How does one start a collaboration?

I have an idea, and I'd like to make an instructable out of it, if I had the slightest idea how to turn the idea into a working project, and for that I will need help. I could start the collaboration process here in this thread but I figure there is a collaboration section for a reason. so... how does one collaborate on instructables?Okay never mind, I can't wait. I want to build one of these... Invisible Bookshelf 2.0to their credit you could just buy one here, but I'd much rather build my own... I have a few thoughts on how, but saw so many comments on how I could have done my 1.0 better... so I thought... why not collaborate?My thinking so far:Several hair picks side by side sandwiched in one and a half foot long (whats with my obsession with these) "L" brackets.

Posted by dorxincandeland 11 years ago

Micro recoil absorber

This is mostly for oodalumps, who wanted to use my fix for the old problem of exploding firing pins. This is so compact, the connectors shouldn't break. Maybe you'll get some ideas off this?

Posted by Perfect Duck 11 years ago

I'm tired of "It's my first, be nice"

Am I the only one who's tired of the people who use this little disclaimer as an excuse for a poorly written, poorly documented, non-unique, or otherwise substandard instructable? As far I'm concerned a first-time attempt is no reason for poor quality. If anything, it should mean they have taken extra care to ensure that everything is done well, in hopes of creating a good first impression and building some respect and appreciation from fellow contributors. Looking through the top rated instructables, a rather large number of them are their contributors first (and often times only) instructable, so obviously it is possible to create an excellent instructable your first time around. A person can keep a work in progress in their "unpublished" area indefinitely, so if extra documentation, proofreading, or the like are necessary, a person has all the time they need. So often it seems like the people using this excuse are rushing to get their project published, treating instructables more as a message board or even instant messaging. This is not how its meant to be. If a person has a unique idea, or frankly anything worth posting, unique or not, nobody is going to beat them to it. People need to slow down and make the best instructable they can, rather than falling back on the "it's my first, be nice" excuse. Above all, people need to take a little pride in their work.

Posted by Andrew546 11 years ago

Using Resin& makeing Mold???

I want to try and use Resin (for the first time ever). What kind of resin should I buy if I'm going to be makeing small pieces that will imitate candy. And how the hell to a make a cheap mold?? :S

Posted by ZiggyRodrigues 11 years ago

Solar water still

I'd like to make a good solar water still. I was thinking of something for purifying the water from rain barrels along my house and channel it into drinking water containers. Any good ideas out there?

