Hell Kitten AR-15

LinkFor those of us who do not just want to kill our prey, but humiliate it too.

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SKUNKPUNK turns 15!

Ok, This is a bit of a crisis. My oldest son, Skunkpunk, turns 15 today! I turned 37 last week. I'm feeling OLD. I only realized that I was no longer a teenager a couple of years ago, and now I'm having to deal with being a parent of a teen. For me, 15 was a big year. Learning to drive, my first serious girlfriend, etc. I'm not ready to deal with Skunkpunk's teenage-roller-coaster. So anyway, If anyone has any advice for us we could use it. I need advice on how to parent a teen, and he needs advice on how to survive the teen years.

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K'nex Concepts 15

Semi-Auto Pinch-Fire: Uses the concept of this gun to create automatic pinch firing which is then controlled by the semi-auto trigger system shown. -by Oblivitus This concept has also been posted to: https://www.instructables.com/id/Knex-Concepts/

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15" Macbook Pro

Hello everyone,          I am in the market for my first laptop. Ive been researching for about two years now and Im ready to make a purchase. My research has lead me to the 15" MacBook Pro. I am very cautious with my money and I want to make sure my hard earned money goes into a good investment. I really like it just from looking at it online. Im a pretty hardcore computer nerd and have taken up the title of the  IT manager of my house. I need a good computer.  From the few people ive talked to Ive only heard good things about the unit. Is there anyone out there, who owns one, tell me its Pros and Cons? It would be greatly appreciated!

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I was just wondering I am trying to get a job in the next couple months? Answered

 And I want a steady job because i need to buy a computer and other high priced items (like a car) i am 15 and just wanted to see what kind of jobs are out there for me.

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how can i make a Wireless LED circuit board ?

I'm working on a project where i need a circuit board with about 15 LED's. But i need to have a switch turn them from a very shot distance, about 3 to 5ft. so i CAN NOT have any wires, and dont want wires. So i already assume a power supply should be mounted on the circuit board, and at the switch. But i don't know what else i need. Is there a tutorial i can find ? Could i get some help ?

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15 World's Biggest Items

No matter what item exists out there, there has to be someone who wants to make the BIGGEST ONE EVER! It's the thrill of holding a world record and just knowing that you have the ultimate form of whatever it is you're obsessing about.After seeing this list of 15 world records, I feel like I should have a record of my own. What low hanging fruit in the realm of the World's Biggest is out there, just waiting to be claimed? 15 of the World's Largest Objects via Neatorama

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Knex D-15 Revolver

Heres a (prototype) revolver i just made and is by far the most powerful revolver yet made which revolves automaticly after each shot and can hold 8 bullets. Should i post when completed?

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Computer power supply $15

For sale is a Power Tronic switching power supply for a computer. One plug has been cut off I think it may have been for the power switch. The harnesses to the left have a second plug for a total of six plugs. The fan shroud is 3 3/16 high from the top of the supply its 1 1/2 high on the left and tapers to 1 on the end. Here are the ratings. Dc output Min Max +3.3v 0.3A 12A +5v 2.5A 18A +12v 0.2A 4.2A -5v 0A 0.5A -12v 0A 0.8A +5VSB 0A 0.7AI will include the power cord for free. $15

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What did you guys do with your Income Tax check this year?

Hey guys April 15 was this week, what did you guys do/will do with your Income Tax refund? Did you invest it? Put it in savings? Spend it on useless crap or does the IRS still have it because you still havent filed your taxes? Im getting about 1300 this year. I dont know if I want to buy a new rifle with it or just stick it in a CD with some change i got saved up. What are you guys doing with yours?

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yo frankie! blender game 245.15 binary?

I downloaded the blender game yo frankie! and i already had blender, when i tried to open the .blend file it said that it was written with a newer blender binary, binary 245.15 i looked on their website and it said that they programed it with a set of 64 bit computers, could this have anything to do with it? thanks in advance.

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15 litre/4 gallon water bottles

I have a lot of 15 litre/4 gallon empty, non-refillable water jugs. I keep searching, but, cannot find ways to use them. There are so many ways to use 2 litre pop bottles:  making nifty stuff, building green houses etc. Surely there are creative ways to use these. Can anybody help with ideas or maybe point me in the right direction? Thanks!

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what to do with 2 15" LCD monitors with a bad backlight?

The inverters are no good so reparing and selling is out of the question. so is using them, i already have a new one for my desktop and multiple monitors never work out for me. my laptop could possibly have another monitor hooked up to it but i still cant replace the inverters. it would be too expensive to fix either, (one has a bad inverter and the other has a whole bad power board) i can power up one, a Samsung SyncMaster 740N, it has no backlight, and repairing it would cost too much. i can also power up the other one, an Acer AL1706, without using the power board, but a PC power supply. the LCDs are ok as far as i can tell without backlights (ive had them both hooked up to my laptop to test them), so what can i do with these two monitors? i have no clue what to do with them, i need some inspiration. PS: one of my friends suggested i use the acer one, with a LED backlight, in my car in conjunction with a PC, when i get my car, that is.

