hi my project is automatic lifting system for a stairway so i have problem plz can tell me about the compount?

Hi my project is automatic lifting system for a stairway so i have problem plz   can tell me about the compount?

Asked by mohamed alhaj 2 years ago

100% home made lathe by catwood sept.20 2007

Sir, Catwood posted about a 100% homemade lathe. where I can find measure drawings of the lathe?so I caould buld one. Mike

Posted by bandit01 10 years ago

Any hacks for a Palm100?

Any hacks for a Palm100?

Asked by curmudge-man 8 years ago

One Hundred Things We Didn't Know Last Year

Baseball is English.A Victorian doctor was struck off for describing nicotine as "foul poison".Americans are not allowed to sell proper haggis.1% of Americans are in prison.Toasters are illegal in Cuba.... and 95 other peculiar facts culled from the news over the last 12 months.What have you learned in the last year?

Posted by Kiteman 9 years ago

One Hundred!

100. Nuff said.

Posted by Kiteman 8 years ago

Where is Instructables??

The BBC have published a treemap of the top 100 websites. The only "making" site on the map is eHow, with 27,000,000 Where are we?  101?  1001?

Posted by Kiteman 8 years ago

How can I get 100$ under a month (10 years of age)?

I'm saving up for a new laptop but I have to save up half the cost.I've been serious about it but I get 30$ every month. Any ideas?

Asked by Coby7777888 4 years ago

Question on patches? Answered

How can we get more patches? I only have 4 left and I still have 2 years of premium membership left so what do I do? How can I get patches?

Asked by vishalapr 7 years ago

Canucksgirl reaches 100 best answers!

Canucksgirl's fellow Iblers have awarded her Best Answer 100 times. Way to go!

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yokozuna Receives His Patch For 100 Best Answers

.  yokozuna's fellow Iblers have awarded him Best Answer 100 times. Way to go, yoko! Patch has been sent.

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jeff-o Receives Patch for 100 Best Answers

.  One hundred Iblers have awarded jeff-o Best Answer! 100 BAs Patch has been sent. Congratulations to jeff-o.

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What are the bet headphones I can get for 100 dollars?

So previously I asked what the best audiophile headphones were for 100 dollars or less and everyone agreed that such headphones do not exist for that price range.  Now I just want the best I can get for under one hundred.  P.S. I'm looking for ear cup, over the head headphones, not the kind you put in your ear. Thanks!

Asked by cdubnbird 8 years ago

Tim Has Reached 100!

With his Burning Man Skills 2007 instructable, TimAnderson has made his 100th instructable. He's the first person to do so.Here's what ewilhelm has to say about it.Tim's one of those one-in-a-billion types, and he's personally inspired me on numerous occasions. He carefully observes and learns from the world around him, and then turns around and, with near limitless energy, teaches everything he knows to others. Have a look through his 100 Instructables; you'll be sure to learn something new.Congrats, Tim!

Posted by fungus amungus 10 years ago

Minecraft draws only one core? Answered

I play minecraft and while playing the only core that gets any work is Core 4, and it is reaching 100% usage, what is wrong, and is it decreasing performance, everything else runs balanced.

Asked by jj.inc 7 years ago

Small Scale Scuba Gear within $100?

I had an idea for a good instructable. I'm trying to plan out on paper a neat breathing apparatus for a hundred dollars. Constraints are that it has to fit on the face, can be carried anywhere, and should at least provide one minute of oxygen. As a plus, why not add a pump so you can replenish the air supply when its running low. The way i might build this, ultimately, shouldn't be too hard. But what is being difficult is what to use to hold the air supply. would an air tank from an airsoft gun be any good? or would i have to use something different to contain the pressure? Any input would be greatly appreciated! -Jakit

Posted by EngineerJakit 7 years ago

I have reached 100!

I have finally reached 100 tips on how to reduce your impact!100 Ways to Reduce Your ImpactAfter many long hours of research...I have made it out. I have reached my original seemingly unsumountable goal of 100 steps. Whooosh. Time to take a breather.Share it with your friends to help them become environmentally savvy.

Posted by Brennn10 10 years ago

What Food ( Mostly Healthy ) Should Be Served ?

The immediate families are now tracking my Best Answer count. And said  "let's have a party at 100, what sort of food ?" We live in a mountain desert state.  I don't think there's any rush...................  A

Posted by iceng 7 years ago

electrical safety question Answered

1) how many 100 watt equivalent bulbs can i safely run into a normal heavier guage orange household extension cord? 2) can it be unsafe to leave the extension cord plugged in and powering the safest number of light bulbs on for days and weeks at a time?