Posted by robbtoberfest 11 years ago

Instructables Show & Tell- in our town, and yours

Come to the first Instructables Show & Tell near you this March! Held in the Bay Area (Friday 3/9, 7pm at Instructables HQ), the Boston area (Saturday 3/10, 7pm, hosted by MITERS), Austin (Saturday 3/10 at SXSW, hosted by dorkbot ), NYC (Thursday 3/22, hosted by Etsy, Make, PopSci, and Create Digital Music) , Atlanta (Friday 3/30, 8pm), Savannah (Thursday, 3/22), and Orlando (Friday 3/23, 6pm). Contact me by private message if you'd like to host an Instructables Show & Tell in your area, and we'll add it to the list. Locations and times will be posted at the bottom of the page. We'll be doing this again, so plan ahead.The TheoryHow to Host an Instructables Show and TellBring your friends & family, drinks or a snack for the table, and something you've made (or are thinking about or working on) to share with the group. You'll meet a diverse group of smart, excited art and technology geeks who want to talk to you about your projects and ideas. Please RSVP so we'll have a decent guess how many people to expect.Examples: your new LED, LEGO, or K'nex project, a cool screen-printed T-shirt, neat origami, a cool bike mod, home-made kimchee, alternate uses for your ipod, a fire-breathing Godzilla, a neat example of vintage technology, or just a cool idea you'd like to explore with other like-minded people. Anything you'd put up as an Instructable is definitely fair game- bring it by and show it off. Email or message me if you've got specific questions.Note: NO PowerPoint. You've got 2-4 minutes to talk about your project; words and models are best way to do a quick demo.SCHEDULE:7pm Doors open for mingling and snacks. If you've got something to talk about, put your name on the whiteboard. If not, you'd best have brought extra snacks.~8-9:30 Show & Tell. We run through the list, giving everyone a couple of minutes to talk about their project/idea and answer a few questions. In-depth discussion is saved for later so everyone gets a chance to demo their project; there will be a gong.~9:30-10:30 Check out what you liked, ask the questions we didn't get to during Show & Tell, talk to the cute nerd you've been eyeing across the room, and help clean out the rest of the snacks.Now you can join your geographic group!LOCATIONS: Bay Area Instructables, Friday 9 March, 7pm2175 Monarch St, Alameda, CA directionsRSVP: canida(*at*) Boston Area MITERS, Saturday 10 March, 7pm265 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA directionsMost of the Instructables & Squid Labs founders built things at MITERS when they were in school; it's a neat clubhouse full of people who love to make fun things. They've got an Instructables group to show some of them off. NOTE: Please don't bring beer or wine as this event is on the MIT campus. Austin dorkbot Saturday, 10 March, 6-8pmBrush Square Park at 5th and Neches map(electronic art) Come to a special dorkbot during the SXSW Interactive Festival! We'll have a carnival style presentation of mad science fun spread across stations around the tent. Between scheduled presentations, show off your own project and get 30 seconds on the mike to tell the crowd about your demented electronic pursuits before being unceremoniously buzzed off the stage by 20,000 volts of raw power! Enormously raw POWER! Brush Square Park is adjacent to the Austin Convention Center, host of SXSW.Mandatory RSVP here or email New York Etsy Labs Thursday, 22 March, 7pm325 Gold St., 6th Floor, Brooklyn, NY mapHosted by Etsy, MAKE, PopSci, & Create Digital Music Atlanta Taco Mac Perimeter Friday, 30 March 8pm1211 Ashford Crossing, Atlanta, GA mapRSVP: PM irollmyown or email jenny (*at*) Orlando Panera Friday, 23 March 6pm11472 University Blvd., Orlando, FL mapRSVP: PM trebuchet03 or or send him email Savannah Thursday, 22 March, 6:30pmCafe at Books-A-Million, 8108 Abercorn St., Savannah, GA mapRSVP: PM royalestelYour City Here?Volunteer to host now! Libraries, schools, and other community venues will often let you reserve space. Just send me a personal message or an email and we'll coordinate.

Posted by canida 11 years ago

Do-it-your-self wireless antenna

Hi,I am new to all this but what has brought me here is my quest to find out how to build a simple home-made WI-FI antenna such as those made out of Pringle tubes or any cheap bits.The sites i have found at the moment do not seem to be clear enough. They also seem to gloss over the main point of how it is actually connected to the laptop I want to increase the signal to. I have a built-in wireless connenction on my HP laptop. Any useful advice, or instructables covering this topic would be very much appreciated. Cheers Muckster

Posted by muckster 11 years ago

smoke bomb ideas?

Does anybody know how to make a smoke bomb from household chemicals?

Posted by supermichael2 11 years ago

Question for you computer wise people

Yeah suppose i wanted to creat a macro to cut yews on runescape then go and bank them. How would i do this? What programs would i need? For those who dont know what runescape is I need it to click on something specific a few times then go and click on something else and take the profits of the original clicking and deposit in the opened window of the second clicking.

Posted by Lone Oak 11 years ago

boomady boom!!!!!!!! yay!!

Lets make more pyro stuff bigpinecone is the only one comon =)

Posted by zofo300 11 years ago

I got a Toaster, what to do with it?

Hello, this would be my first post here by the way.anyways, i just got myself a perfectally working toaster. what should i do with it? i already put a *big* spring into it and it shoots toast like... 3 feet up. LOLso, have any ideas what i can do with my, now toast flinging toaster?Thanks~Twisted

Posted by twisted 11 years ago

new hand gun

My strong hand gun

Posted by Pat Sowers 11 years ago

Possible to Reprogram Handheld Tetris?

I programed a simple game on a basic stamp before, and I just got one of those super cheap handheld tetris games hopes of using the LCD screen like a dot matrix. screen can't be practically used, but I noticed that the circuit board inside the game had a arrangement of holes that reminded my of my serial cable pictures: can solder some wires to that and keep trying each pin until I ruin the original program or fry it completely, but before I start, is this even possible to program it like a PIC?If it's not, is there a way to use those little flat parts that tough the back of the screen operate the LCD screen?Has this been done before?

Posted by frank26080115 11 years ago

RSS Feature: Does it exist?