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Car Audio? Answered

First off, this is a question about speakers sound quality loudness and all that stuff, it doesn't really have to do with any math or equations, just experience.  So I want some sub woofers, and after looking around I have determined that there are cheap ones, and very expensive ones.  Now, if I get a fairly affordable 15" (med quality) will it be louder/better than a 12" one that costs $900

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What kind of chip is this,and what does it do?(link and pic included)? Answered

I got a little chip that i am guessing is some sort of...well i dont know exactly but i found the Datasheet for it and it seems interesting,but i can't quite put my finger on what it is.Its a little chip,with 20 pins.it says PALACE16V8H-15Under that it says PC/4 9512MXM LCan someone tell me exactly what this is?And maybe what it does?Thanks~ReCreate

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15 volt power supply help Answered

I need a 15 volt power supply. is there any other circuit than using a 7815 and two batteries?

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Switch graphics on Dell XPS 15?

I'm wondering if it is possible to manually switch the graphics on a dell XPS 15 laptop.  It automatically switches on intensive tasks (like games), so performance is fine, but all of the benchmarking tools recognize the graphics card as "Intel HD (integrated) Graphics" instead of the NVIDIA 420M.  Is there a way that I can manually change the graphics for benchmarking purposes?  Thanks.

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Creating a 10-15 second timer?

Hi All, Here's what I need to try and achieve: - I have a servo that I had modified and have removed the circuit board.  Now it just runs from 3 v - I want to reverse the servo once a momentary switch has been activated for 10-15 seconds - once time is up the servo reverses again I thought about using a 555 monostable circuit which would give me the amount of time, but I am unsure how to achieve everything above. I'd love not to have to use an arduino if possible. Any ideas? Thanks.

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Cloud gaming | Update 15/01

Hello everybody. I need help to carry out my ambitious project a gaming platform in the cloud. if you intereste please contact me. I need help for the development of hardware and software. You can request more information.Contact me

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DM-15 bolt action sniper

Well, all the great K'nex gunners have snipers(besides oodalumps , but his semi-auto makes up for that :-) ), so I thought i would make one. its nothing really new, nothing innovative. Just that it has a bolt to pull back the ram, that allows for rapid fire. It's could be as powerful as the other snipers but i can't put to much power because i have to pull the ram back with one hand(i am wimpy so you guys will have more power). it has a 9 round mag that could be extended if you wanted. Has a block trigger hooked up to a true trigger. The front is just a make barrel. Bipod folds up and hooks onto the front of the fake barrel. i am sorry that the bolt is hard to see in the gun, it on the right side. only the left side is shown in the first two pics. its in the third pic but is kind of hard to see. it works by having a "door" in the side of the barrel for the bold to travel in and out of. the bolt need tape because the orange connectors would come off instead of pulling back the ram(the ram is the same from the pack sniper). it has just your basic scope on it, nothing to new on that part. yea, i think thats it. instructions are being made.

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15" LCD monitor. What to do?

So, I got this old ThinkPad 600, I really want to take the monitor off and make some use of it, but Im not quite sure what to do. So far, what I've thought is Digital Picture Frame. Possible screen for my Xbox 360? (Good idea?) Another monitor for my PC but I kind want to just use it for widgets like time, RAM usage, calendar and organizer. and extra window space. (good idea?) Other than that, I'm not sure. It's not often I get to do something with a monitor, so I'm at a loss of what to do. Any suggestions would be great.

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How to solve an export failure in Pinnacle Studio? Answered

I finished editing a video with Pinnacle Studio 15. Now I want to make a film of it with format MPEG4, 1080p. But the problem is, every time I click "make film", there is an export failure. I already searched on internet for solutions and tried almost everything I found, but it still doesn't work... Can someone help me please? ~Sandroknexmaster~

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how to install google chrome in fedora 15?

I want to install google chrome in fedora 15. It seems not as easy as we do in windows. Kindly help me thanks in advance

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How to fix a Dell 15" LCD monitor?

I have a Dell 15" TFT LCD monitor (E153FP) which appeared to stop working recently. It flickered for a while and then went black. However, when you look close it is displaying the images but not being lit up. Therefore it must be something to do with the backlights. Also, I took it apart and there seemed to be some black dust on the power circuit board. I can't afford a new monitor and can't really afford to take it to a repair shop. So, the question is does anyone know how to fix this problem? I have little to no experience in circuit board electronics but I reckon I would be able to pick it up with a good walkthrough. Thanks for reading my question and hopefully you can answer it! Harry.

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electric ultralight cri cri (mc-15)

i know ultra lights nomaly use gas , but i was thinking in one total eletric . why? cuz its green , easier to make , easier to control, easier to repair  , and several others things. but it have a problem(of course it have a problem why air companys dont use eletric planes) . so i get to the conclusion it have to be light (that means small to), and the electric motor would have to be efficient. so i think what plane i use ...... the aswer is the mc-15 or cri cri if u like that name is light allready have a eletric version(a crap flights for15 minutes only , but faster than the gas one) .(UPDATE) ok to power the motors 4 of 24 volts i was thinking in a fuel cell aka hho cell. how i make thata fuel cell i already see instructables but it have to make 24 volts and turn upside down . im searching 4 a good fuel cell blueprint.(UPDATE)

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Total Views Count - 15/09/2011

