If I post a picture????

If I post a picture of the remains of a pipe bomb, will my instructables be taken down?

Posted by IlluminatedAntichrist 11 years ago

build 'mediam' guns

Lets see how can build the longest shooting 'mediam gun.a mediam gun has to be under 40 peices and no longer than 7 inches. this is my gun it goes up to 45 ft.

Posted by knex gunman 11 years ago

ammo Q/A

Would you rather have a gun that shot b.b. s or rubber bands or knex pieces?

Posted by Nyanman 11 years ago


Just one question, why did you start a group about yourself? It is strange...

Posted by tonsofhoopla 11 years ago

new knex sniper rifle design

I need to know any new designs for a knex sniper rifle so please give me some ideas.

Posted by Colton 11 years ago

My wife lost her keys, I'm hacking a key pager together. It's working . . . sorta.

I was thinking: 1)An old cordless phone with a pager function I could hack apart and reuse. 2)An old cellphone for the same purpose. 3)A crystal radio learning kit. My goal is to do this for under $40--the cost of buying that way overpriced pager system you've seen advertised--and for me to learn while doing this. After reading another instructable, I was inspired to use a cheap radio controlled car.

Posted by royalestel 11 years ago

Air soft or BB gun help

Can someone please help me to make a easy, good ranged and reliable airsoft gun or bb gun with detailed trigger layout the bb and airsoft guns on instructables are great but i would like a gun with a higher range THANKS EVERYONE and please help

Posted by lukeRAMBO 11 years ago


Does any one havany ideas 4 stuff?....im fresh out :(

Posted by a little crazy 11 years ago

Waterproof Prosthesis???

Hello Everyone, I just recently became a below elbow amputee. I don't even have my prothetic yet! But I was wondering if anyone knows of how I could make a body powered hook waterproof. I thought I could just replace all the parts with stainless steel (or any waterproof metal), but my prothetist says that none of the arm companies make those little components (at the end of the arm) in anything but steel. I even popped a question to a representative at Ossur to ask if their suspension sleeve came with stainless steel parts. He said only water 'resistant'. Anyway, I was wondering if I could get a metal shop to make the parts or if you guys knew of anyone who has tried a similar endeavour. If I was to take my soon to be prosthesis into water, I know it would rust and seize. I would have to return to the shop every few weeks. An idea I had was just to make a passive hook (captain hook style) but it would lose most of it's function. Any ideas??? Getting the parts in another metal seemed like a good idea to me, but I don't know what kind of shop would make custom metal pieces. P.S. If you're wondering what it is for, I use to kiteboard and sail and want to do it again.

Posted by Logan C 11 years ago

why is KILLERK's gun still so popular?

Why do you think KILLERK's gun is still so popular?

Posted by Mepain 11 years ago


I think we should all think of a day to name "illegal day" where everybody goes oot and trys to do incrediably illegal things and then compile their day for the rest of the instructables community im in.. Cheers Tim

Posted by som3thing 11 years ago



Posted by DIRTYSHOTZZ 11 years ago

Hemaworstje is in tha house

Buurp , howdy fellows , i am hemaworstje autonoom living farmer therefore depending on inventions and sidepaths to reach the same result. if i can help out just scream , take me as the old fart , survival and gizmo do go alon gtogether just fine. i know shit about modern tech but know the old dirrty trick in the book.

Posted by hemaworstje 11 years ago

Video Instructables

I'm working on an instructable on how to turn a bicycle into a motorcycle. Does anyone think it would be a good idea to make a video instructable, rather than lengthy text?

Posted by seanmcdaneld 11 years ago


I'm looking to make explosives for some homemade fireworks. I want something to put in what I already have to give it a nice loud bang. I don't have a clue where to buy stuff like potassium or salt peter and all that good stuff. But if you could give me a few suggestions, that would be appreiciated.

Posted by Mr.Devious 11 years ago


Does anybody here live in minnesota!!!!!!!!! lookin for a place to play airsoft there!!!!!

Posted by AirsoftGuru12 11 years ago

Wanted: setting to view all comments, oldest first

It's hard to read recent comments first. It's like reading a book backwards. Could we get a profile setting that would always show comments, oldest first? I can click on the link by the comments to resort them, but I have to click that link on every instructable, and even after I post my comment it goes back to most recent comment first.