Asked by hobbssamuelj 8 years ago

100 watt sub woofer amp

I'm looking for or to make a 100 watt amp, I can't seem to find any. If you know where i can find one online or a schematic to build one please let me know! Also is it possible to resist or lower the amps from an amplifier or will I have to specifically get a 30 watt amp for the mid range speaker. I am attempting an "led music box on steroids" project hahaha.... basically what I am going to do is make a clear plastic box and put leds and speakers and a 6" sub in it. Kinda bored and looking for a fun project and this came to mind. I'm open to any suggestions to make it better or ideas on how to power the speakers. Thank you in advance! The sub woofer I'm looking to power http://www.electronix.com/100-watt-woofer-speaker-ohm-p-13521.html and the mid range speaker http://www.electronix.com/30-watt-midrange-speaker-p-13507.html Might think about putting a tweeter in too

Posted by zcm87 6 years ago

100% of Electricity from Renewable and Non-Carbon Sources in 10 Years

In the best talk of the 2008 Web 2.0 Summit Al Gore called for president-elect Obama to make a man-on-the-moon-like pledge to generate 100% of the United States' electricity from renewable and non-carbon sources within 10 years. Al Gore is truly an amazing orator, and when he got fired up about the climate, renewable energy, energy independence, and how it could play a centerpiece of our economy, I got fired up and so did the rest of the audience. What really sent shivers down my spine was this observation: When Neil Armstrong first stepped on the moon, the average age of the control engineers running the mission from Houston was 26, making them 18 when Kennedy made his pledge in 1960.Generating 100% of our electricity from renewables and non-carbon sources in 10 years (let's call it 100-in-10) is the same caliber of challenge, but unlike getting to the moon -- which was something only a government could do at the time -- building a full economy of renewable energy should be orchestrated by the government, but requires the efforts of countless makers. I seem huge numbers of opportunities, both large and small, to make a difference and have impact. Get an engineering degree and invent a new type of powerplant, design and publish plans for low-cost DIY solar home heaters, be an advocate of renewable products and services. It's clear that a lot can happen in 10 years, and even if Obama doesn't call for 100-in-10, the time to make a difference is now. This is cross-posted on Makezine here.

Posted by ewilhelm 9 years ago

Just one to go... (Update...Just!)

A few people have taken the time to mention that I am approaching my century - almost 100 Instructables. OK, so plenty of people have gotten there before me, but this is my first hundred on the horizon. I have now published #99, and I know what #100 will be. Looking ahead, though, what will your hundredth project be? UPDATE: #100 nearly didn't happen, as I came off the road on the way to the site.  Fortunately, the people I was going to meet came to meet me part way and helped pull the Mini out of the field.  The Mini is now awaiting diagnosis at the garage, which will certainly involve the words "bent" and "steering". Anyhoo, I got what I needed, now just putting together some more research notes with the photos, then get it checked by an expert... UPDATE TO THE ORIGINAL UPDATE: #100 is, effectively, done.  I'm just waiting for the expert who helped me to give it a once-over to check I've got my facts straight.  Since I've been using her work email address, I expect to here sometime Monday... UPDATED UPDATE: Ow!  My shoulders, neck and back are ceasing up, typing is getting painful (something to do with dropping three feet at fifty and coming to a dead stop in the field...). But, the garage where I dropped Womble off has just phoned to say they can't find anything obviously wrong (or bent) with the car that would explain why the front wheels are pointing in different directions.  They theorise that the impact bounced things a notch or three along without actually damaging anything. But, they also recommend taking it to a specialist bodyshop to get it checked... PROBABLY-FINAL UPDATE: And now I have Womble back - all that was needed, after all that fuss, was a slight adjustment of the tracking.  Now that is engineering. ON-TOPIC UPDATE: #99 is now finished off with photos of the piñata in action.

Posted by Kiteman 8 years ago

Arduino relay power over Ethernet cable?

Hi. I have an Arduino setup with 2 individual relay boards controlling two 240v power outlets. The relays are housed separately from the Arduino and I have connected the two via a standard ethernet cable. The relays I have are both 12v powered and switched via a 5v Arduino digital pin. I have currently wired the following. Orange and orange/white ---> 12v+ (from a 12v plug transformer) Blue and blue/white ---> GROUND (connected to both plug transformer and Arduino GROUND) Brown ---> Switched +5v from Arduino to relay 1. Brown/white ---> Switched +5v from Arduino to relay 2. SITUATION. One of these relays for some reason isn't working properly. The board is receiving the right power but the relay itself is not clicking/switching. Maybe sticky contacts. The whole thing is already wired and the unused cables of the network cable trimmed so I cannot use them.  MY QUESTION I have a spare single 5v powered relay board which I could replace the faulty 12v with, but with no wires left to connect it, could I pinch one from the orange pair that I am sending 12v through to the first relay and use that for the 5v to the replacement one? In a less round about summary... can I send 12v+ through a single strand of ethernet cable with a run of only about 30cm? Thanks, Steve.

