group empty, keep it open or delete? Answered

I created a group over two weeks ago, but as no one has joined it, what should i do? should i leave it open or just give up on it and delete it? thanks bye

Asked by AussieAnglerGal 6 years ago

Two bugs in one report!

First bug: (Edited after post by Canucksgirl) When I go to the front page, the list of contest links appears between the "most popular" and "featured author" boxes, then immediately disappears and reappears below featured authors. On refreshing, the list pops back up to the first position, then blinks back down again. Second bug: I was unable to add any image notes to the screenshot - I was going to add something witty to the empty space middle-right. Desktop PC using FireFox 10.0.1 in XP Home Edition

Posted by Kiteman 6 years ago

Nerf value/ quote modified raider,?

Ok so this raider has had the orangemodworks stage one kit installed, obviously iv removed the air restricter the barrel has been replaced with a smoother double length copper one, and iv sealed the breach, as well as the paint job, just wandering if anyone can tell me how much it's worth?

Asked by milamber 6 years ago

how do you teach your guinea pig tricks?

I have a lazy guinea pig called Patches that loves eating but its hard teaching him tricks. By the way I'll try and upload a picture of my guinea pig, he's called Patches for a reason :)

Asked by GuineasRUs717 6 years ago

Automatic save feature wasting a lot of time and energy

While I was writing a lengthy instructable my parts list step was somehow pasted to every other step erasing what I had previously written.  I had already saved my work before this so I thought I could just go back to my previous save.  Too bad my work was automatically saved.  This feature is terrible.  Please get rid of it, we all know how to use a save button. I suppose the actual bug was in my one step being copied over every other step wasting a ton of my time.

Posted by Spaceman Spiff 6 years ago

Can I buy a soldering station used? Or is there a huge benefit to new irons?

I was wondering whether there was anything to look out for if/when buying a soldering station (hakko fx888, auyoe, weller, something of the like) on ebay or craigslist? I don't really want to spend a ton of money and was thinking I could save a little by going used. Thanks!

Asked by guitar-is-awesome 6 years ago

Rectifier Diodes

My friend took apart his broken Kenwood amplifier. He used his multimeter to find the broken part,  then removed the RM4Z rectifier diode. I've been searching for about an hour, but I cannot find any websites that sell the RM4Z diode. The closest I have found was one from Hitachi, but I read that the RM4Z was from a Chinese company. Suggestions?

Posted by freethetech 6 years ago

How long does domestic beer keep?

My dad is wondering for a Refridgerated keg, how long domestics would keep.

Asked by xGzuzfreakx 6 years ago

best game you've ever played (can be all types of games)

Can be board games, video games, etc.

Posted by hmfoster 6 years ago

Help with dc motor and potentiometer! Thanks

OK so my dad has this old turntable and I got him some cool records for Christmas and I tested them out and it sounded good but now the motor isn't working, its kinda temperamental. I know the motor works because i tested it separately with a 9V, i guess the wiring is just kinda old and faulty. Any way my idea is to put the motor on its own independent circuit and adjust its speed with a potentiometer. Its one of those small DC motors 12V. I was thinking about hooking it up to a battery pack and a pot to adjust the rpm, I could mount the knob on the face of the player and adjust it until the music sounds just right. Then i could make a mark for 33 rpm and 45 rpm so he can change records with just a twist of the knob. Or slow them down and speed them up just for fun lol. How can I wire all this? I did some googling and tried with a couple pots and motors I've harvested over the years but all the pots seem to smoke and sizzle with only a 9V battery. Do I need a different pot? Please help! thanks  

Posted by sticitodaman 6 years ago

Yamaha ttr 225 question

I have a really stupid question. Which way is on for the gas valve? I just got one and have no clue which way is on.

Asked by jims1100 6 years ago

i cant get a video signal on my hacked camcorder CRT?

Im trying to make a night vision scope and i cannot get the video on my screen i can get it lit but thats about it 

Asked by phunky_phantom 6 years ago

How to get ammo in infected on mw3?

I was playing mw3 with some friends the other day and I started the match I was the host. I made sure the infected person did not have ammo. During playing one of the infected people was shooting at me I think it was a glitch or a hack. Can someone tell me how to do that I would really like to know?

Asked by steve-lane 6 years ago

I've been really intrested in making movies, but i need some ideas. i would give everybody full credit.