Posted by chuckr44 11 years ago

Help understanding Vector Graphics

What are they? How do you create them? (in Adobe and CorelDraw graphic suites) Can a photo be saved as a Vector graphic? Thanks group. jt_stuber

Posted by jt_stuber 11 years ago

the good ol knex days

I remeber when there used to be only 2 knex instructables the knex semi auto and the knex basic cannon

Posted by mickey shimitz 11 years ago

When Carbon Fiber Bikes Break

Not 100% sure how the rider fell (all sorts of stories), but when he did crash - this is the result. CF tubes broken in two places and 1 broken collar bone (a not too uncommon injury on bigger accidents). Just thought someone might be interested :)

Posted by trebuchet03 11 years ago

Spark Productions Fourm Logo Contest!

Hello all Spark Productions Members! I am holding a contest that which will most likely change the Group Logo for Spark Spark Productions! This will require a picture made from www.ArtPad.com , then put onto www.ImageShack.us , and posted on the Colaboration Instructable. People that dont send in art will be judge's. Good Luck and Have Fun!-DDSN the LeaderEXAMPLE:

Posted by ddsn 11 years ago

Video Editing Software

Hey everyone....I recently acquired a digital video camera and am looking for software to capture and edit. I don't need something like FinalCut - it just needs to be able to grab stuff off my camera and have basic editing capabilities. Any recommendations on something sub $50.Normally, I'd just use windows movie maker :P Unfortunately, its acting up (can't view any previews) and reformatting is not an option at the moment :P

Posted by trebuchet03 11 years ago

Make water balloons explode in mid-air

Hello to all, This is my first post, so if I make a mistake I apologize in advance. I am looking for a way to make water balloons explode in mid-air. It must be safe (i.e. I am not going to shoot them out of the sky with some sort of projectile) and I would prefer not to utilize some form of explosive device. I would prefer something I could time and continuously reproduce. Whether it be an apparatus or a chemical reaction. It has to be safe to be done around children, environmentally friendly, in other words I don't want to cause anyone or anything harm other than the balloon itself. I would like to be able to make the balloons burst at either a specific time after launching or throwing or have them burst after reaching a certain height in the air. If I can figure out a way to this I will gladly share my whole idea. Thanks in advance.

Posted by feign 11 years ago


Well in this group, we are all about technology that spies would use and things that would be considered "Spy Stuff". Anything made here doesn't have to be something spies actually use, it could be stuff that you think a spy would use. And please no cans on a string. Cool stuff like laser microphones, and stuff like that, most anything is accepted.

Posted by tonsofhoopla 11 years ago

Morse Code Still option in Canada

We still have 5WPM and 12WPM qualifications for HF

Posted by VE6WTF 11 years ago

Cavity mold for aircraft wing

I am using Alibre Pro. I want to make a cavity mold for a airplane wing. The leading edge is straight to a point then curves to the tip. The trailing edge is curved but is not the same as the leading edge. Does anyone have an idea how to do this.

Posted by jimp 11 years ago

Instructazine - "Know of any upcoming events?"

Do anybody know of any upcoming events that should be added to the instructazine's calendar?

Posted by akimbo m 11 years ago

Selecting one or many LEDs for constant-current driver?

I'd like to build a flashlight with several LEDs, perhaps different colors, perhaps different beam characteristics, and allow the user to select one or more of them to be active at once.With primitive electronics, this is simple: Each LED gets its own current-limiting resistor in series with it, and then all the LEDs with individual switches go in parallel across the power bus.But I'd like to use a constant-current driver (buckpuck or similar) for better efficiency and stability across varying input voltages. This means the LEDs should be in series. To take one out of the circuit, I'd simply short across it, bypassing it so the current still flows through the other(s). This is pretty simple with two LEDs, as I could use a center-off toggle switch to short A, neither, or B. But if I try for three LEDs in series, the logic of allowing any combination to be bypassed *except* all of them (because a dead short would damage the driver circuit) quickly gets complicated.Is there something simple I'm overlooking? Or do people simply avoid doing it this way for this reason? (The obvious solution is to use a constant-current circuit for each LED and run them all in parallel, but that gets expensive in a hurry!)

