How to make a simple robot with simple household items? Answered

Just want something to work with

Asked by KIPPstar 9 years ago

how do i build the best fire for my fire pit naturally?

I want to build a fire for my fire pit with all natural materials,no gas or lighter fluid. I have alot of wood and i want to fill my pit up

Asked by devo89 9 years ago

where can i get a hot x-acto knife in Canada, Vancouver?

I need some thing to cut plastic easily and precisely

Asked by GalaxyX 9 years ago

Answer Bug

Sigh, found a bug in answers when a replied comment was declared the best answer, its reply doesn't follow it

Posted by Chicken2209 9 years ago

I have been looking for a pattern to make crochet waffle girl headbands. ?

I have seen them with interchangeable flowers and bows. A link for what I am looking for. This is an Etsy shop that sells them.

Asked by boblyns 9 years ago

When are the results of the Craftsman competition announced? Answered

I thought it was today - just curious if they've been announced and I missed the link?

Asked by radiorental 9 years ago

Who knows how to make their own aquarium tanks out of glass? Answered

I've been looking and the nets just to big, I've seen it done before, years and years ago. But I can't remember how people make their own aquarium tanks. I wanted to know if anyone knows if it's possible to bend a glass pane like Tap Plastics Instructables on how to heat and bend plastic.

Asked by randomhat 9 years ago

How do I make a suggestion to this website? Answered

I have a few sugestions for instructables. How do I tell instructables about them

Asked by TOCO 9 years ago

Is a laser module reqired to make a laser cutter?

I pulled a laser diode out of my 16x dvd burner drive and want to use it to make a laser cutter/burner. I want to know is it required to use a laser module or can I just hook it up straight to a battery and have it work.? Also how many battery do I need to make it work.? I tried hooking it up straight to a 9v battery but nothing happened.

Asked by adamdarby43 9 years ago

can i portalbilize a snes?

Asked by ptg76 9 years ago

How do you use an analog to digital converter?

I am fairly new to electronics and want to know how to use an analog to digital converter with an avr microcontroller preferably in c. I do not mean the built in one.

Asked by sotsirh194 9 years ago

I was wondering is it possible to make a stylophone? Answered

Here is a bit about them:

Asked by mdog93 9 years ago

How do you use makefiles with avrdude?

I am new to avr and want to know if you can use avrdude with makefiles?

Asked by sotsirh194 9 years ago

on the tunecast fm tuner mod, do you need to install a switch in step 6 ? or can the be done by jumping points a and b?

Im not sure of the need for the sw or the resistor . Can a "permanantly on" state be acheived by just jumping point a and b with a wire.?

Asked by daddoli 9 years ago

Timestamps on comments *were* UTC/GMT (update)

I notice that today all of the comments are listed with times eight hours ahead of Pacific time (e.g., a comment I posted at 1:10 pm is being displayed as 9:10 pm). I suspect that the server which generates the comment display needs it's TIMEZONE locale adjusted. UPDATE 29 Jan 2009: As Noah announced below, the TIMEZONE for the comments server has been reset to UTC-8 (Pacific time).

Posted by kelseymh 9 years ago

Anyone how knows how I can make a mini refrigerator?

Anyone how knows how I can make a mini refrigerator? It has to keep two cans of coke cold. It's for a school project and can't be to expensive, max. 40$. I have acess to special tools if needed. About my english, I know it's bad ;) Thanks for all answers!

Asked by murkas 9 years ago

how do you make a prx file for psp? Answered

Please help Note: A "prx" file is a plugin for psp (basically what people use to make your psp compatible with a homemade game or to give your psp compatibility to read pdf files and so on...)

Asked by meh301 9 years ago

How was Answers initially populated? Answered

C.f. Bumpus's Question.

Asked by kelseymh 9 years ago

what is the best overall type of gun? Answered

I need to build one and want to know the best overall

Asked by King_Banana 9 years ago

Who uses Ubuntu Linux and do you love it?

Just wondering if you have ever used it

Asked by robots199 9 years ago

Linux Is The Best OS?

Asked by robots199 9 years ago

How to get a part-time job?