I use imovie but would be willing to use a different program. i love using effects and everything so if i could get some ideas that would be great. thanks, amandel

Asked by amandel 6 years ago

Can you convert the SD slot into a general purpose I/O port

SD slot general purpose I/O port Hi I posted this in "burning questions", but think this is a better place? Since user ports, inbuilt RS232 and Parallel ports have long gone from PC's, quick simple projects requiring a few lines of I/O are getting more difficult to implement requiring an extra layer of complexity of USB, BUT........ Could the SD card slot offer a solution? It would appear to have a 4 bit mode, 1bit mode and SPI bus as options. Could someone develop a driver and simple hardware to allow some I/O pins to become available again? This would be a fantastic solution to do Outp(100) and Inp(X) type commands again. I certainly do not have any experience of generating the drivers and linking them to VB, VC etc., but I'm sure someone out there could explore this?

Posted by Treth 6 years ago

Custom Built LED Module for Your PC

Have you ever been interested in having one of those neat computers that are lighted inside, but don't want to pay for an expensive computer. Now you can get a lighting module for your PC for as little as ten dollars. I am building LED modules for users to integrate into their PCs. The standard ones have eight LEDs, run off of the standard molex power connector, and beautifully illuminate your PC. However, I can custom build an illumination module with almost any features you want I can even use blinking LEDs. And the best part is they are cheap, the standard module will only cost you 10 dollars plus shipping. These are built with quality parts and are fully tested. The standard module is built with eight high luminosity white LEDs, just like in this instructable I can customize these in the following ways: More or less LEDs. I can use any number of LEDs that is a multiple of four. Blinking. I can make these with all or any number of blinking LEDs. Different breadboard sizes. I can make these with any standard size breadboard If there is a different modification you want then let me know and I may very well be able to do it. Extra modifications may cost slightly more, but they are still significantly cheaper than an illuminated computer cases. Look at the pictures and if you want one or wish to inquire about shipping post or PM me.

Posted by nurdee1 6 years ago

Clicking on the thumbnails doesn't work any more. What's wrong ?

I used to switch from one pictures to another on this site by clicking on the thumbnails untherneath them. Lately that doesn't work any more. What's wrong ?

Asked by louis.m 6 years ago

Bug report

I am using Firefox 10.0.1 on  Compaq AMD 4450e 2300 mHz, Windows 7 version 6.0.6002 Service Pack 2 Build 6002. When open my pending topic and hit the EDIT button I get a pop up screen with teh following message: There's been a problem updating your Instructable parsererror SyntaxError: JSON.parse: bad control character in string literal   The tab locks up and a little "UPLOADING" icon flashes at the bottom. It stays forever , or until you close the tab. I can't edit the topic and I am not sure why. I started writing in word and did a cut and paste to put the first paragraph into the first step. No picture, no graphics,. Just a few sentences of text. Your help would be rgeatly appreciated.

Posted by vectorges 6 years ago

3ds Friend codes anyone?

    I recently got a 3ds and was wondering if anyone wanted to exchange friend codes if you do just leave a comment or PM me.

Asked by tech dawg 6 years ago

12v to 6v voltage regulator at about 15 amps

Hi, i have a 1963 VW bug that is very stock, but the 6v lights just dont work very well (dim at idle, then not too bright at speed) it is very simple to use a later 12v generator and then swap out all the lights, battery, coil and relays and it works great. BUT i have a 6v wiper motor and also a 6v gasoline heater that i will need to keep at 6v (the 12v parts are just not available or too expensive) I have found an article that recommends building a cheap voltage regulator using a 7806, ( 6 volt, 1 amp regulator) and 2 1uF 35v tantalum capacitors, then a NPN transistor which the original poster says is a 2N5881 npn transistor. here is the scematic. the pdf article is attached and the link to the original article is here  The questions i have 1. what is a 2n5881 been replaced as? i cannot find it at jameco and the original posted doesn't give any specs for it. 2. how would i "pump up" the amps available from 10 to anything else (looking for about 15 amps) thinking that the npn transistor is the key but i am new to this and wouldn't even begin to know where to look. 3. what happens if any item fails? can i put some sort of safety into this so it quits rather than passing any addition voltage through additional info the heater runs at about 85 watts so 85 watts / 6volts = 14.616 amps  the wipers run at much less than that so building 2 of this would work great.  Any ideas? Thanks in advance for any insight to this 

Posted by starvin 6 years ago

Instructables update error message? Answered

I am trying to add an Instructable. When I add the second page I get the error: here's been a problem updating your Instructable parsererror SyntaxError: JSON.parse: bad control character in string literal Does anyone know what that means, and how I can get it to stop yelling at me?

