations i may find helpful. whould be great.

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Indoor fireworks made easy - build a ziltch

My second video will show you how to build a Ziltch (quite a nifty trick actually).Make sure to check the video; you'll be amazed what you can do with just a plastic bag: leave a comment if you like it,Sam

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How can i keep my attic warm on a small budget?

I live in my attic year round. its managable, however when the overhead stars are open, it sucks the heat from the rest of the house. I live in a VERY old house (still bark on the beams) with a metal roof but no insulation in the attic. i would love to not have to put in insulation and finish the ceiling (sheet rock etc.) because it would be costly and make it unhospitable in the summer. I was hopeing that someone out there had a very cool method for keeping some heat in, or creating cheap heat easily. the rouble is that all the heat simply goes out the roof, so space heaters wont work. thank you very muxh for your help! ~farley

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Recursive Food

I've been thinking about the concept of recursive food for Thanksgiving, as epitomized by the Turducken (bird inside a bird inside a bird.) While we don't have time to make a Turducken for our crowd this Thanksgiving, I'd like have something equally cool in concept, but less time-consuming to create. Suggestions? Also, is it possible to make recursive food that doesn't end up looking like a Katamari Damancy-style foodball?Having a collaborative/pitch-in dinner party where everyone must bring some sort of recursive food is also sounding like fun.

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HELP!!! For my birthday i received a mini fm for ipod mini. When I try to use it there is no power to it from my ipod. I know the mini fm works because I checked it on my fathers ipod. How should I check if the port is dead and if it is should i send it to the ipod store for repair and how mush do you think it will cost. help will be greatly appreciated. THANKS.

Posted by APeiceOfPoo 12 years ago