Here's this week's! Kiteman will be posting next week's total views group update. Just because. This forum topic is a printout of the results of a Perl script I run weekly. To be included in it, join this  group. The Perl script visits the profile page of each member of the group and extracts their Total Views then saves them to a file that can be opened by me in Excel. I then post the last 3 columns so everyone can compare their weekly gain with their friends. While you can easily see this data for you on the You page, this script allows people to compare their success/gain with their friends. I hand out patches as achievements when members of the group reach 50k, 100k, 250k, 500k and 1m views. Member Last Week This Week Gain scoochmaroo 5,824,506 5,908,545 84,039 canida 5,147,745 5,184,284 36,539 fungus amungus 4,579,426 4,603,573 24,147 randofo 3,722,529 3,760,386 37,857 Honus 2,914,022 2,926,776 12,754 jessyratfink 2,344,572 2,372,444 27,872 Plasmana 2,114,004 2,123,258 9,254 Kiteman 2,086,727 2,102,389 15,662 Tool Using Animal 1,824,378 1,829,780 5,402 T3h_Muffinator 1,228,465 1,232,194 3,729 killerjackalope 1,222,137 1,227,970 5,833 drinkmorecoffee 1,199,594 1,206,797 7,203 zieak 1,196,739 1,202,463 5,724 Creativeman 1,154,932 1,162,922 7,990 gmjhowe 1,138,417 1,142,196 3,779 ChrysN 1,100,629 1,118,327 17,698 Weissensteinburg 1,038,049 1,042,380 4,331 lemonie 1,034,525 1,041,867 7,342 chr 1,024,300 1,035,137 10,837 SaskView 1,004,316 1,007,249 2,933 seamster 964,243 971,294 7,051 frenzy 922,829 931,693 8,864 Brennn10 775,371 778,486 3,115 mikeasaurus 756,961 770,943 13,982 shesparticular 748,375 753,616 5,241 mikey77 730,299 738,438 8,139 CameronSS 716,894 718,862 1,968 jeff-o 660,638 663,761 3,123 PKM 650,837 653,440 2,603 laxap 605,872 608,565 2,693 aeray 600,824 606,890 6,066 scraptopower 595,575 600,835 5,260 depotdevoid 548,894 552,778 3,884 belsey 526,187 528,759 2,572 ModMischief 517,919 522,257 4,338 Jayefuu 433,193 458,427 25,234 starshipminivan 431,913 439,772 7,859 AngryRedhead 349,663 351,756 2,093 nmcclana 323,370 325,620 2,250 Spl1nt3rC3ll 320,224 321,346 1,122 BrittLiv 307,657 311,013 3,356 rimar2000 308,116 310,721 2,605 Vyger 294,656 296,175 1,519 KentsOkay 284,427 285,674 1,247 scooter76 283,965 284,859 894 Doctor What 261,284 262,484 1,200 rickharris 239,269 240,291 1,022 Ninzerbean 234,739 238,379 3,640 Greasetattoo 218,733 221,882 3,149 Lithium Rain 213,057 214,951 1,894 Technochicken 210,275 212,244 1,969 dark sponge 208,976 209,704 728 bongodrummer 194,086 194,839 753 bertus52x11 185,570 186,826 1,256 Hiyadudez 182,859 184,368 1,509 comodore 181,440 182,249 809 Kaelessin 174,674 175,518 844 uniqueutopia 172,244 174,344 2,100 yokozuna 173,617 174,222 605 janw 169,680 171,039 1,359 Lynne Bruning 166,981 167,790 809 Dr.Paj 164,423 165,276 853 thermoelectric 145,232 146,420 1,188 Nelson_Yepez 144,552 145,727 1,175 RavingMadStudios 142,624 144,885 2,261 iminthebathroom 138,440 139,792 1,352 vishalapar 136,820 139,744 2,924 The Jamalam 135,506 135,886 380 JamesRPatrick 134,502 135,489 987 mary candy 115,843 135,202 19,359 I_am_Canadian 127,361 128,156 795 ynze 126,753 127,930 1,177 jen7714 123,466 124,634 1,168 DJ Radio 114,995 115,889 894 Goodhart 114,759 115,606 847 sunshiine 104,716 108,375 3,659 wizgirl 97,971 98,796 825 annahowardshaw 93,225 95,760 2,535 Killer%7ESafeCracker 88,214 88,805 591 Mr.Sanchez 84,404 85,749 1,345 MichelMoermans 85,040 85,656 616 Jimmy Proton 82,425 84,056 1,631 dombeef 72,405 73,392 987 mman1506 71,134 71,745 611 Shadowman39 67,685 68,143 458 Biggsy 66,505 67,537 1,032 Re-design 65,724 66,047 323 agis68 65,311 65,646 335 ajleece 64,591 64,830 239 The Ideanator 57,960 58,395 435 arthurb 57,721 58,007 286 TNEN 56,029 56,329 300 kelseymh 54,532 54,892 360 Sunkicked 54,122 54,359 237 beckervdejazz.com 51,498 51,722 224 EmmettO 50,462 50,816 354 TitanTechRobotics 48,749 49,356 607 KoffeeKommando 47,622 48,222 600 Berkin 45,303 45,590 287 knuckel 45,140 45,386 246 TSC 42,989 43,503 514 jwystup 41,646 42,148 502 nickodemus 40,614 40,950 336 beanieostrich 39,600 40,849 1,249 lilyfrancis 38,805 39,021 216 LargeMouthBass 37,480 38,330 850 Z.Backas 37,954 38,262 308 MotaBoi 36,599 36,876 277 Win Guy 33,003 34,370 1,367 ahrshin 32,353 33,743 1,390 lizzyastro 33,195 33,727 532 cbm104 33,260 33,427 167 kcls 32,458 32,723 265 patriots8888 32,071 32,419 348 steveastrouk 31,971 32,225 254 possum888 31,860 32,074 214 Data643 31,268 31,540 272 cdawisconsin 30,552 31,102 550 shadowninja31 30,747 30,877 130 TabbyDeAnne 29,827 30,654 827 Rob O 29,862 30,428 566 iceng 28,875 30,021 1,146 peguiono 29,734 29,864 130 krysteanuh 29,109 29,501 392 Tornado96 27,180 27,509 329 plane phanatic 27,030 27,216 186 Derin 26,766 26,949 183 m6233555m 26,547 26,593 46 CrayfishYAY 26,176 26,331 155 Knex_Gun_Builder 25,414 25,572 158 Mimikry 24,035 24,398 363 tqwerty 23,439 23,733 294 splazem 22,700 23,058 358 lil larry 22,368 22,687 319 qazwsx755 22,320 22,652 332 zack247 21,982 22,504 522 Tom Buckey 21,761 21,903 142 Dr. Pepper 20,955 21,144 189 floris2burn 19,998 20,133 135 fdmjh 19,745 19,903 158 Legofanatic 19,730 19,874 144 aeronut01 19,412 19,671 259 zurichko 19,297 19,665 368 zascecs 19,515 19,596 81 nutsandbolts_64 17,995 18,194 199 uberdum05 16,873 16,990 117 mJusticz 16,195 16,377 182 knexsuperbuilderfreak 16,309 16,362 53 acidbass 14,937 15,105 168 Sorunome 14,593 14,767 174 FrozenStar 14,510 14,619 109 masterochicken 13,261 13,312 51 NachoMahma 11,917 11,938 21 knexinventer 11,383 11,660 277 A-Nony-Mus 11,133 11,251 118 Kryptonite 10,084 10,185 101 Twinmum - 9,689 - username252 9,437 9,646 209 cherishcherub 8,986 9,075 89 LoneWolf 8,726 8,852 126 moocowdog 8,497 8,574 77 slithien 8,130 8,238 108 Nutrition Man 7,974 8,095 121 Nostalgic Guy 6,368 7,791 1,423 RNB 6,150 6,214 64 wareneutron 5,521 5,632 111 tbcross 5,345 5,394 49 jamesdude 5,226 5,253 27 MegaMetal8%28Left Ibles%29 5,041 5,072 31 9400dk 4,571 4,588 17 Kaptain Kool 4,176 4,334 158 Randomguy65 4,239 4,318 79 BladeFyre Studios 4,035 4,104 69 Super_Nerd 3,877 4,064 187 solarblade90 3,989 4,032 43 mg0930mg 3,776 3,795 19 happyjo 3,706 3,770 64 Jag56 3,482 3,525 43 nfk11 3,265 3,334 69 cj81499 2,830 2,838 8 AwesomeSwordGuy 2,448 2,500 52 neuropol 2,349 2,424 75 zero.gx 2,263 2,274 11 shadon 2,233 2,261 28 ElvenChild 1,867 1,913 46 TheAwesomestDude 1,592 1,668 76 cyanyears 1,449 1,486 37 LivStoleYourPie 1,429 1,464 35 FastLearner 936 950 14 Fr-Pa-Co 352 356 4 Alexvolos1   230 - heratio 201 202 1 %28YOUR N 179 182 3