Posted by Myself 11 years ago

Love Sucks Party

My friend Bug is responsible for a fine Valentine's Day tradition: the Love Sucks party.This party is held whenever he's single (according to the rules below), and is open to any single friends and their single friends. It's usually held at a distinctly non-romantic type of restaurant with ample seating and strong drinks. I know of at least one marriage that's come of Love Sucks parties, but that's really not the point, is it?The rules:1) Single is defined as a) really single, b) your SO is at least 3,000 miles away, or c) you don't have a date for Valentine's Day and your romantic entanglements require a white board for proper mapping, otherwise known as the Circus Trainer Clause. (As in, "my girlfriend is out for dinner with her husband and her girlfriend, the circus trainer..." or something equally convoluted enough to require a whiteboard for mapping.) Either way, participants are likely to be a bit grouchy about the holiday.2) Single friends can bring another of their single friend as a "non-date", ie someone they would never date. There may be more rules, but as I've never been (un)lucky enough to attend one of Bug's Love Sucks parties I'm a bit fuzzy on the other details. (Bug, can you help out here?) It should be noted that he's NOT planning one this year, as he doesn't qualify to attend. ;-) This shouldn't stop you from picking up this worthy tradition. Just make sure to bring a whiteboard.UPDATE: here's Bug's official description and invite template for all to use.

Posted by canida 11 years ago

AAA Usb Charger Help

I just bought a new Sansa e260 and I've been looking at these usb chargers but they all use 9v or AA and i have a ton of rechargeable AAA battery's, There 1.2 v so 5 will be 5v. Will this work if i just make a case draw the power from them out via usb?

Posted by LeetLandon 11 years ago

A Pile of Junk

Can you believe my wife called it that? Here I find out that a friend of a friend's company is clearing out it's inventory, so I score for next to nothing, all this cool vintage tech. And the first thing my wife does is call it junk, and second tell me "Don't bring that into MY house". So I desperately need to boast somewhere. Here's what I got. A PII notebook (won't boot, past setup screen needs new cmos battery) A PIII notebook ( boots couple bad spots on screen (Thinking sacrificial computer for dangerous projects)) PIV notebook Cracked screen (Thinking of docking it to replace my crufty old celery desktop) PIII Desktop (needs harddrive (same destiny as the P3 notebook) LCD projection panel, just 640X480 but NIB. A video camera, old school tape, but top of the line for it's vintage. a laser printer and a eighties vintage teleconferencer. Went around giggling like Beavis all day. Acquire any cool junk recently?

Posted by Tool Using Animal 11 years ago

try this

Lego gunyou guys might like this, its a gun made out of lego and shots rubber bands. its pretty cool

Posted by evil_lemon 11 years ago

The Incredibly Complex Do Nothing Machine

AKA: Midnight MadnessI've been telling my friend for months to post this on the net. Well, he finally did! His description:AN ORIGINAL KINETIC SCULPTURE THAT IS COMPOSED OF HAND MADE AND INDUSTRIAL PARTS WHICH RUN AT RANDOM TO PRODUCE SOUND, LIGHTS AND MOVEMENT. 25"X25"X35"HIGH

Posted by LasVegas 11 years ago

welding how-tos?

I want to learn how to weld aluminum and steel. Anyone know of good sources of information and/or starter kits?

Posted by ravelgrane 11 years ago

50 LED Light String

Im trying to wire a string of 50 LED's that are 200mA each. They are all connected in one long string, end to end (in series, I think). I'm having trouble trying to figure out what kind of power source and resistors to use and how to wire the resistors in. In the past I've wired 1 or 2 LED's to a 12 volt power source using a couple of resistors in parallel, but this project is much bigger and I'm worried about current loss and the very high voltage needed to power a string of 50 2 or 4 volt LED's in series... is that like, 100000 volts, or what?? Any guidance would be appreciated.

Posted by LEDNewbie 11 years ago

big guns

What do you think of big guns? how big does a knex gun have to be before it is too big? these are the questions that haunt me... -not really.

Posted by Mepain 11 years ago

New Postcard Project - Need Your Help!

So I've been working on a new project to distribute through the postal system and I need some help with it. Where my previous projects have mostly been one-offs and small groups of four, this one involves over a dozen pieces to be mailed out at once.This a very low-tech project and the idea is that they will hopefully become damaged along the way, thus "finishing" them.Most of the pieces have already been accounted for, but there are a few left that need a destination. Any volunteers?To get one of these you need to have a decent/good digital camera and be good at taking photos with it. Documentation is what this is all about. It would also be better if you lived on the east coast so that it has a longer trip to take.In the end the piece is yours to do what you want with. Hang it on a wall, screw it to a telephone pole, even toss it. So let me know if you're interested and if you're up to the task I'll get your address later via PM.This photo is one of the pieces halfway done.Thanks to all those who signed up for this. Please send me pics of the card. For all those who are still interested, I'm ALL OUT. My budget has been reached and I'm done for now.

Posted by fungus amungus 11 years ago

fire dancers (peole who do fire poi and stuff)

Hi what move can you and where do you live?