Asked by steviecuk 9 months ago

100 volt ac motor

I have a Sony 100 volt AC motor and would like to use it with 120 volts.  Can anyone give me some advise? The motor came out of a Sony tape recorder.

Posted by ecafighter 3 years ago

100 Instructables!!! What should I build for #100?!?!

100 Instrutables!!! Three years in the making, but its finally coming, which is why I'm leaving it up to you guys, my subscribers, to decide what I build next!!! It has been a crazy three years, so to give back to all of you awesome people, I'm giving you guys a chance to vote on what I build next!!! Thanks for all of the support, and there are many more K'NEX guns to come!!! -The Red Book of Westmarch

Posted by The Red Book of Westmarch 3 years ago

Weller wes51 vs hakko fx888?

Hi everyone. I have put up with a crappy $10 soldering iron for years now and have had enough. I want to buy a new soldering station for under $100. The two options I have looked at are the weller WES51 and the hakko fx-888. What are your'e thoughts on each of them? What would you buy?

Asked by David97 4 years ago

What to do with 1000 popsicle sticks?

Yea so I have a box of 1000 popsicle sticks. Anyone have any idea what I can do with them?

Posted by emuman4evr 9 years ago

Make that FIFTY Things To Do Before You Die

The man who co-wrote the best-selling adventure travel guide 100 Things To Do Before You Die has died at the age of 47.Unfortunately, Dave Freeman had only visited half the places mentioned in his book whose recommendations included a voodoo pilgrimage to Haiti and running with bulls in Pamplona, Spain.Ironically, he died in a simple domestic accident, falling over at his home in Venice, California, and hitting his head. According to co-author Neil Teplica, his friend's mantra was: 'You should live every day like it would be your last. There's not many people who do.'Mr Teplica said: 'He didn't have enough days but he lived the life he wrote about.'The guide, which was subtitled Travel Events You Just Can't Miss, started life as a regular website feature called The Coolest Place on Earth. As readers started sending in reports of wild and wonderful festivals around the globe, the two men vowed to try them all out. Everybody has a list of places to visit, or things to do, but what is your making bucket list?What should everybody make before they die?Daily Mail articleBuy the book onlineOne Hundred Scientific Things To Do Before You Die.

Posted by Kiteman 9 years ago

Remove corrosion from camera without complete disassembly? Answered

I recently got sunscreen sprayed in my camera, and now I believe the shutter button might have developed a short, which locks the camera up. Upon disassembly, I can remove the portion of the camera with selector/zoom/shutter dials, but not further disassembly can be made without some major work. Is there a way I can remove any corrosion buildup in this part without damaging it? It is not connected to any power source, so liquids are fine, but it does contain an array of plastic and metal parts, as well as ribbon cables.

Asked by astroboy907 6 years ago

The 1 o'clock-in-the-morning Thread

Welcome to the 1 o'clock thread. This is pretty much off-topic, but there's a rule: you can only post after 1 o'clock, your time.Just to be specific:Once you go to sleep, even a nap, you can't post until the next day.If you manage to polyphastically sleep, or you don't go to bed until 6AM, somehow making you awake at 1, wait until you're tired.The point is to see how we are on the brink of insanity... this post, as you may or may not see, was written around 1... and I think it shows.

Posted by zachninme 10 years ago

Remove sunscreen from camera? Answered

Well, while on a camping trip last week, I accidentally happened to close my bag on a bottle of spray sunscreen that happened to be unlocked, which then happened to spray onto, and into, my panasonic FZ-100 camera. After attempting to clean, and a bit of time in rice, everything worked perfectly, albeit a bit sticky, until I had used it for about an hour. I believe one of the buttons/zoom levers has developed a short, keeping the camera pretty much locked up. Is there a way I can remove the sunscreen completely from the damaged parts? I got home and have taken the back casing off, and have access to all controls.  

Asked by astroboy907 6 years ago

What size lens should I get for my projector?

I found the following video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JdJ1gZDb6gM And I want to make a $100 1280x800 projector. In the comment section in that video he says he used a 120mm fresnel lens for the back (Focusing the 100W LED to the 5.6" LCD) and a 220mm fresnel lens for the front (Focusing the LCD to the wall). I want to make sure that I get the right lens.  Here is the site I am probably going to buy from: http://www.bhlens.com/fresnel_lens.aspx I might even post an article that links to their site so I can get the lens for free. Lastly, I'd like to say that I want it to as small as possible (Hence the reason for getting a not-so-common 5.6" LCD instead of a common 7"). Please help me choose a lens that will allow for the smallest possible space between the LCD, lenses, and light. I will make an Instructable for this later on. 