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Can someone please make the device discussed below? According to researchers at Cambridge University, EMV (Europay, Mastercard, Visa) users must be even more aware of all charges applied to their accounts than ever before. They claim that there is an integral defect in EMV’s chip-and-PIN validation protocol for debit and credit cards. Subsequently, a machine can be built to alter and obstruct communications between a card and a point-of-sale terminal. The reason for alarm is that the terminal can be tricked into receiving a false PIN verification. Although there has been no record of this happening in the UK as of yet, researchers have created this hacking device in an attempt to illustrate the flaw. They were able to trick  a card reader into validating transactions, without correct  PIN numbers, with certified cards from six issuers including  Barclaycard, Co-operative Bank, Halifax, Bank of Scotland, HSBC and John Lewis. The researchers contend that it does not take a rocket scientist to make such a device. The financial attacker could carry the device in a backpack with wires running down a sleeve, to connect to the stolen valid card and the terminal. Basically the device would override the verify PIN instruction dictated by the terminal, causing it to respond with the 0×9000 PIN verification code that allows the transaction to go through, even though the PIN is incorrect, therefore giving the attacker full access to your money. Although this is a frightening scenario, there are ways for you, the consumer, to protect yourself. Always keep constant watch over your bank statements and look out for possible fraudulent charges. If you happen to lose your card, get in contact with your bank immediately to cancel it.