One of my other favorite sites,, has a feature where you can filter OUT keywords from your RSS feed. I'd like to filter out knex from my RSS feed, so I don't see any more knex guns. Not that they aren't worthy of the site, it's just that I don't have any knex, and even if I did, I wouldn't make guns with them. Do we have that here? If not, can we get it? Thanks

Posted by mrmath 11 years ago

What is the most interesting thing that you have ever Made?

What is the most interesting thing that you have ever Made?

Posted by NumberX 11 years ago

Missed my "FIX" last night!

This morning, my hands shook as I started the computer… I wasn't able to access Instructables at all last evening. I even tried just before retiring, just hoping for one more scan...You can, of course imaging my relief when the pretty orange bar appeared across my browser this morning...*Please note that I fell and hurt my back two days ago and am currently under the influence of some very effective pain pills... :)

Posted by LasVegas 11 years ago

Looking for salt free ice / snow melt

Hi all, I am looking for an ice/ snow melter that won't harm concrete or other surfaces, is safe for pets and can be easily made from household products or at home. I would like to be able to apply it before or after ice forms. Thank you

Posted by feign 11 years ago

The winner

Thank you all for participating in the group. I am pleased to announce the winner is... Drum Roll . . . . . . . Ipod Killer and his sniper rifle! Congrats to you. Sorry for taking so long... Im busy. Thanks again for everybody participating!

Posted by Moloro0 11 years ago

HDD Data Recovery

I need to recover data from my external HDD. It was plugged into a laptop when I was reinstalling XP. By accident I deleted the partition on it and not the one on the laptop. (That laptop is now fine, but my hard drive is not) From what understand, it didn't go around deleting every byte of data, it must have just deleted the bytes with the "partition" on it. (I'm guessing thats why F.B.I etc.. can recover people's erased data.) So- I'm hoping my data is recoverable. I'm good with computers, but this has never happened to me, so any help would be greatly appreciated. (on a whatever OS you prefer!)

Posted by sam 11 years ago

Is it possible to be shocked by a car battery?

From what I've heard, one can't even feel the shock from a car battery. Is this true? Does anyone have an explanation on "Cranking Amps"? How thick should the cables be if I need run the current somewhere?

Posted by carbon 11 years ago

Using the IRDA port on my toshiba satellite 2520cds

I got this old gem a month ago from a guy that recently and obviously needed a new one, but it worked this long surprisingly for power points. I must admit that it runs decently fast with xp and not having turned anything but system restore off. It's got a 333mhz amd 3D processor which I want to try upgrading with a k6 down the road as it IS removable. 96mb of ram and a lousy 4gig hd that slows the whole system down. But that is barely important. I had a swell idea of utilizing the irda port on the back for controlling it via a tv remote or any I might have kicking around which I have plenty of. Also, I wanted to be able to CONTROL my tv, vcr, dvd player, ect with it in itself aswell.Google didn't help me much this round as apparently there is software (which I did try) avalible but it's meant for home made or certain commercial infrared ports that plug in via serial, usb and perhaps parellel that I saw. I also saw a hint of what seems to be that the built in irda sensor in most laptops aren't able to receive commands from most remotes for learning or controlling it due to the filtered out bands. But they are supposedly capable of sending commands just fine. Now this is a OLD OLD laptop and there could be a chance that it can receive the commands too? Even still, you could pull it apart and modify the sensor to accept signals couldn't you? I'm looking for something to do with this laptop and this seems perfectly suitable for it as the screen is older and has that "motion blur" effect to it and so makes playing nes games a bit hard :-P. Sorry for the long post, but hey, if someone could help me with this, it would certainly make me happy.

Posted by Punkguyta 11 years ago

VEX robotics

Dose any body have any vex: tips, robots, hacks, mods, ECT.?

Posted by i make shooting things 11 years ago

help with .bat file

Ok i asked this in the "slightly more advance .bat file instructable" but i didnt know if anyone would notice it so i will ask it here. When i made my shut down.bat file i would start it and it would run it over and over agian and nothing would happen. Then when i type in command prompt it works. so then i try to do something else like the delete command in my .bat file. It worked but at first it didnt it would pop up and ask me if i wanted to delete it. But that may be becuz it was a directory not a single file. So then i checkd my spelling and everything but it was fine i cant figure out why it kept running it over and over.