How to get a part time job as a student/ young person

Asked by popcorn man 9 years ago

Can anyone help me with making a small EMP device? Answered

I want to be able to build an EMP device that can scramble other small electronic devices.

Asked by PyroMonger 9 years ago

How do I make a P.C. DVD drive with the original Xbox? Answered

I am in need of the proper jumpers and pin out of the proprietary Xbox cable.

Asked by squeej84 9 years ago

is there a gun i can make that fires from a far and powerful distance?

A gun that can fire really powerful and from a far distance?

Asked by pikathebudgie1234 9 years ago

How do i make a (High Quality) Batman Batarang? Answered

I saw the film and said "want want want !"

Asked by =SMART= 9 years ago

What is the best glue for attaching cardboard to metal? Answered

I am always creating all sorts, so i ask you out there, whats the best thing you have found? If you specify a US product, a small description would be great..

Asked by gmjhowe 9 years ago

I'm looking for a way to transmit a metronome across a football field for band members during marching season?

Plug a metronome via 1/8 inch plug into something and then listen to it on the other side with headphones.

Asked by starboyg 9 years ago

Right bar in answers loads homepage

When viewing an "Answer" the right hand side of the page loads the main page twice, the last time containing a java error as follows: ERROR 500: javax.servlet.jsp.JspException: ServletException in '/pages/forum/forum_layout.jspx': ServletException in '/pages/answer/answer_rightbar.jsp': java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException Browser, Firefox 3, Windows Vista.

Posted by whatsisface 9 years ago

Small CNC Machine help?!! Answered

Looking into building a CNC maybe 15 x 20 inches working area, and need help:O Ive seen several instructables about it but still not sure which type of motors to use and why, where to buy the circuitboard OR how to program a DIY one, what are the 4th and 5th axes, and will it be expensive? Also are there any other hazards i should think about during the build? Any help would be greatly apprecited, thanks.

Asked by brimckeon 9 years ago

What is the best system for a knex removable magazine?

I'm currently working on a knex Cheytac M200, but i got stuck on the magazine.. Please help! (P.S) It has to look like the real thing.)

Asked by Stavroz 9 years ago

the next new knex gun ideas? Answered

I was just wondering, what type of new knex gun would you have to make to be a 'Knex god'. i mean there doesn't seem to be any more things we can do other than model guns or maybe a Rocket propelled grenade (which would be hard). can someone help for ideas of a mech - not a model of a gun, something that we dont have anyform of.

Asked by barrax 9 years ago

How do I build an audio amplifier circuit?

Can someone draw out or point me in the direction of an audio amplifier circuit? I wanna build my own portable speaker system with an amplifier built in, but I wanna build the amplifier from scratch with no bells and whistles. I want it to be high wattage (40 or 50 or more.) and able to drive typical 8 ohm speakers. My understanding of the rules of building circuits is limited, but I can read a schematic and understand how they work. Any Help?

Asked by brendan945 9 years ago

How do you keep deer out of your garden without a fence? Answered

I just planted a small victory garden in my backyard. The yard is mostly a steep hill, and the patch shown is just about the largest, flattest part. I planted cabbage, cauliflower, lettuce, artichokes, and spinach. A few days later, everything but the artichokes has been munched, and there are hoof-prints all over. So, knowing I don't want to build a huge fence for a small hobby-level garden, how should I keep deer out?I live in a fairly urban Oakland, CA neighborhood, so despite what one might think -- and what I might enjoy --, hunting the deer is out. I read that human hair works as a repellent, but I don't need a hair cut anytime soon. Among other ideas, Country Wisdom and Know How suggests that I put a 4-foot barrier of chicken wire on the ground around the garden. Apparently, deer don't like to walk on chicken wire. Has anyone tried putting chicken wire on the ground? They also suggest tying a dog up in the yard near the garden, but I'm more inclined to the chicken wire idea.