Posted by mattadams 11 years ago

fun explody stuff

Ive been working on several things lately and one of them being rocket engines (and bottle rockets) and also firecrackers the engines i have no problem with exept does anyone know how to make the shuttle srb fuel i know the chemicals but does anybody know where to get them (easily prefered kinda like kno3 is stump remover) and also how to you mix it do you grind them into eachother or do you just mix them and then with firecrackers mine never explode they just vent through the fuse hole how do i make it explode? and also helzapopins or crackler balls are those little balls just lifting powder?

Posted by buildingteen 11 years ago

Space Shuttle

This is a forum for people to discuss the space shittle oops i mean space shuttle the reason i say this is because i (and many others) believe that this was one of the least thought out project i think nasa has forgone for instance no bailout system, srb burnouts/the fact that their solid fuel to begin with, heat tiles either A) the same large surface area tiles apolo used or B titanium plates so on and so forth i don't mean to sound like i'm evil or anything im just trying to get my point accross.

Posted by buildingteen 11 years ago

LED Flasher Relay

Can anyone help me build a LED flasher replay capable of running approximately 100 LED's. I would like it to alternately flash and have a strobe like effect, similar to what most emergency vehicles have!!! Thanks Dave

Posted by Jeepcop274 11 years ago

Finding Airsoft Stores in Toronto or that ship to Toronto Canada

For people who can need, or can give out ideas on how to obtain airsoft guns in Toronto, Ontario , Canada since there are only very few stores.

Posted by ratman2.0 11 years ago

Propellant Type

Would making lifting powder packing it in ur engine tube and then letting it dry produce more or less thrust than black powder? Also everyody says dont use pvc for engine tubes and this baffles me because ive always use it and ive never had a problem infact ive found it to work better i always seem to split cardboard could sombody explain to me why i shouldn't use pvc? And third what is a good way of getting two or more engines to fire at the same time as i have a 7.5 foot rocket that i don't feel like packing an engine the size of a bottle for again.

Posted by buildingteen 11 years ago

funny videos

Posted by something 11 years ago

GreaseMonkey Script for Instructables - Auto-All Steps - Download it Now!

I whipped this up, still needs work, but it works (sorta)...You can download it hereNow, on the Explore pages, it will automatically take you to All Steps instead of the Intro step when you click on a link.I'm considering this open-source, so PLEASE post modifications, again I literally spent 2 minutes on this - including debug/testing time.I know you are saying "duh its open source, its a script! moron" But what I mean is that I am encouraging modifications.Code below if my server is down // ==UserScript==// @name Instructables "All Steps" Fixer// @namespace https://www.instructables.com/tag/type:instructable/*// @description Automatically loads All Steps instead of the Intro only// @include https://www.instructables.com/tag/type:instructable/*// ==/UserScript==//Made by Zachninme//Although this is open-source, always leave the above line intact. Thanks.var allLinks, thisLink;allLinks = document.evaluate( &apos;//a[@href]&apos;, document, null, XPathResult.UNORDERED_NODE_SNAPSHOT_TYPE, null);for (var i = 0; i < allLinks.snapshotLength; i++) { thisLink = allLinks.snapshotItem(i); if (thisLink.href.match(/\?/i)) { } else { thisLink.href += &apos;?ALLSTEPS&apos;; }}(I have zachninme.com registered, but it isn't working right... *sigh*)

Posted by zachninme 11 years ago

RFID Tags and Passports

Well, I'm finally getting a passport, due to the new law. Sadly, however, in time for the RFID law as well. I don't want to be carrying one of those around in the airport. Wired said you can disable it by smacking it with a hammer, but it stated that tampering w/ a Passport is against the law, so is doing that against the law? But anyway, I would preferably just want to put it in something isolating, like a lead bag or something. Faraday cages seem the best plan, however I don't know what I will constantly ground to. Hope someone can help :-)

Posted by zachninme 11 years ago

i need help

Any one got any ideas about a new typ of gun

Posted by st_383 11 years ago

Best Environment control for Girder 3.2

There is project PC Remote Control If you made it let's try to do best controls for our remotes. And share your *.GML files here

Posted by Zujus 11 years ago

Instructable Crisis! Need Part!

I’ve been working on my instructable project since the begging of December and I have successfully completed 99% of it and 80% of the instructable write-up. When I reassembled my laptop I discovered that I was missing a keyboard key! If anyone has a regular sized letter or number key for the IBM ThinkPad model please contact me. I will donate some cash via paypal and include your name as an honorable mention in my instructable! Thanks!

Posted by Gnaw 11 years ago