Posted by fretmelter 11 years ago


Ok, I want to have a thing where ive got a battery pack, and then 3 toggle switches and one button switch, each one that is flipped/pushed lights up an LED and then the last one (button) lights up both the led and powers a small hobby motor or something like that. My question is, What do I need resistor-wise? (quantity, location, strength..) Thanks!Amendment I want to have the same idea going, but kind of have an extension cord running through it, so I plug the box in, and then plug something into a cord coming from the box.

Posted by Weissensteinburg 11 years ago

Computer Issues? Post Them Here!

This thread will be designed for anybody who has any computer issues. I love to help people work out the kinks in their computers, software, hardware and anything else. I am constantly on this site (at least 20 times a day, except when I am sleeping of course!) so you won't have to worry about a slow response. Anyone can give answers, I am just here to be the beginning helper. Ask Away! -Brennn10

Posted by Brennn10 11 years ago

Paper Footballs

Is there any other good way to make good paper footballs? I know 2, but i'm wondering if there's any other way.

Posted by Vertigo666 11 years ago

Instructables etiquette

Forum topic for questions of politeness...

Posted by westfw 11 years ago

Checking electric on an oven

I have a problem with my oven which is tripping the fuses. It has a grill, top and bottom heating. I have diconnected each of the elements and think I have isolated it to one of the elements. I have removed that element and find, I can get a continuity reading across the two in put terminals, which I guess just means it is intact. However, I get a low reading across the earth and one terminal. Can anyone tell me if that is what I should expect? It's so annoying as I have had the oven almost 5 years (new with the new apartment) and this is the first time I have tried to use it. Previously I just used my combi microwave. Thanks for any advice.

Posted by johncar 11 years ago

The K'nexecutioner - Perfect Duck's premiere super-heavy gatling.

Here for the topic on Moloro0's forum.

Posted by Perfect Duck 11 years ago

New Group Members Welcome Topic

Here in this topic, please introduce yourself, tell us your hobbies, and anything Atloids that you have done or plan to do!

Posted by Brennn10 11 years ago

The art of hornets

Dsicussion about the art and how to practice

Posted by dammoonnm 11 years ago

Tool's very first vacuum pump

My boss cleaned out his office since he's retiring (and I'll miss him, as long as you did your job he left you alone, maybe quarterly reports, just the kind of boss I need) anyways he gave me a vacuum pump, he said its been there unused as long as he has >35years. So I thought I'd get advice before i even plug it in. It's a Curtin Matheson Scientific googleing gave me no info other than the Gast AD220 oil it requires can be substituted with sae 10 detergent oil. Anyone familiar? any advice?

Posted by Tool Using Animal 11 years ago

Using an LED to write or draw onto paper?

Last night i went to a bar in brixton after seeing massive attack. In the bar there were frames on the walls with white paper inside and we were given LED torches similar to these LED Torch. When the torch is on you can use it to write or draw onto the frame and it leaves a glowing trail which slowly fades. I really want to know how its done, as it was very entertaining and quite trippy and i want to make one myself. If anyone has any ideas please reply.Cheers

Posted by jacknaz 11 years ago

Firefox Vs Internet Explorer

I was going to call this "firefox rules" but thats a bit biased. Any way I wanna hear peoples veiws on the subject. Let the Battle Begin.

Posted by Ezza 11 years ago

Mechanical Cover Flow

I was thinking of a project for a type of shelf for your CD jewel cases. It would be a way of presenting CD covers in a similar way to iTunes 7's cover flow. (see You could mount the cases and have a slider to flip through your CDs. Anyone know how this could be achieved?

Posted by spinach_dip 11 years ago

Please join the Climbing Club.

Alone. So alone.

Posted by randofo 11 years ago

wireless tachometer

We aim to do a miniproject -- contactless tachometer. using the principle of receiving the electromagnetic radiation emitted from the spak ignition engines using an antenna. the signal is ampliflied,filtered ,converted to pulses.using an ADC it is then converted to digital form , then counted and by making use of a lookup table,we aim to display the rpm using 1line 16 character alphanumeric display.PIC microcontroller is used for ADC,pulse counting ,storing lookup table and display interface.kindly post ur suggestions regarding this project..{{{}}}

Posted by jaas 11 years ago

Powering a device from radio waves?

I was just curious, but I was told someone was arrested fpr powering their house from a tv signal (illegal I know), but I was wondering if there would be any case where it would be legal to utilise my own RF signal as the source of power for some devices, and how is it possible?