Asked by vectorges 6 years ago

Print data to thermal printer using arduino

How can i print or display data on the thermal paper using thermal printer and arduino? what command should i use bec. the serial.print and serial.write doesn't work, nothing happens.. here is my sample code in arduino. void setup() {   Serial.begin(9600);   delay(1000);   Serial.print("Hello"); } void loop() { }

Posted by poohspongebob 6 years ago

how can i print data or display data on the thermal paper using arduino?

what command should i use? the serial.print and serial.write doesn't work. i have a sample code here from my arduino. void setup() {   Serial.begin(9600);   delay(1000);   Serial.print("Hello"); } void loop() {   }

Asked by poohspongebob 6 years ago

New Instructable? Answered

What should be my new instructable related to arduino.Anyone got ideas

Asked by Bot1398 6 years ago

To vent an empty CNG cylinder? Answered

Does anyone knows how to vent an empty CNG cylinder? I unscrew the inlet valve and fill it full of water, but the person who will cut it says that this is not enough. It seems excessive to me, but... Thanks in advance!

Asked by rimar2000 6 years ago

Can usb ports share a ground?

Im converting an old printer (25 pin) switchbox into a switchbox that will be used for my monitor, speakers, keyboard, mouse and two computers. The problem is that the monitor has 15 pins, the speaker has 3 pins, and the two usb ports have 4 pins each meaning that I would need 26 pins rather that 25. I could just solder the left and right speaker pins together and make those two 1 pin, but i would rather not have to do that. My question is can two usb ports share a ground pin, meaning that it would only need 7 pins rather than 8.

Asked by danielemur 6 years ago

Is it safe to plant in plastic bottles ?

Although i havve a garden at my house, i would like to make a mini garden on my balcony and i was wondering if it was possible to plant in a plstic bottle..

Asked by whoisthis 6 years ago

How can I fix a broken noise canceling headphone cable? (It has four cables, not three)?

I accidentally broke by Sony MDR-NC7 headphone's cable, and when I tried to repair it I discovered that it had four cables instead of the usual three. Does it have anything to do with the fact that they're noise-canceling headphones? Two of the cables are golden, one blue and the last one red.

Asked by The Landon 6 years ago

How do i power on my pda without a battery (power to the electricity lines)? Answered

Good day to all.    About a few months ago, my pda got broken (and so as the battery) and i want to power it on to the electricity. How do i do that? Here are the pictures of the pda:= pda pictures:= From:= To:= If you want to know more details, ask me I really want to power on this pda (it has been a long time since i worked with him and it was a very good pda)

Asked by Peter5465 6 years ago

How would you make an holder for a broschure, made out of wire mesh? It will hang on a wall...

The broschure itself is A4, so actually the holder should be a bit bigger. I have the idea of just bending one side of the wire mesh. But do you have an idea, how you would do that? Thanks for helping! cheers :) anyone?

Asked by jarneola 6 years ago

What kind of drill bit do I use to drill into an outside brickwall.?

I want to  put up a bracket for a flag on the outside of the house, nowhere else to put it but into the brick.  How big a drill do I need, how long should the bolts be?

Asked by Clemenza 6 years ago

Pego - My Invention

 I need help trying to get my invention manufactured. Or help to stop me dreaming of Pego ever being a success! It's a clothes peg - same size & material, just a different shape. Clothes pegs sell - Pego should sell. When it's not hanging washing out kids can clip them together to build models - the shape allows the clamp to grip the body - the handles spring out to also act as grips. I have a few days left on & need comments & votes to help Pego to manufacture. Let me know what you think - why won't it work? Cheers Andrew Canfield

Posted by PegoAC 6 years ago

What is the best buy in rc helicopters?

I'm thinking about getting one.