Asked by knexpert1700 3 years ago

Whats the best possible airsoft gun for 100 dollars?

Never really played before. But i might play with some pretty good people. I think i want an AEG.are these any good?http://www.airsoftpost.com/sasg-shorty-airsoft-rifle-full-stock-p-31014.htmlhttp://www.airsoftpost.com/matrix-galaxy-full-size-airsoft-rifle-p-27645.html

Asked by The Red Button 8 years ago

I have a 100W amplifier, but my speakers only handle 30W, what do I do!? Answered

I have a 200W (100W for each L and R channel), but my speakers only handle 30W, is there a component I can get to limit the wattage? Would this just be some resistors? Sorry if this is a stupid question, I haven't done any electronic stuff in a while.

Asked by Zem 7 years ago

Is it possibe for a device to be 100% effecient???

Is it possibe for a device to be 100% effecient???

Asked by west49rules 9 years ago

problem with my code

This is the top of the code where i am getting the error. "Tone speakerpin" is the line that it is talking about. The error says "Tone" does not name a type. Please help #include Tone speakerpin; int starttune[] = {NOTE_C4, NOTE_F4, NOTE_C4, NOTE_F4, NOTE_C4, NOTE_F4, NOTE_C4, NOTE_F4, NOTE_G4, NOTE_F4, NOTE_E4, NOTE_F4, NOTE_G4}; int duration2[] = {100, 200, 100, 200, 100, 400, 100, 100, 100, 100, 200, 100, 500}; int note[] = {NOTE_C4, NOTE_C4, NOTE_G4, NOTE_C5, NOTE_G4, NOTE_C5}; int duration[] = {100, 100, 100, 300, 100, 300}; boolean button[] = {2, 3, 4, 5}; //The four button input pins boolean ledpin[] = {8, 9, 10, 11};  // LED pins int turn = 0;  // turn counter int buttonstate = 0;  // button state checker int randomArray[100]; //Intentionally long to store up to 100 inputs (doubtful anyone will get this far) int inputArray[100];

Asked by font1135 5 years ago

A way to step up 30uV-300uV to 1mV+?

So I'm working at a TV repair shop but really we fix and work on almost anything electronic. In this situation we have a NEUROSIGN 100 which is used to tell the surgeon when he's near the nerve, but he needs the voltage spike to be recorded on paper when he touches the nerve. The problem is that the machine only gives out around 30uV-300uV as he is working and the electronic ghraph we have only startes recording at 1mV. We need a way to step up that voltage coming out the machine so that ghraph will record it. We tried a small audio amplifier but that didn't work at all so we're back to the drawing board.

Asked by Jimmy Proton 5 years ago

what to do with 100 led?

I have a set of 100 bicolor (red and green) led. i have no idea of what to do with them, tough.

Posted by ac1D 9 years ago

100 Photosop tutorials!!!!!

Just found this on Plime.100 Wonderftul photoshop effect Tutorials!Need I say More???

Posted by Keith-Kid 10 years ago

killerk says my bullet of the bsr can't reach 350 feet. well, say hello to my little friend rocket fuel!

1000 ft. more than 2 times the range of the bsr. the secret? rocket fuel. no 1000 feet was not a typo. and yes my house rocks

Posted by benfoxg 9 years ago

What To dow ith 100 mini dices

I can get 100 mini dices does anyone have any suggestions what do do with them?

Posted by toulvus 10 years ago

How to electronically pull 100 nylon fishing lines one at a time?

I want to pull a nylon fishing line just a bit with some type of mecanism.It would be just half a centimeter. There would be 100 of these lines. I am thinking about 100 servomotors.Is there a better way of doing so?

Asked by gbson 6 years ago

100 Things to do before you die

HI I am makeing a list of 100 things to do befor i die. Can you help me think of ideas?

Posted by luke96 8 years ago

how do I make a pulse jet engine with 100 pounds of thrust?

I want to make a pulse jet which will produce about 100 pounds of thrust.

Asked by 9 years ago

will a motorola lapdock 100 work with the raspberry pi?


Asked by nerd7473 4 years ago

No way lesson 1 give 100%. ? Answered

No way lesson 1 give me 100%. I only found 1 question. I returned here several times during several months. I made several requests to correct that. I am very frustraded.

Asked by mjrovai 8 months ago

airsoft gun under $100?

Please help . I need a good airsoft aeg under 100 dollars . I like m4s thomsons galils and mp5s please also give a link or write a link to the website it is on .and also is the crosman nightprowler good.

Asked by Golani warrior 7 years ago