Posted by MoonDemon 11 years ago

remo-pulleys I need an instructable

I need an instructable for a remote controlled pulley. this means, a pulley that would push/pull a rope by use of remote controlled servos, and a pulley. (other supplies may be used) if you've ever done anything like this, please post the instructable now. I need the info for a shop class project.

Posted by mexx.admin 11 years ago

iPaper PICS!

I was bored and made this iPod paper case.Here are some pics likes it?Should I make a instructable about it?Tnx

Posted by reptie7 11 years ago


I just joined this group. I'm going out and hopefully getting a tub of K'nex today. The guns look really cool to make and design! In my mind I've been plotting out some ideas, so hopefully I'll be contributing some K'nex guns!

Posted by linkmaster03 11 years ago

Electronic help required - independently powering a CCFL

Hi, a friend of mine recently had a problem with a laptop where the screen went dim. I tried the obvious, screen settings (it didn't have a monitor swith-off button :S ) and reset the bios with no luck, so I thought that the problem was probably related to either the cable, the inverter or the backlight. I tried a new lcd screen with a known-working backlight and it failed to work. I also purchased a new cable and a new inverter but the backlight still failed to turn on. This now points me in the direction of a motherboard problem. I am going to take a multimeter and test the voltages going from the inverter and to the inverter. If these appear to be correct, is there any way that I can get the backlight to turn on? If the voltages are correct I would assume it's something to do with the light control and stuff, and wonder if I was to say, disconnect all the wires from the inverter but dc supply and ground (and I think there is a connection to the oscillator?), would it work? If there is no voltage going to the inverter, does anyone know how I could power the backlight independently? I would imagine it would take some sort of power regulator and maybe a separate inverter? Thanks

Posted by MoonDemon 11 years ago

Spy corner !

STOP wasting money for spy equipment ! I would like to build my own amatorial spy stuff. And I would like to start with this WALL MICROPHONE. Is it possible to do it with a stethoscope, an amplifier and a digital microphone ?!??!

Posted by fedar.raques 11 years ago


We need more people

Posted by ballad of NJ 11 years ago

stamping on leather

Hey I wanna stamp on leather i know how to do that but my problem is i wanna create my own logo for the stamp and i can go and buy a iron stamp so i can stamp on leather but then it is not my own logo so i wanna create my own logo on a iron stamp just like the picture below or something like that or is there a nother way to stamp on leather?

Posted by shat01 11 years ago


I offer your group to join mine (or those that want to). I am trying to create one giant group to cover all dangerous types of topics. If you want to, just join, ;).

Posted by --Thatguy-- 11 years ago

Further Experimentations in Cardboard

I have no clue where this is going...

Posted by fungus amungus 11 years ago

UV high power

Don't use on your Hotel room covers, chairs or bed sheets! don't want to know! UVA/UVB high power LED's and some white use UV with white phosphors so be sure to wear eye protection...

Posted by erckgillis 11 years ago

Glove Taser Help

Can anyone please tell me if i need a special kind of drill to drill the holes in the box. I was asking because isn't ABS a type of plastic???

Posted by f5ive32 11 years ago

Adult Swim and Interference Inc - This NOT the work of the GRL

An advertising agency managed to shut Boston down with a guerrilla marketing campaign gone bad. Inspired by the GRL (the people behind LED Throwies), Interference, Inc, whose website appears to be blank right now, created some LED-based graffiti to promote a cartoon. Our friends at the GRL were not impressed, and posted a response here.Like a dog in heat, a producer/reporter from Inside Edition tracked me down earlier today hoping to find, and I quote, "a techie willing to explain these light-bulbs attached to magnets that are all over Boston." I tried to explain that the GRL and LED Throwies had nothing to do with it, but perhaps subtlety is lost when you're hot on the trail of a story. Carl, if you're out there, these are the links you weren't interested in getting from me. The people who actually are behind this posted the video below (which was removed by the original author, but reposted by the GRL). I grabbed it from here.There are lots of very interesting questions around this whole issue: When does art become advertising; how can we as "techies" educate those around us as to what's a bomb and what's art; and who is responsible for actions like these that shut down a city? The artists? The corporation that put them up to it? The government for making itself and the public so paranoid? In any case, join me in watching how this unfolds.

Posted by ewilhelm 11 years ago