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How can I stop my guitar amplifier from getting severe radio interfearance?

I have a Peavy Vypyr 15 watt combo modeling guitar amplifier. It has severe radio interfearance and picks a spanish radio staion up and is ver clearly and loudly heard through the amp. I need this amp because without it the other two amps cant get as distorted, as loud, as clear, and they cant pickp the midrange that the vypyr puts out. Is there any way I can sheild, or block it from doing this? ***update*** the second picture shows the exact diagram of the splitter involved in the setup

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What is a good soldering iron for about 10$ to 15$?

 Also, where can I get it?

Asked by WerdnaN 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

RGB LED Voltage indicator for 15 - 10 volts

I would like to make a one RGB LED DC voltage indicator, 15 – 10 volts in half volt changes.  At first I thought I would use a bunch of zener diodes, but it seems a bit more complicated than that as on my chart how I want the colors indicated.  Any ideas how I can accomplish the circuit?  There are probably new fancy things I could use but am not aware of since it’s been a very long time since I’ve made a circuit.  I am currently just using an analog panel meter.  It would be nice have a colored light indicator.  If it could be done.

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Need help upgrading dell xps 15 notebook. Answered

I have a dell xps 15 (l501x) notebook . It only has sata 2 (l502x has sata 3).  I want to put a ssd hard drive in my notebook. I was thinking about 256 gb crucial or samsung ssd.  Question # 1 Can i put a ssd with 500 mb write speed in my notebook and live with a little less speed because of sata 2 ? Question # 2 Can i put my existing hard drive (toshiba 7200 rpm 640 gb) in a caddy in my dvd slot and obtain full speed? Thnx in advance.

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Solenoid Valves with exclusive INSTRUCTABLES Discount - 15% OFF

We are offering an exclusive deal to the INSTRUCTABLES community of 15% off your purchase. This code is good for the rest of 2013! We also have free priority shipping for orders over $20. We love supplying users of the INSTRUCTABLES community with valves because they build some of the coolest projects! We have many sizes available and lots of low-cost options for those small projects. http://www.electricsolenoidvalves.com/ USE CODE: DIY2013

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12v to 6v voltage regulator at about 15 amps

Hi, i have a 1963 VW bug that is very stock, but the 6v lights just dont work very well (dim at idle, then not too bright at speed) it is very simple to use a later 12v generator and then swap out all the lights, battery, coil and relays and it works great. BUT i have a 6v wiper motor and also a 6v gasoline heater that i will need to keep at 6v (the 12v parts are just not available or too expensive) I have found an article that recommends building a cheap voltage regulator using a 7806, ( 6 volt, 1 amp regulator) and 2 1uF 35v tantalum capacitors, then a NPN transistor which the original poster says is a 2N5881 npn transistor. here is the scematic. the pdf article is attached and the link to the original article is here http://www.studebaker-info.org/tech/6-12V/6-12-6.html  The questions i have 1. what is a 2n5881 been replaced as? i cannot find it at jameco and the original posted doesn't give any specs for it. 2. how would i "pump up" the amps available from 10 to anything else (looking for about 15 amps) thinking that the npn transistor is the key but i am new to this and wouldn't even begin to know where to look. 3. what happens if any item fails? can i put some sort of safety into this so it quits rather than passing any addition voltage through additional info the heater runs at about 85 watts so 85 watts / 6volts = 14.616 amps  the wipers run at much less than that so building 2 of this would work great.  Any ideas? Thanks in advance for any insight to this 

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ATTENTION! EVERYONE THAT ENTERED AND 3 WILDCARDS WILL MOVE ON SINCE I ONLY RCIEVED A FEW ENTRIES. THANK YOU TO THOSE WHO ENTERED. THE NEXT ROUND WILL BEGIN IN A WEEK OR SO. YOU WILL STILL RECIEVE A SCORE AND A RANKING AND THE OVERALL WINNER WILL HAVE THE MOST POINTS TOTAL. MORE DETAILS IN THE NEXT ROUND. YOU WILL STILL BE SCORED!!!!!! A knex gun 15 PEOPLE WILL MOVE ON Duration This round will last from September 12th to October 20th. Description For this round you must create any kind of gun out of no more than knex, rubber bands, string, and tape. Requirements Must shoot a projectile Can ONLY contain knex, rubber bands, string, and tape Modified parts are allowed Must be your original idea You may NOT enter a previously posted gun for this round only. A modified version or a new, un-posted version of one of your instructables will be accepted. Contestants and Entries IF THERE ARENT ENOUGH ENTRIES THERE WILL BE 2 WILDCARD SLOTS. THOSE MUST BE ENTERED BETWEEN OCTOBER 20TH AND OCTOBER 25TH 1. The Jamalam- No entry 2. dutchwarlord- No entry 3. Knex mad- www.instructables.com/community/tvikt-entry/ 4. Smilee- No entry 5. Sprout_Less- No entry 6. Killer~SafeCracker- https://www.instructables.com/id/TBAR-Thunder-Bolt-Assault-Rifle-1/ 7. trauts- https://www.instructables.com/community/TAR-v1/ 8. Wicky- www.instructables.com/community/TVIKT-Entry-1/ 9. Ferrari484- No entry 10. knexsuperbulderfreak- www.instructables.com/id/mini-knex-cannon/ 11. NYPA- JUDGING 12. Kinetic- www.instructables.com/community/And-you-thought-pump-action-guns-were-coolTVIKT/ 13. Strato96- No entry 14. Big Z- www.instructables.com/community/DRAGON/ 15. Nickawesome- No entry 16. dsman195276- No entry 17. Millawi Legend- No entry 18. chopstx- www.instructables.com/community/TVIKT-entry-SKAK/ 19. DarkVolt- No entry 20. Coreyt- https://www.instructables.com/id/tvikt-entry-turret-pistol/ 21. Barrax- No entry 22. Smilee- www.instructables.com/id/TVIKT-entry/ (wildcard) 23. bigdylan91- www.instructables.com/community/BDAP/ (wildcard) 24. logic boy- www.instructables.com/id/The-FSSG/ (wildcard) IF YOU ENTERED SOMETHING AND I SAID YOU DID NOT PM ME ASAP OR YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO ENTER. Judges 1. Shadowninja41 2. DJ Radio 3. NYPA Scoring Method up to 15 points-each judge gives up to 5 points for overall up to 9 points-each judge will give up to 3 points for looks up to 6 points-each judge gives 0-2 points of innovation up to 10 points-I will give each creation up to 10 points on how much I like it up to 2 points-a video displaying the qualities will add 2 points up to 2 points-for power given by me. If it is powerful enough (range/piercing/weight of ammo) you can receive up to 2 points DEADLINE IS OCTOBER 20TH NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Batch Code variables?