Asked by hmfoster 6 years ago

Need suggestions for alternating power in circuit? Answered

Hi all, I am working on a little circuit that uses a potentiometer to send a pulse to a piezo, I would like to install another pot with different settings and automatically alternate the pulse between the 2 pots. Power would need to be redirected to each potentiometer alternating for approx 15-20 sec. So when I power on, there will have a 20sec pulse using potentiometer #1 then 20 sec using potentiometer #2 and so on... The circuit works on a 1.5v to 4.5v dc power source. There could also be a delay between the 2 different pulse. What would you suggest using as the switching hardware  ... ic ... chip? The circuit is working right now but uses only 1 potentiometer with 1 set pulse, I just want to add another pot. Thanks for all inputs, looking forward to hear from you. Lion_Heart

Asked by Lion_Heart 6 years ago

Silent classics - Recommendations?

OK, it's time to introduce Conker-X to silent comedies. Where do I start?  I'm torn between Chaplin, Keaton and Laurel & Hardy. Remember he's an intelligent 11 year-old. There are a lot of slightly-similar compilation DVDs out there, so I'd appreciate a link to your recommendations as well.

Posted by Kiteman 6 years ago

Wire a RCA Cable To A USB Connector Answered

I am wondering if there is a way to wire an RCA cable into a USB Cable, for Video Signals. I know they make adapters for VGA to USB but what about RCA or AV. 

Asked by Graydant 6 years ago

The Big Ideas Worldwide Invention Contest

During the month of February xClosure is running a national search campaign to find 5 products to market nationally. Winning the contest involves 3 steps: 1. Fill out the application here before March 1st 2. 10 finalists will present in person or via the web to a panel of live judges on March 21st 3. 5 winners will be selected to have their product marketed This is an opportunity to tap into the talent of an experienced marketing team. All product descriptions, details and files submitted are protected under a mutual NDA/non-compete/non-circumvent agreement to protect your idea and product. So take 10 minutes to fill out the application at and good luck!

Posted by tylertrunnell 6 years ago

I have a portable dvd screen and would like some help putting some av inputs on it.?

The screen is a coby portable dvd player mp3 and cd player. I have completely disassembled it and need some help putting and av input so I can use it for in the car. Can someone find the schematics or show me how to wire it?

Asked by steve-lane 6 years ago

Need to identify 2 objects: one works "like" a lock, the other looks LIKE a door knocker....

Pictured are the two items: several pictures of the FIRST item are included since it needs them so show "what" it does and all it's nuances; the second item there is only one picture of it and a notation on the picture. Can anyone identify them?   The "brass" looking first piece seems to work like some sort of lock with a very simple I beam shaped "key" to unlock it.   The black item "appears" to be a door knocker "except" it is WAY too light in weight (aluminum or something).  Thank you for any replies.... OH and BTW,  can't we add "notes" to the pictures anymore? NEW INFO: on the anchor looking thing,  there is green in the crevasses, dark green and hard to indicator of  metal composition  (copper ?).

Posted by Goodhart 6 years ago

GE cooktop

The knob won't turn on my cooktop range.  3 others work.  Is there anything that I can do to free this up?

Posted by EDC1943 6 years ago

New Instructables Website Ideas

My ideas on a new Instructables website. 1st is the toolbar on the homepage (first pic is a before pic) (After pic 2nd pic) is their is a bar that shows your total comments, your total views (click to view statistics), and how many subscribers you have.  2nd is on the Instructable page (were you make the project) their is usually a banner that says vote but only for one contest. So my idea is to make a banner that shows all the contests the Instructable is entered in and be able to vote on each one.  3rd is on the member page is when you scroll down you see the Instructables that are entered into contests but their is int a way to vote for them there. So my idea is to show all the contest the Instructable is entered in and be able to vote for each one. 

Posted by Blechmen 6 years ago

why is my screen on my phone not lighting up?

My phone is a Samsung intensity 2 and the sreen will not light when i turn my phone on.

Asked by cfulcher18 6 years ago

trying to make a simple motion sensor to be fitted on a car wheel ?

I'm trying to make a very simple motion sensor which will turn on and off a few LED lights with the movement of the car wheel, the only tough part is it needs to be installed inside a cars wheel cap and i can only use salvaged parts. i need to make it waterproof and shock proof too so that the parts don't just fall off if the car is moving at a high speed...

Asked by randomizator 6 years ago