Asked by ewilhelm 9 years ago

Old Stereo headset found, but it has an odd array of solder points and i can't seem to get any sound, any ideas? Answered

Hi there! I recently found two old sony headphone speakers, but i can't seem to get any sound out of them. It's a standard L/R speaker set that was enclosed into each ear piece. The odd thing is though that there are 8 solder points on the speaker pieces. One which is black blobbed and two that are white blobbed (i'm assuming it's to prevent shorts). Two wires are connected to two of the solder points (they don't seem insulated though...) I've tried various connection methods to make them produce any kind of sound, but nothing happens. I'm assuming they still work because they look intact, but...well any ideas? I don't have any expertice with audio equipment, but i do have basic electronics experience... I know it's kind of an odd question, but i'd really like to use these speakers and i wanted to make sure i wasn't doing anything wrong. Basically i've been trying to connect various music players to a mini jack port using a microphone mini jack cable (seems to work for all other purposes) and then tried to connect the speaker wires to the jack port solder points (in various ways).I'm probably going to feel really stupid as the answer is probably really simple x3 I hope it makes sense!i should probably specify that the main problem is that i can't get any audio output from them, aka. they're silent no matter what i hook them up to

Asked by Eirinn 9 years ago

Is there any way to turn a laptop LCD into a desktop through dvi or vga? Answered

I have a dead newer laptop with a perfect 15.4" widescreen that would be a great second monitor. I just don't know if its possible to convert it over to a stand alone. Even HDMI would work I have the converter cables and what not.

Asked by jeoncs 9 years ago

Can you make a "Rapid Fire" mod on a Ps2 controller?

Is there any way of making your own "Rapid Fire" Ps2 controller mod like this Xbox mod?

Asked by The magical duct tape kid 9 years ago

Feature Question: How do you create an unreplyable comment?

So, how does one create a comment which cannot be replied? I've seen one example, posted this morning, and it rather surprised me. I know that there is a work around if the comment itself is in reply to something I've written, but I'm still curious if it is a "user-accessible feature." UPDATE: I have learned from Staff that this is a feature of all "sticky comments." Announcements of bug fixes are often flagged as sticky, so they stay at the top of the original bug report. Also, the new "Best Answer" flag will make the associated comment sticky, for the same reason.

Posted by kelseymh 9 years ago

where would you go to buy black strike on box matches? Answered

I'm trying to make a decorative match cube

Asked by rickyd! 9 years ago

What is the best construction technique for a 4-foot tall sculpture of a human face? Answered

Must be somewhat portable (ie. not carved out of stone, not using a ton of steel as a frame). Can have less detail or be more stylized than the images shown. UPDATE: I used sheets of polystyrene which I glued together and carved. Will post link to an Instructable soon!

Asked by jess17a 9 years ago

use for intestine veiwing camera

My husband is getting ready to have a procedure done where he swallows a pill sized camera that moves through his digestive system taking pictures, then passes from the body. I know it sounds disgusting, but I keep wondering if there is a way to use the camera after it's been passed.If it passes before he eats anything, it shouldn't come in contact with any body waste and can easily be disinfected. It just seems like such a waste to just flush the little camera down the toilet

Posted by dulciquilt 9 years ago

How do I do digital signal processing and DAC with a 16F877 PIC chip? Answered

I am thinking about replicating the Lo-Fi Arduino Guitar Pedal and I am unclear how exactly the incoming ADC data is being stored/processed by his code. I also don't fully understand what he is doing in using PWM to do DAC. Can anyone clarify this process and explain how it might work with a 16F877 chip that has built-in hardware 10-bit PWM functionality? Or, at least, can someone reference me to an equivalent project or article?

Asked by randofo 9 years ago

Feature Request: Sort Group Topics RECENT by default

As announced this morning by Rachel (and confirmed by me), it is now possible to create discussion topics within a Group.However, when we view a Group, those topics are presented in the order in which they were created, from OLDEST to newest. That means, for many Groups, the new topics are completely invisible to anyone visiting. There is no way to change that sort order from the Web interface.I would like to request that the "sort=RECENT" CGI argument be used by default for the presentation of Group topics, both on the Group page and also with the view all link. I have confirmed that adding this argument by hand to the URL has the expected effect.

Posted by kelseymh 9 years ago