So, I have been making a "OS" in Batch recently, and i am working on the main menu. it all works fine on the first variable, but when i type in anything else, (anything on the keyboard) it comes up with just the first variable. Anyone got any ideas for fixes? here's the code: ========================= @echo off :MMlauncher title Main_Menu echo Welcome to DolphOS! echo What would you like to do? echo. echo 1 File Explorer echo 2 Games echo 3 Notepad echo 4 Clock echo 5 Close DolphOS set /p programs=Enter number here: if%programs%==1 goto FeLauncher if%programs%==2 goto GMSLauncher if%programs%==3 goto NtpdLauncher if%programs%==4 goto ClkLauncher if%programs%==5 goto ShtDwn :FeLauncher echo l ping localhost -n .15 >nul cls echo la ping localhost -n .15 >nul cls echo lau ping localhost -n .15 >nul cls echo laun ping localhost -n .15 >nul cls echo launc ping localhost -n .15 >nul cls echo launch ping localhost -n .15 >nul cls echo launchi ping localhost -n .15 >nul cls echo launchin ping localhost -n .15 >nul cls echo launching ping localhost -n .15 >nul cls echo launching ping localhost -n .15 >nul cls echo launching F ping localhost -n .15 >nul cls echo launching Fi ping localhost -n .15 >nul cls echo launching Fil ping localhost -n .15 >nul cls echo launching File ping localhost -n .15 >nul cls echo launching File ping localhost -n .15 >nul cls echo launching File e ping localhost -n .15 >nul cls echo launching File ex ping localhost -n .15 >nul cls echo launching File exp ping localhost -n .15 >nul cls echo launching File expl ping localhost -n .15 >nul cls echo launching File explo ping localhost -n .15 >nul cls echo launching File explor ping localhost -n .15 >nul cls echo launching File explore ping localhost -n .15 >nul cls echo launching File explorer ping localhost -n .15 >nul cls echo launching File explorer. ping localhost -n .15 >nul cls echo launching File explorer.. ping localhost -n .15 >nul cls echo launching File explorer... ping localhost -n .15 >nul cls echo launching File explorer... ping localhost -n 5 >nul cls echo launching File explorer... cls C:\users\Harrison\Documents\DolphOS\FeLauncher :GMSLauncher echo l ping localhost -n .15 >nul cls echo la ping localhost -n .15 >nul cls echo lau ping localhost -n .15 >nul cls echo laun ping localhost -n .15 >nul cls echo launc ping localhost -n .15 >nul cls echo launch ping localhost -n .15 >nul cls echo launchi ping localhost -n .15 >nul cls echo launchin ping localhost -n .15 >nul cls echo launching ping localhost -n .15 >nul cls echo launching ping localhost -n .15 >nul cls echo launching G ping localhost -n .15 >nul cls echo launching Ga ping localhost -n .15 >nul cls echo launching Gam ping localhost -n .15 >nul cls echo launching Game ping localhost -n .15 >nul cls echo launching Games ping localhost -n .15 >nul cls echo launching Games ping localhost -n .15 >nul cls echo launching Games. ping localhost -n .15 >nul cls echo launching Games.. ping localhost -n .15 >nul cls echo launching Games... ping localhost -n .15 >nul cls echo launching Games ping localhost -n 5 >nul cls :NtpdLauncher echo l ping localhost -n .15 >nul cls echo la ping localhost -n .15 >nul cls echo lau ping localhost -n .15 >nul cls echo laun ping localhost -n .15 >nul cls echo launc ping localhost -n .15 >nul cls echo launch ping localhost -n .15 >nul cls echo launchi ping localhost -n .15 >nul cls echo launchin ping localhost -n .15 >nul cls echo launching ping localhost -n .15 >nul cls echo launching ping localhost -n .15 >nul cls echo launching N ping localhost -n .15 >nul cls echo launching No ping localhost -n .15 >nul cls echo launching Not ping localhost -n .15 >nul cls echo launching Note ping localhost -n .15 >nul cls echo launching Notep ping localhost -n .15 >nul cls echo launching Notepa ping localhost -n .15 >nul cls echo launching Notepad ping localhost -n .15 >nul cls echo launching Notepad. ping localhost -n .15 >nul cls echo launching Notepad.. ping localhost -n .15 >nul cls echo launching Notepad... ping localhost -n 5 >nul cls ====================== thanks in advance,  -ThePuppet

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Where can I get an arduino duemilanove for 15$ or less...?? Answered

Please answer!

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Difference between a 14 and 15 pin VGA monitor connection. Answered

My monitor is a 14 pin VGA connection.  I'm working on splitting it and going into another room to my TV. Do the 15 pin VGA connections work on a 14 pin? Thank you.

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Crate GT15R Personal Lead Amp 15 Watts with Reverb

I have a brand new Crate GT15R 15 watt amp for sale, I bought it to use with my cigar box guitar, but have gotten too busy to play much. I've only used it about 5-8 times, it works perfectly.This rugged amplifier combines outstanding features with serious clean and distorted sounds. A Reverb control is provided for greater flexibility. RCA input jacks allow connection of a CD or tape player for playing along with your favorite music, and the Headphones jack lets you practice in private.I am asking for $85I will set up the sale on Ebay, pay with paypal.PM me please.

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Login screen overlap, technology page (Google Chrome 15)

Hey all. Just something that has been bugging me for a while now. I waited a few days to see if it would go away, but to no avail. The issue is when I come to the site, I have bookmarked the technology tab, so I usually login there, but every time there is a Radioshack ad that blocks the submit button for the screen. Just me or anyone else? 

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SEMICON West 2011, July 11-15, in San Francisco

For techies who live in the San Francisco Bay area or who will be visiting here July 11th through July 15th, you may want to check out this event.  Event Dates Exhibits:                              July 12–14, 2011 Events (co-located conferences, partner events):   July 11–15, 2011 Location Moscone Center 747 Howard Street San Francisco, California (Facility address provided for directional purposes only) Show Hours Tuesday, July 12                  10:00am–5:00pm Wednesday, July 13             10:00am–5:00pm Thursday, July 14                 10:00am–4:00pm Background Founded 1971 (2011: 41st year) SEMICON West is the flagship annual event for the global microelectronics industry. It is the premier event for the display of new products and technologies for microelectronics design and manufacturing, featuring technologies from across the microelectronics supply chain, from electronic design automation, to device fabrication (wafer processing), to final manufacturing (assembly, packaging, and test). More than semiconductors, SEMICON West is also showcase for emerging markets and technologies born from the microelectronics industry, including micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS), photovoltaics (PV), flexible electronics and displays, nano-electronics, solid state lighting (LEDs), and related technologies. Major technologies served Semiconductors Photovoltaics/Solar Micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) LEDs/Solid State Lighting Printed/Flexible Electronics Technology/product segments include Device Fabrication/Wafer Processing Equipment and Materials Deposition (CVD, PVD, ALD) Etch Ion implant Lithography Masks/reticles and mask-making equipment Chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) equipment and materials Silicon and non-silicon based wafers and substrates Process chemicals and gases Chemical handling systems Vacuum systems, components, and parts Robotic systems and components Valves, actuators, gear systems, and other components Factory automation systems, software, and components Assembly and packaging equipment and materials Wire bonding Bump/flip chip/wafer-level packaging Automated semiconductor test equipment (ATE) Test handlers Probe cards and test materials FOR MORE INFO GO TO: www.semiconwest.org

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A PC-less 12"-15" digital picture frame? Anyone?

After reading DOZENS of DIY's explaining how to use an old laptop as a digital picture frame, I'm hoping someone here can provide a solution.I have an old 14" LCD computer monitor that I would just LOVE to turn into a low-cost digital picture frame. But I DON'T have a spare PC, nor do I want to bother with "booting into Windows/Linux/etc" just to use it. If that were the case, I'd just build a PC out of spare parts for $20. I'm looking for an easier (and less bulky) solution.I've seen DIY projects that turn small handheld media players into tiny digital picture frames, but the screen is typically no bigger than 1.5-to-3.5 inches. I can buy a *working* 3.5" DPF for the same price... not that I'd want one... with far less hassle. I'm looking to use the screen I've already got (spare it from ending up in a landfill), not buy something I don't want nor need.Maybe there's a way to connect one of these tiny media players to a bigger screen? Or maybe there's another way to display photos using something other than a PC that I'm unaware of?With all the old LCD monitors going into the trash, it seems a simple "box" that can plug into any old monitor to display photos, might be a very desirable device.Anyone?PS: I'm a "computer tech" of nearly three decades, so I already know the "complexity" of what I'm asking. Thanks.

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Can light collide with light? Answered

If two electromagnetic waves intersect, what happens? Is light 'immaterial' or without density, is light weightless? The photograph below is not related to this question in any way.

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Laptop LCD Panel for sell

Atom-Top.com Retail and wholesale both replacement Laptop LCD Screen Panels and original Laptop LCD Screen Panels for all the major brands like Acer, Apple, Compaq, Dell, IBM, Toshiba, HP, Sony etc. Please refer to above icons of the major brands which are clickable for you to choose the specific models of the Laptop LCD Screen Panels. All the replacement Laptop LCD Screen Panels and original Laptop LCD Screen Panels Atom-Top.com offers are brand new and the quality of the Laptop LCD Screen Panels be guaranteed. The quality warranty period range from 6 to 12 months depends on the specific models of Laptop LCD Screen Panels. The LCD Panel can be shipped from USA to all over the world, very fast. More information :  www.atom-top.com

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AHHH!!!! Too many people have robot avatars now! I counted around 15!!! 15!!! 15!!! AHHHH!!! I have a need to be different and change back. Fear the robo-lution!

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what is the time and temperature for hardening earth clay?

Earth clay is for doing tiles of dimension 15*15*2

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Cen-Tech Thermometer to PC Hacking

I just got my new $30 Cen-Tech thermometer from Harbor Freight and it's begging to be hacked. I would love to be able to use this thermometer as part of a closed loop system to control a hot plate for soldering purposes. Just inside the battery compartment is a header with four pins. They nicely labeled the pins on the silk screen. I'm probing on "Gnd" and "Tx" pins. I used a MAX232 level shifter to convert the TTL output to RS232 so I could connect to my PC. I then ran the attached simply Python app that dumps the data packets to the console. Each packet has 25 characters and repeats at about 3Hz. My question is, how would one go about decoding the data packets? Some numbers seem constant while other move. I'm hoping the data format is obvious to someone. Note, the reading on the display was around 68.8 degrees F when this data was collected. The readings did jump plus/minus a few tenths while collecting. Any ideas? Thanks, Jim Console Output: 33 15 11 00 3A 07 9B 14 1B 1E 82 FF 15 07 A9 12 F7 01 CA 0B 97 0C 00 00 4A 33 15 11 00 3A 07 9B 14 1B 1E 82 FF 15 07 A9 12 F7 01 CA 0B 97 0C 00 00 4A 33 15 11 00 3A 07 9B 14 1B 1E 82 FF 15 07 A9 12 F7 01 CA 0B 97 0C 00 00 4A 33 15 10 00 3A 07 9B 14 1B 1E 81 FF 15 07 A9 12 F6 01 CA 0B 97 0C 00 00 47 33 15 10 00 3A 07 9B 14 1B 1E 81 FF 15 07 A9 12 F6 01 CA 0B 97 0C 00 00 47 33 15 11 00 3A 07 9B 14 1B 1E 82 FF 15 07 A9 12 F7 01 CA 0B 97 0C 00 00 4A 33 15 11 00 3A 07 9B 14 1B 1E 82 FF 15 07 A9 12 F7 01 CA 0B 97 0C 00 00 4A 33 15 12 00 3A 07 9B 14 1B 1E 84 FF 15 07 A9 12 F8 01 CA 0B 97 0C 00 00 4E 33 15 13 00 3A 07 9B 14 1B 1E 85 FF 15 07 A9 12 F9 01 CA 0B 97 0C 00 00 51 33 15 11 00 3A 07 8F 14 1B 1E 82 FF 15 07 9E 12 F7 01 CA 0B 9C 0C 00 00 38 33 15 11 00 3A 07 8F 14 1B 1E 82 FF 15 07 9E 12 F7 01 CA 0B 9C 0C 00 00 38 33 15 11 00 3A 07 8F 14 1B 1E 82 FF 15 07 9E 12 F7 01 CA 0B 9C 0C 00 00 38 33 15 09 00 51 07 63 17 65 1D 81 FF 2C 07 2D 15 F1 01 00 0C 92 0B 00 00 35 33 15 0B 00 51 07 63 17 65 1D 84 FF 2C 07 2D 15 F3 01 00 0C 92 0B 00 00 3C 33 15 0A 00 51 07 63 17 65 1D 82 FF 2C 07 2D 15 F2 01 00 0C 92 0B 00 00 38 33 15 0A 00 51 07 63 17 65 1D 82 FF 2C 07 2D 15 F2 01 00 0C 92 0B 00 00 38 33 15 0A 00 51 07 63 17 65 1D 82 FF 2C 07 2D 15 F2 01 00 0C 92 0B 00 00 38 33 15 0A 00 51 07 63 17 65 1D 82 FF 2C 07 2D 15 F2 01 00 0C 92 0B 00 00 38 33 15 0A 00 51 07 63 17 65 1D 82 FF 2C 07 2D 15 F2 01 00 0C 92 0B 00 00 38 33 15 0A 00 51 07 63 17 65 1D 82 FF 2C 07 2D 15 F2 01 00 0C 92 0B 00 00 38 33 15 0B 00 51 07 63 17 65 1D 84 FF 2C 07 2D 15 F3 01 00 0C 92 0B 00 00 3C

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